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by CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), ©2013, blogging at The Jaghunter

(Dec. 31, 2013) — [Editor’s Note:  The following post contains a submission made to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of federal prisoner Darren Wesley Huff, who was convicted in October 2011 of  “transporting firearms across state lines with the intent to cause a civil disorder.”

A history of Huff’s case can be found here.]


CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL .pdf RECORD FILING (word.doc version available on request)

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

United States Navy Retired

Post Office Box 293

Athens, Tennessee 37371-0293

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Monday, 30 December 2013



In re: United States v. Darren Wesley Huff

CASE #: 125581


Unites States Court of Appeals for the federal Sixth Circuit

540 Potter Stewart United States Courthouse

100 East Fifth Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

 And many others in a wider distribution

To: Chief Judge Alice M. Batchelder

Copies to: Various and numerous government agencies and law enforcement offices previously contacted

With waning deference and respect I write to you this day to report the scope and operation of a government I’ve been trained to fight against and destroy.

I sound the alert that a fraud is being perpetrated on the U.S Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. Federal and state judges, federal and state prosecutors, federal and state law enforcement officers, lower ranking state and federal court officers and Mr. Huff’s court appointed defense attorneys are criminally complicit in the fraud being visited upon this federal appellate Court.

I am commanding you to recognize this fraud and release Navy Veteran Darren Wesley Huff as an innocent man. I demand and command that Mr. Huff’s innocence be publicly and loudly declared and that Mr. Huff’s name be cleared causing to expunge all government records naming Mr. Huff a criminal in matters related to his case that have come into existence since April 2010.

I am commanding that the Court become the forcing function behind causing criminal investigations against those people who have acted to wrongfully harm or injure Mr. Huff resulting in his illegal incarceration presently. I furthermore call upon this Court to lash out and act against the fraud presently being visited upon this bench.

I am commanding that the Court order a federal grand jury assembled for these express purposes. The grand jury is to be impaneled to hear my testimony and inspect my voluminous investigative work product representing proofs and evidences going to Mr. Huff’s innocence and egregious maltreatment at the hands of various government officials; then to broaden their investigation from that starting point. For the sake of efficiency this federal grand jury is to be formed near the community of Athens, Tennessee.

Federal agents, assisted by Tennessee Start law enforcement officials arrested Mr. Huff in Tennessee State on Friday, 30 April 2010 on charges arising from activities that occurred in Madisonville, Tennessee on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 that have become commonly referred to as “The Madisonville Hoax.”

Federal Bureau of Investigation Mark A. Van Balen criminally accused Mr. Huff of being physically present armed with gun(s) at the R. Beecher Witt government building in Madisonville, TN on Tuesday, 20 April 2010. Van Balen further asserted under oath that Mr. Huff, while standing outside the R. Beecher Witt government building armed with gun(s), was thinking about using gun(s) to commit acts of violence against persons and property at that location.

Van Balen stated under oath that Mr. Huff was joined with other armed individuals at R. Beecher Witt government building and outside the building with Mr. Huff who were thinking about joining Mr. Huff at that location in carrying out acts of violence against persons and property using gun(s).

The truth is Mr. Huff was never physically present at the R. Beecher Witt government building at any moment in time on Tuesday, 20 April 2010. Enclosed, see former Sergeant of Marines William Looman’s sworn statement. Other fact witnesses, eye witnesses, ear witnesses have always been available to attest to Mr. Huff’s whereabouts in Madisonville, Tennessee on 20 April 2010.

The truth is that Mr. Huff was unarmed at every moment he was physically present in Madisonville, Tennessee on Tuesday, 20 April 2010. Again I invite focused attention to Marine Sergeant Looman’s sworn affidavit.

State and federal prosecutors, law enforcement officials, judges and court officers and public defenders all blocked unassailable testimonial and physical evidences proving Mr. Huff’s innocence from ever coming forth. They have instead created, enhanced and embellished upon The Madisonville Hoax!

Mr. Huff’s presence in Madisonville, Tennessee on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 was due to the discovery that Mr. Gary Pettway had stood in the Monroe County Tennessee grand jury as its foreman for twenty-eight (28) consecutive years.

The hearing Mr. Huff wanted to attend was part of a process seeking to expose Mr. Pettway’s criminal conduct and eventually effect Pettway’s peaceful removal from Pettway’s illegal yet officially declared job as “grand jury foreman.”

Federal and state government functionaries took action in bad faith against Mr. Huff and myself based on the false claim that Mr. Gary Pettway was, in fact, a legally summoned and impaneled “juror.”

