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(Dec. 31, 2013) — Editor’s Note: Over the weekend of December 28-29, 2013, the Democratic National Committee sent out an e-mail to its mailing list. In it they quoted several Republican Members of Congress who, they say, talked openly of impeachment of Barack Obama. They sought to use these quotes to move their base to flip the House. But Nicholas E. Purpura, below, makes the case for impeachment. For real.

Every elected Representative has a duty to defend the Constitution. If they fail or refuse to do so it is your duty to throw the reprobates out of office. Failing to protect the Constitution endangers the Republic and by law, is tantamount to committing a “high crime and misdemeanors.” This de-facto President has endangered national security. Without Constitutional authority this renegade Obama has become a law unto himself. What is truly damaging is that our legislative branch’s complacency has aided and abetted in his abuse of power. Our Judiciary has morphed into a despotic oligarchy of demigods. In short, closet Marxists comprising political ideologues that would destroy our beloved nation by judicial fiat are in command.

Our legislative branch has digressed to a carbon copy of Hitler’s Reichstag. It rubber-stamps the progressive establishment to give the appearance of legitimacy. Regrettably, “separation of powers” and “checks and balances” have become obsolete. But we the people have the legal power to reverse this trend, if we act without delay.

Time for a lesson in law

In earlier articles I conclusively proved that Obamacare was presented and signed into law in a fraudulent manner that warrants that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, et al go on trial, which would remove them from office.

Let me put forth two more legal arguments that are ripe for review. Neither Congress nor all these supposedly patriotic legal foundations that repeatedly put forth surveys and thereafter request donations to end Obamacare ever instituted any legal action based upon Constitutional as well criminal behavior that could put a stop to the foolery and usurpation of the rights of the people. Why not? Because they’d kill the goose that laid the golden egg by doing that. So let’s address two options.

The 14th Amendment unambiguously speaks of “the equal protection of the laws.” So I ask: how can Congress pass legislation that exempts select privileged individuals, corporations and unions from abiding by the same laws that are being imposed upon “We the People”? Enough said, other than the 19 violations that were presented to the SCOTUS  (Purpura v. Sibelius, case # 11-2303).

For this article let’s take option 2: impeachment. I will constitutionally prove that the Executive, Legislative, and especially hoodlums in black robes who ruled on Obamacare are guilty of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” that by law are impeachable offenses. Again, that is if we had a Congress instead of a puppet Reichstag.

Impeachable Offenses

Shamefully, what is/has taken place is an abuse of power.  The Republicans, who have control of the House of Representatives, have the sole power to put an end to the Executive and Judicial tyranny but choose to remain silent. The solution is found in Article I, Section 2 that authorizes impeachment. As is common knowledge, many of the Quislings in Congress are either under blackmail or have made a Faustian bargain with their Marxist comrades in the Democrat Party and their master puppeteer.

Following the House of Representatives’ actions, the Democrat-controlled Senate becomes the Court. See Article I, Section 3, Paragraphs 6 & 7. Oh well, so much for the Constitution and justice with this bunch of traitors. So let’s look at the facts that I defy anyone to dispute. I pray each American who reads this keeps this in mind come the 2014 Congressional election.

Impeachment is confined to political characters. I can cite numerous framers of the Constitution and their views on impeachment, but since space is limited I’ll first cite Justice Story: [Commentaries on the Constitution.] paraphrased:

The jurisdiction is to be exercised over offences which are committed by public men in violation of their public trust and duties…in many cases political… partakers of a political character as it respects injuries to society in its political character … designed principally to reach those of a political or of a judicial character…. Principally applied are of a political nature. Used to divest him of his political capacity. My personal favorite Justice Story, notes “unconstitutional opinions” and “attempts to subvert the fundamental laws and arbitrary power.” [Obama gives new meaning to subversion].

I would be remiss if I didn’t cite a few of our founding fathers who wrote our Constitution: George Mason, Father of the “Bill of Rights,” that impeachment was warranted for an “attempt to subvert the Constitution;” Alexander Hamilton declared “abuse or violation of some public trust…. Or injuries done immediately to society itself.” Elbridge Gerry, “mal-administration” William Rawls, “the inordinate extension of power, the influence of party and prejudice” as well as “infringe the rights of the people.”

I could go on ad infinitum. In short, impeachment is warranted to preserve the rights of the “We the People” and each of our Sovereign States. Impeachment protects the fundamental principles of the United States Constitution.

High Crime and Misdemeanor

Let the usurper reply ad rectum in the House of Representatives whether he violated the United States Constitution.  To clarify: ad rectum here is not anatomical, but legal. It means; “They shall render themselves to answer the law.”

Violations that Warrant Impeachment

So what part of the Constitution authorizes the Executive branch to violate the “Code of Statutory Construction” and/or the “legislative intent of the statute?” It doesn’t!

Mark Hendrickson in a recent article listed eight violations of the Constitution:

  1. Delay of Obama-care’s out-of-pocket caps
  2. Delay of Obama-care’s employer mandate
  3. Delay of Obama-care’s insurance requirements; Exemption of Congress from Obama-care
  4. Expansion of the employer mandate penalty through IRS regulation
  5. Political profiling by the IRS
  6. Recess appointments
  7. Assault on free speech and due process on college campuses
  8. Mini-DREAM Act: directing the Department of Homeland Security to issue work and residence permits to the so-called Dreamers. The executive branch undoubtedly has discretion regarding enforcement priorities, but granting de facto green cards goes beyond a decision to defer deportation in certain cases.

Mark states he had a difficult time just listing these few.

The above violations do not include the 19 violations of the United States Constitution and statutory laws presented [see Purpura v Sibelius, SCOTUS] that the hoodlums in black robes refused to address and should be impeached for dereliction of fiduciary duty.

“Preserve, protect, and defend” the Constitution, and to “take care that the law be faithfully executed.” This has become a fiasco with this present government. America, it’s time to throw them all out of office and institute term limits, or become a socialist Marxist state that equates to slavery.

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  1. What would be significant is NOT that an effort to impeach would succeed, but rather that during the House impeachment hearings that would follow filing of charges, the facts of ocommie’s ineligibility would have to come out. I have asked a legal expert and her response was: “They know that they will not be able to impeach him, however they could bring forward all the evidence.” Once his ineligibility is made public, removal from office would (likely) quickly follow.

    In any case, achieving removal from office would be better than impeachment. Everything he has done while usurping the office of president becomes null and void. So, it really would be better not to impeach him.

    We already know that the Senate would never go for impeachment. So why not give the House and C-Span something to do? Let them make public his stolen SSN, forged birth documents, forged Selective Service Registration, and all his forged college transcripts as proof of his ineligibility.

    Reminder: Until 2007, obama, himself, stated he was born in Kenya. How can a Kenyan citizen meet the Article II requirement to be a natural born U.S. Citizen and be president?

  2. Is it possible to impeach a POTUS illegal by dual citizenship? You would be giving legal status to an illegal POTUS by allowing impeachment according to Walt and prior discussions on this. Obama is art 2 illegal by dual citizenship, Pelosi and Biden falsified the DNC papers vetting Obama in 2008 which we have had copies of for several years and also were online but no one wanted to know about the election fraud.