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by Sharon Rondeau

Erik Rush hosts a daily radio program from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday, on which he discusses government corruption, Obama’s eligibility, and other constitutional issues

(Jan. 28, 2014) — At approximately 12:35 p.m. EST, commentator, writer and radio show host Erik Rush interviewed Dr. Jason Kissner, professor of criminology at California State University at Fresno, who wrote an article at American Thinker last week discussing questions over the death of Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta Fuddy and possible connections to Barack Hussein Obama.

Kissner’s article was widely disseminated on the web and revealed that Fuddy had been a member of the “Subud” belief system, which was also suggested of Obama’s mother in a biography of her written by Janny Scott, a writer for The New York Times.

Speaking with Rush, Kissner said that he believes that Obama’s involvement in Fuddy’s death is “fairly unlikely.”  “You would have to have compelling evidence…to implicate Obama,” he said, with which Rush agreed.

Rush asked Kissner if something could be “derived” from the “possible involvement of any Subud members” in Fuddy’s demise, which occurred on December 11, 2013, when the single-engine plane in which she was traveling failed and had to make a water landing.

Kissner said that in studying the case, he did not believe that “anything systematic” in Subud would cause him to believe that any group members would have participated in a crime, specifically to harm Fuddy.

Kissner said that he was studying the question of Obama’s apparent alias, Soebarkah, which appears in passport applications released by the U.S. State Department during the summer of 2010 belonging to Stanley Ann Dunham.

In closing, Kissner told Rush that no events “should be considered in isolation,” in his opinion.

Rush is attempting to take his radio show, which is not yet six months old, to the next level to incorporate a possible third hour in his daily broadcast, heard on the internet Monday-Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. EST.  He is currently conducting a fundraising drive with a goal of $6,000 over the next 35 days.  Rush provides archives of all of his shows on YouTube and through his website.  He is one of very few radio hosts who raises the “eligibility” question as it relates to Obama.

On Tuesday, Rush stated that the “natural born Citizen” clause of the U.S. Constitution actually spoke to a person’s “allegiance.”  The Post & Email has reported on the issue since its inception in August 2009, featuring extensive historical research and evidence as to the Founders’ intent.

Rush raised the question of Obama’s possible foreign citizenship, either as a child or an adult, which he would have wanted to hide as he sought the presidency if it existed.  He further commented on Kissler’s article, in which the author speculated that the name “Soebarkah” might have indicated that Obama became a citizen of Indonesia.

Obama’s eligibility has been questioned since 2007, after Chris Matthews stated that he was “born in Indonesia” and had “a Muslim background.”  A Hawaii newspaper reporter stated that Obama’s birthplace was Indonesia in 2008, while several African newspapers reported in 2004 that Obama was born in that country.  Obama’s official biography stated that he was born in Kenya until April 2007, when it was changed to state that he was born in Hawaii.  Obama has never explained the inconsistencies in his various life stories.

Rush raised the specter of “fraud” on Obama’s part for deceiving the public about his birthplace, parentage, and upbringing, if true.

Rush told The Post & Email in a message earlier on Tuesday that he is seeking an advertising executive to further promote his show.

Rush is author of several books and writes a regular column for WorldNetDaily (wnd.com).  He has appeared on the “Hannity” show, on CNN, and other broadcasts as a conservative commentator.


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    1. The link you provide is not working.
      A search for Martha Trowbridge brings up the other Martha Trowbridge…
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: It worked for me. I didn’t think there was more than one person with that name.

  1. Obama is NOT eligible to be President. He Must meet BOTH Jus Soli, be born in the U.S. in addition to meeting 100% Jus Sanquinis. Obama must have a Mother and a Father who were American citizens at the time of Obama’s birth in the U.S.

  2. The father was Malcolm X, the mother Elizabeth Ann Newman former Bill Ayers sidekick Weather Underground member/1969 Washington Navy Yard Computer Building bomber. Obama is legal by citizenship Art.2 Natural Born of two U.S. Citizen parents though he was born in Kenya at Coast Province Hospital in 1961. Attending Jakarta’s Muslim Boy Prep School for 8 years required him to become a citizen under their Constitution. He returned here as a foreign student scholarship recipient and the Chicago Ayer’s family paid for much of his college. The mother was recently taken off the FBI Most Wanted List and is now being protected by the Federal Government under disguise and secrecy by taxpayer’s money. Obama’s papers are being held at DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle costing taxpayer’s over $4 million dollars under a POTUS protection clause for secrecy. Three more years as they have locked down Criminal Presentments against this regime/coup. The judicial will not act since they have been threatened by DNC upper levels. Add Straw man Redemption under Corporate Trust Law and we really have no rights folks. They can also take your property under “imminent domain” rules and throw you out in the street or illegally imprison you for not liking this coup.