by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 16, 2014) — The office of the Naval Inspector General, said to be “the conscience of the Navy,” on Thursday informed CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) that it would not open an investigation into his multiple reports of fraud, forgery, undue command influence and conspiracy relating to his 1989-1990 court-martial which ended his career at the admission of the admiral who convened it.

On October 17, 2013, as he worked to complete the first part of a manuscript for a tell-all book about the treachery which resulted in his conviction on a false charge of stealing money, Fitzpatrick contacted the Naval Inspector General’s office to again report that a forgery has been knowingly represented in his court-martial and service records as authentic for more than 23 years.  Through numerous FOIA requests, Fitzpatrick has amassed a significant document record from the conspiracy, although an unknown number continue to be withheld from him by the Navy to this day.

The documents released today add to the many denials of a proper review of how Fitzpatrick’s forged and misspelled signature on a confession letter he never saw made its way into his records without the customary endorsement trail and how the admiral who charged him with dereliction of duty was allowed to participate in the review process when he had already retired.

When Fitzpatrick contacted NAVINSGEN last October, he was aware of the rule which mandates that any allegations of wrongdoing within the Armed Services be reported within 60 days of their occurrence.  However, Fitzpatrick had stressed to Investigator Jason Bendinelli that the crimes against him are ongoing and unceasing since the forgery which gives up the plot against him remains in place along with the federal conviction.

The Inspector General’s letter dated 7 January 2014 states that Fitzpatrick’s complaint against Adm. John Bitoff and others for rigging his court-martial was “untimely, and we found no reason to waive the 60-day reporting requirement.”

The U.S. military is therefore continuing to perpetrate a lie to the American public about the court-martial of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, just as it has ignored the forgery of the birth certificate of its putative commander-in-chief, Barack Hussein Obama.

The documents received on Thursday will be included in the forthcoming book to demonstrate the Navy’s longstanding mendacity toward one of its own.

“This was not a surprise,” Fitzpatrick said.  “There is part of this which is a surprise, which is that they responded, and that is to Inspector Bendinelli’s credit.  This is in real time.  The Office of the Naval Inspector General could have acted on this; the Chief of Naval Operations could have acted on this; the Secretary of the Navy could have acted on this…the Judge Advocate General of the Navy could have acted on this, and on it goes.  These people do not want this to get out.

“Back on September 5, 1997, they said, ‘This makes the Navy look really bad.’

“Another guy who can be named as a criminal now is the current director of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Andrew Traver.

“Think about what Bendinelli’s superior said:  ‘You didn’t do this in a timely fashion.’  Look at the volumes of information that we have from my unceasing attempts to get it.  The Navy cannot claim any protection.  They cannot say that I have waived any of my challenges or that I have not acted in a timely fashion when they have actively and aggressively blocked me from obtaining information that I would need to lodge this complaint in the first place, although I had enough back in the day…but they’re still withholding information.  They cannot claim any statute or time limit; they cannot.  They cannot claim any time limit, as they are in the act of continuing to commit crimes against me.”

“The secret memos behind closed doors…had I had any of those memos at the time…it’s only God’s blessing that we have any of that information at all.  The forgery, the secret memos…You cannot conduct these kinds of things in secret and then block a defendant’s ability to appeal a case or challenge a case within the Navy and the Marine Corps.  You cannot withhold information from a person who you are tyrannizing and then claim that a challenge that’s brought up later on is untimely.  ‘It’s because you were acting in secret and you lied to me and did this to me so you wouldn’t get caught…’

“This is the most important court-martial in the history of the country because of what it tells us about our command structure, and you have more evidence of that today.”

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  1. I have worked defending Whistle blowers in Federal civilian employment. I would think that Cdr. Fitzpatrick has a RIGHT to have an un-redacted determination from NavInsGen. He is the complainant.
    Whistle blower retaliation involves the disclosure of information to one’s superiors,to the I.G.,to Congress or other lawful authority which evidences such things as gross mismanagement,criminal activity,fraud or significant danger to public health and safety. Technically, his February 21,1990 “Letter…formal complaint…about his ongoing Special-Court-Martial” constitutes a protected disclosure of illegal activity by the Court-Martial officials. The use of the word “Reprisal” is not necessary as long as the gist of a complaint describes circumstances that would indicate retaliatory animus by the parties being complained about. The latter complaints should be construed as amendments to the original 1990 complaint. This is a timely complaint since the original complaint is acknowledged in the letter. The October 10,2013 complaint is NOT the Commander’s “first and only reprisal complaint”. NavInsGen stated in it’s P.A. of October 17,2013 that the “Letter” of 1990 WAS a “Formal complaint”. The latter complaint is a complaint “Like or related to” that original complaint and in my opinion,must be accepted as timely. I would urge the readers of the P&E to comment on SecNav’s facebook page on this issue. To pressure the Navy to honor it’s commitment to integrity and truth. The NCIS website cites at the bottom of its website the motto “Veritas”. That is Latin for Truth.