Mr. Gary Pettway testified at Mr. Huff’s October 2011 federal trial passing himself off as a lawful and legal “juror” who was the object of Mr. Huff’s “thoughts” on Tuesday, 20 April 2010.

Mr. Pettway committed perjury by so testifying.

Other state and federal functionaries, mendacious muckrakers, embellished Mr. Pettway’s perjury, adding their own.They reported that Mr. Pettway, with other people and property, were somehow, in someway at risk of being harmed, injured or damaged on Tuesday, 20 April 2010 by Mr. Huff or other innocent men and women who came to Madisonville to attend a public court hearing as court watchers. 

This was all accomplished through the guise of The Madisonville Hoax.


Read the rest here.

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  1. Darren’s total residual estate is his 8 year old Pekinese, who is in safe keeping. Looking forward to rejoining Gizmo is probably one of the few comforts Darren has anymore. A long fall . . . for what?
    For naught, if we don’t lend support and stand with Darren, now.

    Personal letters of support and testimony to the judge worked in the original trial and hopefully, will work for this appeal. Anyone, at all, who has any contact with people who can attend the oral pleading in Cincinnati, please notify them to attend. A show of solidarity goes a long way in the courtroom.

    Darren’s public defender does not allow anyone in support of Darren access. We can only litigate thru him. That leaves our only recourse as personal letters to the chief judge now and the sitting judges when they are announced on the 17th.

    This is not about Darren and he recognizes that. This is about us the next time we cross that invisible line and are charged with a thought crime. Darren’s conviction must be overturned or we will all suffer from the precedent that it will set.

  2. I have been continually in contact with Darren Huff during his incarceration. He is holding up well, though understandably disillusioned with the judicial system and more strikingly, the lack of interest and support from many of his fellow veterans and purported friends. Bad enough to be persecuted and falsely imprisoned, but the abysmal feeling of abandonment has been an uphill battle for Darren. I am enclosing his address and implore you to write him, even a short message of encouragement would mean so much. He has lost EVERYTHING, his home, business and his marriage as a result of this travesty.
    Darren Wesley Huff #32789-074
    FCI Texarkana
    P.O. box 7000
    Texarkana, TX 75505

    1. Thank you for the info.

      I hope we all take the time to send Darren cards of encouragement and continue to pray for him and all of our Patriots!

      “The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of cause” – William James

      Psalm 91:8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. (KJV)

  3. Well stated Walt, as usual, a distinguished Naval Academy Grad! We can only wonder how deep and fully corrupted the Tennessee State “officials” are by all the obfuscation and misprision. Silence is testimony to association and the crimes here reported for years have gone undisclosed publicly other than The Post Email and a few other publication/media outlets. Obama’s thugs have covered all the areas very well in their quest to censor the news and any attempted prosecutions or reports of their agendas and Constitutional violations and misprision of felony. As many people celebrate the New Year, Darren is illegally rotting in a prison, was denied his legal rights, because he tried to stand up for our Constitution and Walt serving a Criminal Presentment that was all legal and standing for what the law was written for. ALL of this was ordered by Obama/Pelosi/Biden and others to send a message to these Veterans and others that anyone that tries to stand for the truth and report it will meet backdoor response from them. We are all still waiting for prosecution for all these political criminals that are involved with Obama’s identity fraud, high treason, perjury, election fraud, murder, theft and lies, using a false social security number, lies to the public about his true identity and illegal dual citizenship. The public does not know, while Obama slowly destroys America, his $35 million dollar mansion is waiting for him in Hawaii as we speak. Obama is only the “front man” and “puppet” in a much deeper well of DNC Corruption that is beyond the scope of this writing. As Veterans, those that have been following all this from the beginning, will stand behind Walt and Darren and there WILL be a relentless motion to counter all this and there will be mass press eventually to report and expose all the DNC crimes and aggression that have been forced on Veterans and Citizens that have attempted to stand for our Constitution, Veterans and America as we knew it. The silence is deafening from DNC operatives but the birds will be flushed from the bush, sooner or later, the Constitution will be official again and prosecution will be swift. Happy New Year to all and let’s hope that there are still some members of the “Judicial” that will perform their sworn duty and uphold the Constitution to allow prosecution of presented criminals and their actions against our Constitution. It will be difficult to remove all the judges that are not doing their job, participating in corruption and cover-ups, but it can’t be any worse than cleaning out DC on both sides and screening qualified people that will do their jobs and accept “TERM LIMITS” in all government positions to stop the total corruption.