by Col. Harry Riley (Ret.)

(Jan. 6, 2014) — Just as the 1836 battle of the Alamo was a pivotal event in the Texas Revolution, so have been the one million truckers, the biker run and the veteran march on DC.  Important but they were ignored, cast aside as little more than irritants by the White House and Congress.  Disdain toward “we the people” must and will stop.

These patriotic initiatives were pivotal events that had, like the Alamo, the opposite effect desired by the corrupted government officials of the USA.  After the Alamo slaughter, reinforcements came and turned around the war.  Operation American Spring will do the same.

Like sheep dogs that protect the sheep from ravenous wolves, Operation American Spring will produce modern day sheep dogs taking up the struggle with the resolve of our Founding Fathers. The sheep dogs are gathering, we have the shepherds, our eagle claws are being sharpened, eyes focused, and we have the commitment to stand up and challenge government leaders in Washington, D.C. who are reflecting tyrannical, despotic behavior.

We are the Patriots who will begin the restoration of the Republic of the United States of America.  “We the People” are picking this fight, not because we want it, we have no other choice. We will struggle with a determination that politicians are unfamiliar with…willingness to strive to the last full measure of our being for our country, rather than surrender to self-serving, betraying, corrupt elected officials.

We will no longer tolerate being ignored by those who were elected to be servants of “we the people”, but evolved into ravenous wolves seeking self-gratification, trying to tear America and our Constitution asunder to enslave us.

God willing, we will hasten our nation to Constitutional principles that were laid out by our Founding Fathers, the original sheep dogs.  The sheep will once again graze on the plains of the American Dream in peace, liberty, and freedom. Wolves will be banished.

Operation American Spring will launch the first phase of the plan beginning on May 16, 2014 in Washington, DC. Visit www.patriotsforamerica.ning.com for more details and learn how you can help make it happen.

Harry G. Riley, COL, USA, Ret. hmriley@cox.net

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  1. Sometimes I wonder what has caused us to not come together under one political or independent banner yet? To date I have fought hard on the political responsibilities of “Standing” and have fought it since 2008 w McCain and Obama, eliminating the ‘race’ card, and in 2012 maintaining the standing, and now also in 2016. What standing also needs is support from the people.
    It would seem less the support or gathering of people under a banner that maintains standing, is not subject to the racist malaise of the media, that we ourselves have created the negligible factors of which we accuse others.
    Certain is a point of standing on the high ground in full filling the duties towards laws that are indeed important.

    Millions have gathered, millions have gone home, and what was missing was a leader who actually the people could come under, support, and find lawfully to have done the duty towards our Constitution with action. Judy v. Obama 12-5276 also maintains a standard of the Cold Case Posse.

    Without exhausting the remedies of political and lawful responsibility we don’t have a leg to stand on either.

    What is proposed in supporting Operation American Spring, minus an umbrella of where to go, who to support politically, the frustrations of anger, resentment, and ill will will not yield positive rewards.

    Respectfully, the leaders like Ret. Col Harry G. Riley and many other retired personelle in the military, as well civilian leaders, lawyers and group leaders of the birther movement will only be seen by those others we face as falling on our face because we haven’t put support for leadership, and leadership together under the law.

    I’ve done my part and hope for your support and sincere success, but we have to present an argument that is indeed viable to be heard by the people together under a political banner that like a snow ball will gain steam. If the Constitution is our banner, our leaders will be able to support one another for the positions they have fought.

    I am the only American running for President, who ran and fought since 2008 and 2012 the regime regardless of party. That’s a big liberty bell to ring, but you know I just haven’t had the voting, or a few dollars of support from the Birther and Patriot Groups.

    If people are serious about wanting respect, they have got to choose people who deserve it and can’t be run off by the media’s claims of racism, like Donald Trump was. If its the Ego’s getting in the way of that support, we certainly understand its not the Constitution we are gathering under to support.

    Cody Robert Judy

  2. Col. Riley – may God Almighty be on your side. However I do know HE is judging this country for killing too many millions of babies to count. When I came back from Nam, I was called a “baby butcher”.
    Look how times have changed, now it’s okay.
    And if Obama – and that lying John Kerry – succeed in dividing Jerusalem, America will be torn in two.

  3. Sounds good if it can be done. We have exhausted ALL legal channels, we have served Criminal Presentments for 5 years and they have been ordered to ignore us and respond with “no standing”. Ultra left have been doing everything possible to stop revealing Obama’s true identiy, papers, family and criminal associates. Something must be done to stop the coup/usurpation and report to the American People about what has been done against them by this administration.