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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2014

Have Americans had enough of Obamacare so as to elect new representation?

(Jan. 2, 2014) — What will conservatives do with the wins in 2014? Will they load their guns with real bullets and destroy Obamacare or keep shooting on the 50-yard line with their Obama-provided cap guns? I believe they will win big in the 2014 elections, but that will only put Conservatives and the GOP in the ‘big boys’ ring to enact real change and fix things, or blow it…again.

Political games and power tricks be damned. This is a WAR for our country’s very survival. Conservatives MUST destroy Obamacare. Conservatives MUST restore our Constitutional freedoms and Conservatives MUST lead and represent the people, not their careers and egos! Bring America back.

We have faced tyrants hiding in all kinds of costumes before – tyrants who hide in the political, financial and spiritual realms, who seduce the desperate and needy masses. The desperation and neediness Obama has created, as with all dictators, is so they can ride in on their tyrannical white horse to ‘save’ the day.

Obama has joined the long list of other wanna-be Gods who have made their mark in history on their way to hell…Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Idi Amin. They have never appeared at first as dangerous, narcissistic and deadly, but passionate, desperate to help the poor and motivational.

The critical goal to pay attention to regardless of your political persuasion

If you like freedom of speech, buying stuff at malls and doing the work you want, you had better listen up. New players MUST be allowed in the ring, and we must move in close enough that the GOP can smell our bad breath and see the steam coming out of our nostrils. We must help the conservatives take over the Senate and build up the House, then demand that they be accountable; not suggest, but demand. We must demand the newly-elected GO crush and repeal Obamacare, then demand real justice and accountability regarding all of Obama’s crimes and treachery.

We must help, no…make conservatives win in each state, then suck on a few breath mints because we will be breathing heavily on the GOP as they walk into the ring.

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  1. There’s nothing grand about the Grand Old Party – old yes, but grand NO. We need to remove every last one of them (both parties) and start over. And this time, make darn sure they uphold the “contract with America”.