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by New York Grassroots Groups

(Jan. 29, 2014) — FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is OUR goal – TAKE THE POLL – prove WE mean business !!!

****  View the early numbers and early results in this email below  ****

Click Here to vote in OUR Governor Poll:  http://webideaz.com/sanityinny/poll/nygov.html

“Poll of the People” for the next Governor of New York.

The Question Isn’t: Who do I get to vote for? The Question Is: WHO Do The People WANT? Who Is the People’s Choice Poll – for the Next Governor of New York?

This poll is open to all – spread the word far and wide – ALL New Yorkers should participate.

Vote here: http://webideaz.com/sanityinny/poll/nygov.html

  • If you think “they” aren’t watching Grassroots – you’re wrong
  • If you think OUR Poll isn’t meaningful – You’re wrong
  • If you think your vote and voice doesn’t count – you’re wrong.
  • If you think WE will quit or go away – you are wrong
  • If you think WE have just begun – You’re right.
  • If you believe OUR Grassroots movement is forming history – you’re right
  • If you believe WE will win this fight – you are right.

Who Is the People’s Choice Poll – for the Next Governor of New York?

January 29, 2014 12:20pm The Poll opened just a few hours ago Here are the early numbers

Who should run for NY governor in 2014

Rob Astorino  67 votes 8.8%
Andrew Cuomo  6 votes 0.8%
Betsy McCaughey  58 votes 7.6%
Carl Paladino  145 votes 19.1%
Donald Trump  432 votes 56.8%
OTHER specify  53 votes 7.0%
Total: 761 votes


Get Ready – APRIL 1 – A BIG day in Albany – Stay Tuned for details

* OUR Grassroots Banner Truck – with a “Sea of Visual Protest” will be in Buffalo this weekend

We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a Website or face-book. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email and phone. We urge ALL plain folks to spread the word and join us.

UPDATES: Get Connected to the Email List albel1@aol.com

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  1. I think Donald Trump could fill any job necessary for New York. They don’t need anymore liberal Democrats there, the place has become Godless enough. The concerned good people that haven’t left New York in the ongoing exodus will have to come together to try to push back the Democratic Babylonian mentality and lifestyle that has flourished there for so many decades. America only has a short time before the effects of this 8 years coup/usurpation and wild taxpayer shopping spree that has occurred in every Democratic takeover in American History. Corruption, perversion, lies, voter fraud, treason, perjury, election fraud, murder means nothing to these demonic scum. Money/Power is their God and they will stop at nothing. They are fools that play out Biblical story at every story and violate every law of God with no guilt. Soon, their day will come as history is being repeated while vast fortunes are being made as they steal record amounts of funds from taxpayer’s from phony stimulus, earmark and pork deals that have bankrupted America to gutting society of any remnants of God. All have been previously played out in Israel’s history and Biblical story but few have learned or followed histories teaching of God’s rule. Now, we reap high crime, rape, murder, political criminals accepted as good or normal. The playing out of Marxist/Black Panther ideology from an early planned 1960’s radical combination movement has reached reality. Malcolm X and Elizabeth Ann Newman were both radicals and parents of Obama from the Bronx. We know the rest of the history now and the family of “The Munsters” that were the anti-American and Godless monsters that created Obama (Bari Malik Shabazz) and the Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi that falsified his dual citizenship into vetting on the DNC papers for 2008. Our judges have been threatened and corrupted by the DNC who have blocked legal process of Criminal Presentments to prevent them from being prosecuted. The press and “media” have protected this while allowing complete misprision of felony against our Constitution and theft of trillions. Without good leadership, New York may never return to be part of America’s society that was based on Judeo/Christian values and what made America a once great nation. With Hillary robustly forcing rules for Muslim’s to become “displaced minorities” allowing them to receive endless benefits as the Mexican exodus entering the U.S. has, it has allowed free guaranteed votes for the DNC to assure their lucrative retirement and benefit package to continue while others suffer and loose all at the benefit of the few in the DNC. If all the “big cities” are so good, why are they losing so many people? New Jersey lost 3,600 high income taxpayers over 3 years and it cost the state $70 billion dollars and is ongoing. Crime, high taxes and political corruption and leadership have been cited as the causes in all states losing people. New York has been a bastion of model corruption, crime, theft, criminal fraud, drugs, prostitution, corporate corruption, government corruption, high taxes, ethnic hatred and isolation, etc. with no end in sight. Slapping paint on a few buildings and billboards will not fix what is wrong at the heart of the erosion of American Constitutional life and rights. Democrats have and will gain at all costs whether they destroy America’s banks, real estate, school systems, manufacturing, arts and music, medical industry, etc. There is no end to GREED/CORRUPTION. The LOVE of money IS the root of all evil, add others. When you see elderly and groups and woman like the Christian Little Sisters being threatened, you have seen the length of greed and cowardly sinister evil that reeks from the DNC and their perverted Godless leaders. They had better have a good time now, they have been successful at blocking their own prosecution and judicial action, but their payback will be like nothing ever seen in America’s history. When you violate the souls of men and woman that have died for America’s freedom and Constitution that have allowed America to be great, there will be a price. Sodom and Gomorrah are now being repeated as will God’s wrath on America and its ignorance, greed, political corruption and hatred.

  2. Many thanks to New York State Grassroots Groups for keeping you and us, informed. Perhaps there is hope for the good citizens of New York State.

    1. As the story goes there was this small village in medieval England wherein every one of the villagers suffered mental illness and insanity. On the Hill outside of the village was the King’s castle.
      In the middle of the town was a common well where everyone got their drinking water.All of the villagers drank from the common well. The King’s castle,however,had it’s own water supply.The villagers frequently and ubiquitously thought that the King was not in possession of his faculties. One day the King came into the village. He was thirsty and took a drink from the common well. Before the day was over,the King became affected by mania after having drank the water. The villagers rejoiced and partied. All around the village could be heard “Wonders,the King has regained his senses”.