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Does the Department of Defense defend the right of American soldiers to fire at the enemy or impose political correctness on them, resulting in injuries and deaths?

(Jan. 11, 2014) — I was watching FOX News and they had a retired General on who said, “The NSA hasn’t harmed any citizen of America, so there’s no need to be concerned”(?!) A little bit of background here: he’s one of those who think that the exposure of the NSA spying on everybody by Snowden is a very, very bad thing.

Well, General, you ain’t no General no more and I ain’t one of your sniveling troops that you can order around. We’re on an equal footing here and I’m telling you that you’re exactly what the Germans were looking for when they wanted brain-dead morons to order their sniveling troops around.

Possible Intent: the gathering of as much information as possible in order to railroad an individual in a kangaroo court on any bogus charge(s) that the government wishes to bring which has been “in-your-face” demonstrated by the Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin, where the accused is denied the ability to present a defense.

In other words, keep your mouth shut and sit there and take it. Nice going, General; just thank your lucky stars (pun intended) that I wasn’t in your command.

“Win the hearts and minds” in Afghanistan? Are we talking about the donkey population or are we talking about the Muslims, particularly the Taliban?

Somehow the “hearts and minds” rings a bell, but I won’t go there: I just might get a little upset. General, you missed your calling: rather than work for FOX, maybe you ought to offer your extensive mind- boggling expertise to the Obama Administration: maybe you can team up with Carney and “tag-team” the reporters’ questions.

Look, folks, I don’t mince around. All we’re doing over there is giving money and arms to Muslims so they can kill us and kill the Jews. These so-called “Rules of Engagement” are just rules for our side: the other side doesn’t have any rules.

If someone fires at me from a mosque, house, hospital, orphanage, graveyard, I’m calling in an F-15 to place a 500-lb. bomb on my designated location, and then I’m calling in a B-52 strike to carpet-bomb what’s left. I’m not going to lose ONE soldier because of some scrambled egg flying a desk back at the Pentagon who makes-up ridiculous “rules” just so my guys and gals can get their limbs blown off.

So, General, you had your day in the sun. Go home and keep your mouth shut and let us grown-ups make the hard decisions. I’m afraid if it were left up to you, we’d keep the present Rules of Engagement, wouldn’t we?

Does it remind anyone of the DMZ in Vietnam? The enemy could cross the line but we couldn’t. We couldn’t target SAM’s on flatcars on a railroad siding because it may have been parked “too close to a school,” but getting our boys killed and/or shot down and made POW’s was acceptable.

Hogwash. Nothing but THE SAME HOGWASH YEAR AFTER YEAR. I, for one, am sick and tired of the same old game being played with our troops.

Deja vu” all over again.


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  1. ” . . .giving money and arms to muslims . . .”, and making rich men richer in the military/industrial/service arena.
    The blood of our young soldiers is being converted to corrupt profit.

  2. What ever happened to “all’s fair in love and war” ??? What are we doing “over there” in the first place? They’ve been fighting since dirt was invented.