January 8 Flood the Halls in Albany pb


by New York State Grassroots Groups

The SAFE Act was signed last January by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the objection of many Second Amendment advocates

(Jan. 6, 2014) — Cuomo’s State of the State speech will be made on January 8th.

It will be filled with lies, deception and more false hope.

Come To Albany On January 8th To Be A Part Of The State Of The Citizen Message.

The Citizens of New York intend to counter Cuomo statements with TRUTH

Indoor – flood the hallways of the Empire State Plaza Concourse (enter on Madison Av.)

IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING – 2014 – We Will fight Harder and LOUDER then ever before

We Will NOT Quit – We Will NOT Back Down – YES – Never the End Always Just the Beginning – Join Us!

(See a partial list of events planned below)

Our first protest of 2014 – short and sweet – designed for hearty souls filled with dedication and determination.

2014 Outline: Rights and Remedies / Rallies and Protests / Political and Election Action.

Building OUR Statewide Coalition for the biggest Rally yet – April 1st – Stay Tuned – details TBA.

Protest Against Tyranny at Gov. Cuomo’s State of the State Address/strong>

This will be worth taking time off from work!

Governor Cuomo avoided all of our rallies last spring.

But he won’t be able to avoid this protest. On Wednesday, January 8th, we will meet in the concourse of the Empire State Plaza before he gives his annual State of the State address in the Convention Hall. We’d love to see you there!  Meet at 12 noon in the concourse outside of the Cultural Education Center.

January 8 – limited details:

  • Indoor – flood the hallways of the Empire State Plaza Concourse (enter on Madison Av.)
  • Organizing and “Visual Protest”
  • Protest the Safe Act
  • Petition Post Card signing
  • Flyer distribution – full contact information for ALL lawmakers and Cuomo
  • Instructions on “Flooding Albany with protest messages” until January 15th
  • More details announced at the Rally
  • 2014 Outline of Rights and Remedies / Rallies and Protests / Political and Election Action

We Reject the Statues Albany Legislators And Cuomo Have Passed

Cuomo Says:

  • The Safe Act makes us safe (planned, written and passed by criminals – encourages criminal activity)
  • New York is “Open For Business” (OMG – he says it with a straight face…..lol)
  • Common Core Education improves learning (making children subservient wards of the state)
  • NYS Healthcare Exchange makes healthcare cheaper and better (Marxist control over basic essentials)
  • Property Taxes are lower (bazaar and delusional)
  • General taxing is lower (only for the members of the welfare state – ask any taxpayer)
  • Tax free zones are good for New York Taxpayers (Communist Agenda – state run business)
  • More “Open Spaces” and less private property is progress (Tyranny from the Roman Empire)
  • Non-repaying Grants to who the government chooses creates a better New York (more socialism)
  • (MORE)

NYS is in a state of tyranny and oppression. The rhetoric Cuomo spews are lies and deception. 90% of the state government is delusional, insane with power and draining the citizens of money and well-being.

Come To Albany On January 8th To Be A Part Of “OUR” Civic responsibility – protest Tyranny!

Important Message and Upcoming Events

Connect with your local gun shop and sportsmen club: Team NY is traveling the state. We are connecting ALL Grassroots activities through local hubs and distributors. When completed this will be a network millions strong. Join the Connected Email List to join the network albel1@aol.com send Al a message to “Sign Me Up”.

On Saturday, January 11th, participate in the historic Shot Heard Round the State.  At 12 noon, thousands of New Yorkers will fire a symbolic shot at twelve noon to protest the 1st anniversary of the NYS “Safe Act” passed in the dark of night. All patriots will fire in a legal, safe manner.  Find out more at our website under Upcoming Events.

There are a number of NY SAFE Act Educational Forums coming up in January and February.  Details for each are available at our website under Upcoming Events.

  • January 15 – Jam the phones, fax, emails and mail of Legislators and Cuomo
  • January 18th – Lake Luzerne, Warren County – Waterhouse Restaurant
  • Sunday, January 26, 2:00 pm, at the South Seneca Sportsmen’s Club, 6894 Yarnell Road, Ovid, New York, 14521. O’Mara on Safe Act
  • January 29th – Glenville, Schenectady County – Guan Ho Ha Gun Club
  • February 8th – Delhi, Delaware County – Delhi American Legion
  • April 1 – the big one – SCOPE Rally and Protest at the Capitol

NY2A Grassroots Coalition

Contact: NY2Agrassroots@gmail.com
Twitter:  @NY2Agrassroots
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/NY2Agrassroots

albel1 Connected Email List: We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a Website or face-book. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email & phone. We urge ALL folks to spread the word and join us.

UPDATES: Get Connected to the Email List albel1@aol.com …“sign me up”

Repeal – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is now more than a possibility.

The harder WE work the greater the possibility

Keep Fighting


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