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(Jan. 21, 2014) — This is not the time to rehash all the drastic mistakes that found our side getting creamed at the Alamo. No. This is about what we did after: we chased Santa Anna down; caught him; tried him by an impartial jury of his peers, then took him out to the nearest tree and hung him by the neck until he was as dead as a doornail. End of story.

THAT was the USA that fought World War II: if you messed with us, we messed back ten-fold. You bomb Pearl Harbor: we nuke you. Seems fair to me.

But now we live in a world that is so convoluted as to make America unrecognizable from just a few years ago. Look, if we had fought World War II with the current Rules of Engagement that we find ourselves under today, we’d still be fighting, most likely debating the maximum allowable wave height in the English Channel so our troops in the landing boats wouldn’t be subjected to the possibility of, perhaps, succumbing to seasickness.

Take a look at the Korean War: what, after all the expenditure of resources and lives, did we accomplish? We didn’t win, is what I’m saying. America wins, or the America of yesterday used to. So what happened? Better yet, what is happening now?

I was watching one of those cop shows the other night, and this cop was chasing this “suspect” and he kind-of corners him and says, “Stop, or I’ll shoot,” so the “suspect” takes off running straight down the street, zig-zags: straight as an arrow, and the cop just stands there. Also, a DEA agent is tortured and killed and we let the guilty walk. And that’s indicative of America’s foreign policy at large, isn’t it?

And along comes, you guessed it: BENGHAZI. We could have a new battle cry if the incompetents in Washington were replaced with Patriots. If those who are responsible for messing up the whole defense strategy of our guys in this Muslim Benghazi cesspool faced the music, we’d be making headway. Hello, Hillary, Panetta, Dempsey, Obama. Step One.

Step Two: go after the bad guys; catch them; try them by an impartial jury of their peers and then take them out to the nearest tree and hang them until they are as dead as a doornail.

Collateral Damage: a crying shame. The cost of doing business. A shot fired from a Mosque? Level it. Make a park, school for girls, daycare center, clinic. Western Civilization calls it “Urban Improvement.” Rocket fired from an apartment complex, orphanage, school? Same thing, every time. Make it, above all, consistent, so everybody knows that if you fire on us, the structure and the surrounding area will be as it was during the Age of the Dinosaurs.

We’ve become a “Nation of Wimps,” thanks to the “Clown in the White House (Obama)” and the so-called “Progressives” who have taken America’s “Word” that used to mean something by making America’s “Word” mean nothing. Nothing. Zilch. Zip.

My point is I like the sound of a new 21st Century Battle Cry, but in order to earn it we must first clean our house and then clean the earth of the savages who killed our four guys in Benghazi. I like the sound of “Remember Benghazi” if, and only if (iff), we give it the meaning it deserves.


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