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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Has American politics been reduced to a junkyard?

(Jan. 9, 2014) — No GOP or conservative politician is perfect, and they all have a past. The question is how ‘past’ is ‘past’ and how ‘sorry’ is ‘sorry?’  It seems we are standing in a huge and smelly political junkyard of scandals, distractions and egos.  Our eyes desperately look around hoping to catch sight of a hero, a real leader who loves God and country, not ego and power.  Instead, we see mostly caricatures running around with sound-byte theater and amnesia about their past dealings. 

They develop fund-raising fantasies and junkyard personalities who expect to win elections with us looking the other way.  I’m sick of the smell, frankly.  I want to walk around in a beautiful park with a view of the mountains and future, not a smelly, diseased junkyard full of political hacks.

I think it is time to flatten a few rotten political cars, but before we do that, we must think long and hard if there isn’t something to be salvaged and saved.  We must also decide which presented scandals matter and what is the response to those attacks by those wanting political power.

Bombshells and assaults are already flying against anyone who might be a front-runner for the GOP in 2016 or for those conservatives daring to go after the Senate seats in 2014. 

Right now GOP hopeful Governor Chris Christie is trying to survive the George Washington Bridge scandal, where he is accused of shutting it down to enact revenge against a Democratic Mayor.  To add horror to this and the connecting emails that implicate his staff, a 91-year-old woman died on the bridge, in part because the paramedics couldn’t get to her at the scene.  For Governor Christie, this is a growing nightmare that may be a deathblow to his front-runner chances to run for President.  So far he is saying he didn’t know anything about the bridge closing and was ‘misled.’  He says he is outraged and deeply saddened. 

Maybe Christie didn’t know (as he says so far), but how do you know when politicians on both sides of the line punish and attack each other as a matter of course?  They play the ‘plausible deniability’ card on a daily basis.  “I didn’t know and I’m horrified.”  “I will get to the bottom of this and investigate.”  All we hear from Obama is ‘plausible deniability’ and ‘I didn’t know’ when he is standing in a putrid sea of scandals that have gotten so deep he almost needs a snorkel to breathe air now.

In the weeks and months ahead

Look carefully at the facts regarding the ‘bombshell attack parade against any up-and-coming conservative,’ because most the media will continue their junkyard lies and distortion against any conservative.  However, we must also remember that some accusations and scandals might be true.  What will the response be by those attacked?  Will it be a lie to protect their supposed political ground, or will they simply and humbly speak the truth, whether it was a true accusation or false?

Let us get this country out of the junkyard and vote in people of character who will actually serve ‘the people’ our Constitution and the truth.

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  1. Dear Patriot,

    Here’s my two cents worth: let’s devise a litmus test.

    First Question: Ask our future president if she or he can articulate “Birth Certificate”, in public, in front of the cameras and microphones.

    Second Question: Ask them if they can say, in public, “Deport illegal immigrants”.

    Third and Final Question: If Muslims want to kill one another, let them do it in their own country, not ours. Let’s ask them if they support the deportation of each and every Muslim within the borders of our country. Furthermore, I’d ask “What do you say we hook-up Hilary to a lie-detector test and ask her questions about Benghazi?”.

    Works for me, just for starters. For starters. And we don’t forget all the Christians being fair game for the Muslim savages everywhere. I’d ask what they plan on doing about it, like now, right now, before they murder one more Christian. I’d expect the answers to include words like “payback” and “you asked for it”.

    Semper Fi,