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by OPOVV, ©2014

Does the U.S. Constitution authorize despotism?

(Jan. 25, 2014) — See that hill over there? No, not that one, the one behind it, a little to the left. That’s where we’re heading, where you’ll see for yourself the consequences of believing in things that were never verified, never backed up with facts, with no “collaborating evidence,” if you will.

Well, take America’s example: what we have is a person who says he was born in the USA but has yet to prove it.  Obama, to be precise. No, no, the Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth was defunct the day it was released, just as the White House Birth Certificate was proven to be nothing but a fake the day it was released. Makes one wonder, does it not?

No, I don’t know, but then neither do you or anyone else, is what I’m saying. Well, yes, they all lied. What do you mean “For what?” For money, to keep their jobs so they can continually milk the system. And for payoffs. Let me ask you this:  Where did all that so-called “stimulus money” go?  Not to create jobs, that’s not the business of America. The government’s responsibility is to enforce the regulations so we all have an equal shot at the brass ring. No, that “stimulus” money was used for payoffs and kickbacks for looking the other way during the 2008 and ’12 elections.

Prove it? Where have you been, on Mars? Look. It’s called deductive reasoning, the same reasoning which detectives use in solving a case. Look, we’re getting absolutely nowhere with this discussion. Right, we finally agree on something.

What puzzles me is why you accept whatever comes out of the White House at face value? Nobody does that, or at least nobody used to, so why do you, and why with Obama? I sincerely hope it’s not because he’s black, I mean, you certainly know enough to judge a person by his character and not by skin pigment, I hope. Certainly you can’t be that shallow, although you may be, after all.

Racist? Not me. I don’t want to start any fight, but maybe you need to reevaluate your positions on life. I mean, your outlook seems to be hindered by a set of blinders that fails to address the facts laid out before you, because for some reason you don’t see them. Why’s that? Why, the Birth Certificate issue; what else is there?

Because he’s not eligible, that’s why. No, you listen for once in your life. The only thing that matters is the Constitution, nothing else. No black, brown, white, red, whatever, has the slightest bearing on any of this. It’s all about the Constitution. Nothing else matters. Never did, so you take all your “bigot” and “racist” remarks back, for good and for keeps, because you surely don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about. Just like some brainless robot, or World War II German Gestapo thug carrying out illegal orders:  “I order you to shoot that woman with the baby.” “Jawohl, mi Kapitan! Sieg Heil!” as the mother pleads with the soldier to kill the baby first, Please kill my baby! so its death is quick, so the poor child doesn’t have to suffer.

And so it is. And so we’re here. Watch your step exiting the bus. We’re at our destination. Oh, I know it looks just like any other hill among thousands, but this hill is the exact diameter and height it would be if it were made up of nothing but the bodies of the people, old and young, women and men and many, many children, from every conceivable walk of life imaginable, who were killed by the despots of the last century.

These despots got to be despots in the first place through lies and deceit, not by Truth and Honesty. They reached the top of their pile, not because they had integrity, but because they had none. And what of the people who ended up in our hill, figuratively speaking? Didn’t their mothers and fathers want a good life, perhaps even a better life, for their children, as we have for ours?

Let me say this before the Tour is over: if you don’t, by whatever reason, fail to exercise your Constitutional rights, you can reasonably expect to be counted in the pile of people murdered by the despots of the 21st century. You all have the Second Amendment, and it makes no difference if you believe that the police will protect you every second of every day of your life or not.  It makes no difference if you think that the government is looking after you.  You have the responsibility to be armed for the safety of yourself and loved ones just in case a despot comes knocking on your door.

And that’s our tour. Hope you enjoyed it. I would be appreciative if you would tell your friends.

Thank you.


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