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by OPOVV, ©2013

The IRS is perhaps the most reviled of all government departments, created after the 16th Amendment was reportedly ratified by three-quarters of the states and two-thirds of Congress in 1913

(Dec. 19, 2013) — Have you ever read the Tax Code? I mean, did you ever sit down and really spend 20 hours reading and taking notes? Ever discover discrepancies? And if you did spend some time, did you conclude that you never read such a plan for a fairer playing field or did you come away shaking your head and realizing that the playing field is so far askew that the only way to fix it is to trash the whole idea of “Federal Income Tax?” One or the other: either fair or unfair, and if you reached the conclusion of “unfair,” to whom is it not fair, the not so affluent or the affluent? It’s not one of these deep and foreboding mysteries: the answer is clear and precise. And obvious.

The Tax Code reminds one that it’s demonstrably easier to live rich than not. Paying cash for a car and a house, bypassing the banks, must be an awful lot of fun. Invest some money and let it sit, move it around, pay for a tax lawyer to play with the figures. Pay for the results you want, which reminds me of every accounting professor’s Accounting 101 joke:

A guy is interviewing bookkeeping applicants. He asks the first one what 2+2 is and gets the answer of “4.”  He calls in the next applicant and asks the same question. The applicant gets up, walks to the door, closes and locks it, goes to the windows and lowers the blinds, moves his chair next to the interviewer and whispers in his ear, “What do you want it to be?”

The story of the Holy Grail is more about the search than the artifact itself. Chances are that the last cup Jesus drank from was a wooden goblet that may or may not have some sort of magical powers, but why Jesus would bestow any supernatural and magical powers on an inanimate object has yet to be proven beyond a doubt.

So you clean out the attic and behold the Grail. A voice enters your head: “You get one wish. Do you want the Tax Code to continue as is OR do you wish that the Federal Income Tax Code, along with the IRS, be abolished once and for good, to be replaced with the Fair Tax?”

What to do? What would you do? Would you be honest, or would you follow in Congress’s footsteps and behave in an undignified manner, conducting the Nation’s business in an underhanded and questionable way? Retain the IRS’s Gestapo ways, or uphold the Cub Scout’s Oath or, for that matter, the military Oath, or the Oath to the flag whenever you said the Pledge of Allegiance.

And would you enforce importing fees also in an equitable manner? Would you support the deportation of those immigrants who are within the borders of your country illegally? Would you deport those who are here that have sworn to kill you, or remain naive and blind to the fact that your country has become TEN TIMES MORE VIOLENT during the last five years?

Got to start somewhere, someplace, sometime. Abolishing the IRS seems like a wonderful first step to me.


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