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January 23, 2014

On January 14, Florida Gov. Rick Scott claimed that  Common Core educational standards are “Florida standards, not some national standards”

Dear Governor:

It seems to me that all, and I mean all of the current crop of so-called legislators (people who act upon but never read their bills they vote on) ,  don’t have the least bit of idea what the end result of the common core standards are about or what they will do to the school children of this state. Why not call a SPADE, a SPADE.?  All you guys care about is getting money to be reelected and don’t give one iota about the children being affected by your actions.  Implementation of the CCSS amounts to Felony Assault of child abuse on the Charges to be  brought upon you as individuals and as legislators.  When the kids start graduating (merely being passed thru) from high school to college, I guarantee you they will come back and sue all of you for the lack of an adequate education to live a life of freedom, liberty and a pursuit to happiness that will never be enjoyed due to their inherently taught ignorance of history and COMMON SENSE LIVING. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for implementing a program that you know absolutely nothing about.  You have been sold a bill of goods from that socialist Jeb Bush who is making a ton of money and soliciting prestige for his connections while forcing the issue on implementing the CCSS.  To me, this is treasonous extortion and blackmail.  Goes along with his other crimes of fraud, deceit and theft of the public trust.

I defy any of you to give a brief explanation of the CCSS and what it is teaching our kids in the critical thought process without notes and in person.  It has been proven that they are being taught to come up with answers that have no correct answers to them.  There are seniors coming out and openly decrying the damage this system is doing to their educational psyche. They are begging you to stop it now.  The sad part about this is, you legislators are not listening.  The kids are starting to cry to their parents about the problems with trying to learn something that has no answers.  You have a bunch of egocentric state and federal government legislators forcing their will for the sake of the almighty dollar in their pockets.  Over the past 100 years, we have taught a classical education strong enough to enable 4  generations of individuals to accomplish the impossible, make great advances in science, industry, medical  and strides in the health and welfare of the American people and created the greatest nation ever to live in the history of mankind.   It was not until the Federal government put their fingers on the education of our children that the system began to fail. Add in the legislation of non-educators and we were on a road to ruination.

We put people on the moon for God’s sake and sent them countless times into space and back. This was not due to some Marxist/socialistic, homosystic and fascist ideology that is hell bent on destroying that which has made us great.  This was done on the back of a hard working, capitalistic, free society that had hope, love and compassion for their fellow man and a strong will to do the right thing.  Now you want to openly coerce your local political organizations not to oppose a system that is proven to be destroying your kid’s education.  WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN,  WHERE IS THEIR VOICE?  WHO WILL LOOK OUT FOR THEM!!!   I can tell you that many parents are waking up and you will eventually be sued for your gross negligence and malfeasance of office.   We can prove that the CCSS is not state led, but extorted into place by a federal government that is openly extorting your permission to implement the program by dangling a few dollars in front of your noses. Tell them to keep it and change how you measure the amount that the State of Florida should be paying to the Federal overreach.  Do not pay them for overstepping their bounds.   The Federal DOJ is now going to tell you how to discipline our school children?  What’s next? Telling the parents how to raise the children!  Taking the kids and sending them off to factories and fields to do the work of slaves!!  To what end?  All for the rich corporate snobs that contribute illegal contributions is outrageous quantities to your so-called Super PACS.  This will stop soon in the future as well.  We are being made aware of the fraud and deceit in this program as well and will be fighting to change it.  It is time as one potential Republican, Joshua Black said,  “It is time to call out the government regulators and president for their treasonous actions, convict their guilt and have them openly hanged.”  After we clean out Washington, we should also clean out the state and local frauds and liars as well.  Florida is a political disgrace.    I also think we need to clean out the Curry’s and Scotts (removal of Finch without proper cause and investigation) out of office as well. They don’t have the right to silence and remove someone from the party, but have a right not to listen to them is they choose.   Their latest actions are far worse than Mr. Black’s open truthful comments.

I urge you to pass Debbie Mayfield’s HB 25 and later get on the bandwagon to stop the Federal governments projected attempts to take away our 2nd Amendment rights and not allow them to go to the U.N.  We will not register our arms nor will we give them up to lawless regulations and legislators.  REMEMBER IT IS THE CHILDREN WHOM WE ARE LEGISLATING FOR, NOT JEB BUSH, NOT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, AND CERTAINLY NOT THE CORPORATE WORLD.  It boils down to who is more important, Common Core or The Children????

Don Kepus,
Patriot,  Oathkeeper and John Birch Society member

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