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by CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.)

(Dec. 18, 2013) — Following is an audio file recording my first interaction of the day (Tuesday, 17 December 2013) with Maxine O’Dell Gernert.  Maxine 17 Dec. 2013 – Maxine #1

She knows me on sight. I’ve been reporting information to her for years.

Maxine holds a doctor of divinity degree (don’t know from what school).

Maxine is U.S. Representative Chuck Fleischmann‘s “Field Representative.”

The McMinn County grand jury meets regularly in Fleischmann’s federal office conference room. Normally Maxine is not usually present.

But Maxine was there yesterday.

She walked in at just around 1000 hours local (10:00 a.m EST).

Maxine had a Poinsettia plant in her hands.

She went into her (Fleischmann’s) office, put the Poinsettia plant on her desk, then came back out to the hallway where I was sitting.

Maxine asked me to help her bring more plants up from her car parked behind the courthouse.

You hear us proceed out, walking down a flight of stairs to street level, exit the building, proceed to her car, pick up the plants, return inside, and go back upstairs.

As we’re walking out Maxine tells me Fleischmann is expected in the office later in the afternoon.

After the plants were delivered to Fleischmann’s office desk, I returned to my wooden bench seat in the hallway.

Soon after, McMinn County Detective Sergeant Gary Miller came out. You hear me engage Sgt. Miller in a brief conversation regarding new construction out at the Sheriff’s office.

I met Sgt. Miller back in March. I’d reported to McMinn County Sheriff Joe Guy regarding Jeff Cunningham’s criminal obstruction from my appearing before the 19 February 2013 McMinn County grand jury.

County Sheriff Joe assigned Detective Sgt. Miller to the case. I met with Miller early last March 2013. It took Miller only a matter of days to walk away from the case green-lighting Jeff Cunningham to continue on as the illegal grand jury foreman.

New construction out at the Sheriff’s office had not begun as of early March 2013 with I met with Miller at the Sheriff’s office.

When I delivered my criminal complaint to the Sheriff’s office on Wednesday, 11 December 2013, I discovered a cathedral under construction. I was amazed.

I used the subject of “new construction” to engage Det. Sgt. Miller in conversation yesterday.

As it happens, the last time I saw Detective Sergeant Miller was under exactly the same circumstances when I was present and petitioned the McMinn County grand jury on Tuesday, 19 March 2013. Back in March I attempted to plead my case with Miller once again. Miller got real objectionable with me. Told me the case was closed. He (Sheriff Guy’s trained detective) wasn’t going to pursue my criminal complaint any farther.

And he didn’t.

So, there Miller was there again yesterday.

Note: I have 25 recordings from yesterday by rough count.

I have all twenty-five available to put on a thumb drive as anyone may desire. I’ll just need you to supply the thumb drive.

I had a second conversation with Maxine yesterday which I’m going to find next and send along. In my second discussion I offered to make myself available to Representative Fleischmann yesterday afternoon should Fleischmann be at all interested regarding information I hold. Maxine flatly told me Fleischmann wasn’t going to meet with me that day (yesterday).

Also this, Athens used to be in Tennessee’s 2nd federal Congressional District. She used to work as Rep. John Duncan’s “field representative.” After the congressional district lines were redrawn, Athens, TN found itself in the 3rd Congressional District. Fleischmann kept Maxine on as his employee.

Fair winds, following seas,
Walt Fitzpatrick


Update:  Fitzpatrick distributed the above article by email, including to Maxine Gernert.

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