Wednesday Call to Action on New York SAFE Act


from New York Grassroots Groups

New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently said that his state does not welcome “extreme conservatives”

(Jan. 22, 2014) — Repeal Can Happen now especially after Cuomo exposed himself as the maniac he is. Spank Cuomo!

Dem and Repub lawmakers – UNITE – Abandon Cuomo’s agenda – Repeal the Safe Act NOW.

Don’t let them kid you when “they” say the Safe can’t be repealed. Yes, they come up with great political speak to back US down but it aint true. If the Senators and Assemblymen, who claim to be on OUR side, were to LOBBY the other lawmakers as hard and sincere as imaginable FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is more than possible – it is probable. At least 35 lawmakers who voted for the Safe Act have stated publicly “if I had to do over I would vote no”. Now; combine those 35 with the ones that voted no – that’s a great start. Tell the pro2A lawmakers – LOBBY HARD – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act must be priority 1. Success will come if you try.

It’s OUR job Too. Lobby hard – scream, rant – bellow near and far…….

WE demand FULL Repeal of the Safe Act NOW!

Wednesday Call To Action
(But don’t stop after Wendesday – Keep Fighting – April brings the BIG event – details TBA)
Please participate: Lobby the Senate and Assembly for FULL Repeal of the Safe:

Wednesday Call and Email ALL NY Senators and NY Assemblymen. Tell them ALL it is their duty to rectify the illegal act of voting on the Safe Act. Some may want gun control – tell them: Start over and this time do it right……..not in the dead of night.

While you are calling and emailing OUR team will hand deliver Demand Petition Post Cards again. OUR Team will deliver, all we ask of you is Keep Signing ……and call and email ALL lawmakers with your discontent
Here is this week’s cover letter being delivered w/petition post cards to every lawmaker office:

Redeem Yourself
Make Amends For YOUR Crime

Cuomo, Libous, Skelos and Silver caused you to break the law by convincing you to take the vote on the Safe Act. YOU know it’s true and we do to – it was an illegal and wrongful vote. Yes, a vote of yes or no was a crime – the only vote that wouldn’t be a crime is “I Abstain”.

2014 PRIORITY 1 FULL Repeal the Safe Act

Abandon Coumo
Since Cuomo was elected the legislature has accepted his arrogance and tyranny. YOU are misguided.
Read what Cuomo Says Now

Cuomo said, “Who are they? Are they these extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault-weapon, anti-gay? Is that who they are? Because if that’s who they are and they’re the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”

Senators and Assemblymen come in all sizes because of YOUR actions YOU look small to New Yorkers. Cuomo’s dictatorial reign has led YOU to further destroy what was once the land of prosperity, innovation and well being. Time to take a stand…..Redeem Yourself!

Listen to the most vocal widespread Protest in History
Join the people – Lobby Your Fellow Lawmakers for….


If You Want More Gun Control – Start Over – Do It Right The Next Time.

Side Note: Support those who support US – Visual Protest Item Outlets

Welcome Aboard – 3 new distributors !!!!

Waverly, NY Wright’s Sporting Goods 95 Ellistown Road Waverly, NY 12043 518-234-2400
, NY Cobleskill Outdoor Sports116 France Lane Cobleskill, NY 12846 518-761-6864
Luzerne, NY The Gun Shop 1180 Glens Falls Mtn Rd Lake Luzerne, NY 14892 607-565-9533

Here’s a list of other outlets for our “Sea of Visual Protest” (Thanks goes out to all these fine patriots)

Pine Plains, NY Hoffman’s Gun & Ammo 169 Hoffman Road Pine Plains, NY 12567 Elizabeth 518-398-7761
Oneonta, NY Losie’s Gun Shop 6748 State Hwy 23 Oneonta, NY 13820  Jim 607-432-6452
Mount Vernon, NY RT Smoke N Gun Shop 4 South Sixth Avenue Mt Vernon, NY 10550 Mike 914-664-1414
Norwich, NY Mayhood’s Sporting Goods 5217 State Highway 12 Norwich, NY 13815 Mike 607-334-2001
Lakeville, NY The “Gun Trader” 5812 Big Tree Road US Route 15 Lakeville, NY 14480 585-346-2567
Candor, NY Warner’s Stoker Stoves and Coal 506 Owego Road, Rt 96 Candor, NY 13743 Brad 607-659-4332
Norwich, NY Chenango County Farm Bureau 6083 State Hwy 12N Norwich, NY 13815 Bradd  607-226-1195
Endwell, NY TimberCreek Sportsman Shop 3204 Watson Blvd Endwell, NY 13760 Chuck 607-239-6511
Syracuse, NY Marija 315-663-8866
Ithaca, NY Denver BSU inc. 445 E state st Ithaca, NY 14850 607 279-3987
Walworth, NY, Custom Shop 3712 Main St. Walworth NY 315-986-1717
Cortland, NY Crown City Guns & Ammo 3915 NY Rt 281 Cortland, NY 13045 607-756-5380
Nedrow, NY Intimidator Sports 7000  South Salina Street Nedrow, NY 13120  315-492-3837
Syracuse, NY Ra-Lin Sporting Goods 625 Burnet Avenue Syracuse, NY 13203 315-472-7874
North Syracuse, NY Elite Guns 410 South Main Street North Syracuse, NY 13212 315-214-5075
Elbridge, NY Tim’s Guns and Shooting Supplies 1404 NY Rt 5 Elbridge, NY 13060 315-689-5301
Owego NY Lock N Load Sporting Goods Owego NY 607 687-0202
Sayre, PA Tactical Shooting Supplies 508 Lincoln Street Sayre, PA 18840 570-888-4888
Endicott, NY McLain’s Sporting Goods 1001 Union Center-Maine Hwy Endicott, NY 13760 607-786-1214
Sherburne, NY Sherburne Sports 84 North Main Street Sherburne, NY 13460 607-674-9281
Wallkill, NY Wallkill River Small Arms 24 Knolls Rd Wallkill, NY 12589 845.489.5368
Saugerties, NY Saugerties Outfitters 470 Old Rt. 32 North Saugerties, NY 12477 845-247-9660
Hopewell Junction, NY Collector Rifle +Ammo 1025 Route 82, Hopewell Junction, NY12533 845723-4603
Norwich, NY  Norwich Tea Party HQ 5 South Broad Street 13815 Phone 607-334-3552
Lake Luzerne, NY The Gun Shop 1180 Glens Falls Mtn Rd Lake Luzerne, NY 12846 518-761-6864
Waverly, NY Wright’s Sporting Goods 95 Ellistown Road Waverly, NY 12043 518-234-2400
Cobleskill, NY Cobleskill Outdoor Sports116 France Lane Cobleskill, NY 12846 518-761-6864
Lake Luzerne, NY The Gun Shop 1180 Glens Falls Mtn Rd Lake Luzerne, NY 14892 607-565-9533
Anywhere albel1 Al Belardinelli (or for other outlets not listed)
We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a website or Facebook. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email and phone. We urge ALL plain folks to spread the word and join us.
UPDATES: Get Connected to the Email List …“sign me up”
Repeal – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is now more than a possibility.
The harder WE work the greater the possibility
Keep Fighting





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