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by Dan Bongino, ©2013, Candidate for Congress, from Facebook

Dan Bongino is running for Congress from the 6th District of Maryland after serving as a elite Secret Service agent under Obama and George W. Bush

(Dec. 23, 2013) — Have you noticed the administration and their supporters have been speaking out lately about economic inequality?

Do you find the timing curious given the national #healthcare crisis created by #Obamacare? I don’t. This is what they do. They must distract you by changing the national conversation away from their failures and as I mentioned in a post on this page months ago, they are experts at “Division Politics”.

Recall the recent presidential campaign whenever the President’s numbers turned sour, seemingly randomly, some new “enemy” would appear. Whether it be the “Obstructionists”, a “Do-Nothing Congress”, “Fox News”, “Big Banks, Oil & Pharma”, “Wall Street”, “Shadowy Groups”, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately folks, this is deliberate and requires a degree of apathy from their intended audience to work. Please understand that the intent is pure manipulation in a cynical attempt to turn your attention away from Obamacare in anticipation of the 2014 elections. They likely polled a number of talking points and, despite the fact that under this administration inequality has grown dramatically, they needed a new “enemy” and inequality and the wealthy, polled well as “targets”.

Friends, this is not leadership, it is division for political gain. Great political leaders have one thing in common, a positive, unifying vision for tomorrow, not a cynical, divisive focus on the problems of yesterday.

Fight back in 2014.

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