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by OPOVV, ©2013

Phil Robertson of the A&E series “Duck Dynasty” has been “suspended indefinitely” from the program for expressing his beliefs about homosexuality in an interview with GQ

(Dec. 19, 2013) — Ever hear of a “Total Unbelievable For Sure DISCONNECT?” Two seemingly rational people seeing the same picture with two opposing conclusions, how’s that possible? Easy, if one of those two people is an Obot.

Face it, in a Muslim country they hang homosexuals (Gays) from lampposts or cranes, whatever’s handy. Let’s show a picture of Muslims hanging a couple of Gays from a lamppost and gauge their reaction.

“Hello. Excuse me, please, just doing a street interview here, do you mind looking at this picture and telling me what you think?”

“Sure thing. Oh, I’ve seen this photo before. Yeah, that’s what they do, don’t they? They hang Lesbians and Gays from streetlights. They don’t tolerate them over there. If America becomes Sharia-compliant, the same thing will happen here. Obama a Muslim? No kidding.”

“Okay, thanks a lot. Here’s another one to interview. Excuse me, but do you mind looking at a photo and telling me what you think?”

“No, not at all. Glad to help. Oh, this is a real shame, isn’t it? But that’s over there, somewhere in one of those Islamic countries. It would never happen here: we have laws. Obama a Muslim? No, never heard that. Muslim Brotherhood in the White House? Don’t believe everything you hear by those racist Republicans. Right-Wing propaganda is all it is, trying to stir up the pot. No, it would never ever happen here, Muslims stringing up Gays. Never happen.”

“Well, there you have it. One is in tune, the other in denial. Only in America, right?”

That’s it. The Duck Stops Here, for sure. So you Gay people out there, if you voted for Obama, maybe, just maybe, you hung yourself.


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