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by OPOVV, ©2014

Is there really a war on drugs?

(Jan. 19, 2014) — Just tell it like it is. That’s all we ask. Tell the truth. So in our New World, the FBI is the Gestapo arm of the DOJ. The CIA is now the nation’s top drug dealer. Forget about the so-called drug lords of South America; we have our own who are bigger and better drug lords. Our drug lords take over whole countries, and a good example is the takeover of the morphine/heroin/poppy crop of Afghanistan.

PLUS, the CIA has its own airline which just happens to be protected by the United States Navy, Army, Air Force, and, when the product arrives at our borders, our Coast Guard and Border Agents assist in funneling the product through as expediently as humanly possible. Then, once the product has been approved by the Department of Homeland Security as meeting the requirements of the definition of “illegal substance,” our states’ highway patrols make sure the product is delivered via our Interstate Highway system as economically as possible; for example, 18 wheelers vs. the family sedan.

And then, once it arrives in your neighborhood, your local police make sure that the product reaches the customers with as little hassle as possible, which is what the payoffs are for to our so-called “justice system.”

So, the cops are the perimeter protection for the dealers and the money men. The federal government is tasked with making sure the product is grown, transported and approved. Approved? Why, yes, we couldn’t have our druggies die on us, now could we? Just think of all of the jobs lost: no DEA and all those other jobs dried-up: can’t have that, now could we?

The truth? The National Security Agency (NSA) has nothing to do with your “security,” but has everything to do with control, and it makes no difference if you’re an Obot or a normal American citizen: we’re all targets.

The “Reefer Connection”: lenient drug (marijuana) laws keep the natives in a somnolent state of mind so they are too zonked to see what’s happening: creeping Sharia Law while the Constitution is conveniently ignored.

Many television programs and commercials, either in your face or suggestion/subliminal, pushing Obamacare (Socialism) and Obama himself, as if he’s someone to be admired and listened to when, in fact, Obama is nothing more than a deceiver, a felon, a Muslim, and a liar. Period. And there are facts to back up each charge.

The new normal seems to be to drink the Kool-Aid without protest. The new norm is to believe everything the government tells you, irrespective of how outrageous the lie is. “Born in Hawaii,” “showed his Birth Certificate,” “Social Security number not stolen,” “legal citizen,” “not a de facto president,” and “Obamacare is good for you, the nation, and the future of the solar system,” for Pete’s sake.

No, don’t buy into the hype. Beware of false gifts. Keep a weather eye out for any disparaging word about the Second Amendment and the Tea Party. Keep an open mind. See the facts.


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