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by OPOVV, ©2014

Obama and many members of Congress seek to pass “immigration reform” which may ultimately allow millions of illegals to remain in the country and attain a “path to citizenship”

(Jan. 18, 2014) — [NOTE: for the truthfulness and accuracy of this article, any reference to “Americans” leaves out politicians.]

Unfortunately for the illegal immigrants, the majority of Americans are law-abiding and don’t look any too kindly on a person, or a people, knowingly and willfully breaking the law. True, we all break the law whenever we get behind the wheel. The only perfect road trip would be to hire a driver who gets the ticket. That said, the overwhelming majority of Americans are somewhat satisfied with the laws that make sense, and are very dissatisfied with laws that purposely hurt and harm all of us, namely the death tax that is imposed on the estates of the newly-expired.

I know of no one who has ever had an ounce of respect for the Tax Code.

I know of no one who has ever had an ounce of respect for the underhanded accounting practices of the Federal Reserve Bank.

I know of no one who has an inkling of respect for anyone who would knowingly break another country’s laws.

Unbelievable as it is, our Congress is actually contemplating rewarding people who have no respect for us, and by default, have absolutely no respect for America’s immigration policies blatantly on purpose. The vast majority of these illegal immigrants came here to take as much as they can from us, starting with “anchor babies” and expanding the scam by convincing our mentally-challenged Social Security bureaucrats that a Central and South American’s  “immediate family” includes aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

Put the shoe on the other foot:  go to some country south of the border and see how they treat a parasite, a cheat, a leper, someone who expects to live off the sweat equity of others.  It’s just not going to happen. So why does it happen here? Why do we let them get away with it?

Wel, WE don’t let them get away with anything, but the government ends up rewarding the lawbreakers and their children. Meanwhile, real honest-to-goodness American citizens who need help are regulated to the back of the bus, a fact that I, for one, am sick of. No, I don’t approve of any illegal immigrants in my country stealing resources better spent on my fellow citizens; there’s just no better way to put it.

So, my note to the illegal immigrants and anchor babies, wives, husbands, brothers and sisters, is to pack up and go back from whence you came. Leave with the little dignity that you have left because, for each day you stay here, you lose a little bit of dignity until you’re just another worthless illegal immigrant dependent on money that you’ve never earned: you’re stealing. You’re a thief. Leave or get kicked out. Leave with your belongings or forfeit everything. And do us all one great big favor: do it now before we’re forced to deport you and bring further shame upon your name.


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