from the North American Law Center (NALC)

(Jan. 10, 2014) — All supporters,

We just finished and released a new video that is the most pointed 82 seconds of video that any American can watch, especially concerning elections and accountability.

ELECTIONS – What difference to they make?

People ask every day, “What difference can we make?”

Well, we are about to show people the differences they can make. Elections have consequences, in this case the deadly consequences chronicled in THIS VIDEO.

But further, what difference will it make to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for Benghazi, and hold Obama accountable for Extortion 17 and every other wrongful death on his watch, not to mention a growing list of illegal acts and daily affronts to our Constitutional Republic.

We have a growing number of cases developing that will shock nearly every American and will set our nation’s enemies on the run.

Thank you for your continued support!

Please send the link for the above video to everyone and post it everywhere… The people MUST know the truth.

God Bless!


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  1. The days when the politicians will continue to laugh at dead military soldiers and Spec. Op. members may be drawing to a close. Some may just be getting the message while basking in the fairy tale of political Washington DC. The Clinton’s are finishing out their Presidency here and we have seen a true picture inside the DNC and what self serving trash that most of these people are all about. Even while America is in Bankruptcy, they party and laugh at death in our ranks thinking that nothing will happen. Term limits, reduction of all benefits, fast acting oversight groups with immediate prosecution, accountability that works for prosecution for crimes committed, etc. They really don’t understand how disgusting they really are to most people unless they are Democrats, which most are all focused on themselves anyway. Why do you think they have “security” swarming around them even as they lie and steal day after day? Will it ever stop? It remains to be seen but I believe when the younger people finally see what is going on and what has been done and who Obama really is, there will be fast change to prosecution and Discovery!