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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, ©2014

Judge Carroll Lee Ross is one of many Criminal Court judges in Tennessee who has chosen the grand jury foreman for decades. There is no provision in state code for a separate “foreman” position within a jury. What if a judge appointed the foreman of a trial jury?

(Jan. 15, 2014) — Jury-stacking is a crime against the community. Everyone in the community holds standing in the circumstance we now find ourselves in. That is: Criminal court judges hand-picking non-juror foremen into county grand juries.

The judges can be criminally charged by anyone in the community. Anyone assisting or facilitating the judges can be criminally charged.

Any law enforcement officer who has been placed on notice, who is in a position arrest the dictatorial judges for past actions, and who is in a position for stopping the crime from being committed again and who has failed to carry out an arrest can be himself charged criminally.

Get 100 folks to advance criminal charges and it begins to gain notice.

Multiply that number 100 by 10 and it gets 10 times more interesting.

It’s exponential, geometric.

Jury-stacking is serious. Very serious. CLICK HERE!

Individuals running for office or running for reelection are seriously handicapped doing so while facing a passel of legitimate criminal charges.

Attachment #1 is a word document that can be downloaded and tailored as it will need to be tailored (see below).

Attachment #2 and #3 are evidence of Amy F. Armstrong Reedy’s criminal rampages. Reedy is running for reelection.

There’s an appointing order I hold signed by outgoing District Attorney General Robert Steven Bebb (when he was a judge) and one signed by outgoing Criminal Court Judge Carroll Lee Ross.

I hold other evidences. You can come up with others, and more.

Sheriff Joe Guy is named in Attachment #1. Sheriff Bill Bivens is named in earlier criminal complaints. Community members can advance charges against both men on their own. Both men are running for reelection.


Cunningham AP 2011

Cunningham AP 2013

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