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by Sharon Rondeau

What kind of “justice” are the California courts meting out?

(Dec. 14, 2013) — The father of eight children who have been in foster care for nearly three years despite no evidence of abuse or neglect has told The Post & Email that the adoption process has begun for his five elder children.

Jeffrey and Erica Henderson have been battling the Los Angeles DCFS in the Edelman Children’s Court since their children were taken in May 2011 after their parents were falsely jailed.

Mr. Henderson told us that his eldest, a daughter, has been placed with her grandmother, who she does not know, and her husband, who reportedly has a drinking problem and is “in the system.”  Four successively younger sons are scheduled to be moved to their grandfather’s home in Montana, although they also are not acquainted with the man, who Henderson reported has a long-standing drug problem.

An appeal filed to regain custody of the children was lost last week during a hearing wherein the parents were told they were not allowed to attend and their attorneys also did not attend.

When we asked Mr. Henderson if he could appeal to the California Supreme Court, he responded, “I’m trying to find out the procedure.  The attorneys have stated that they will not be assisting me in appealing to the California Supreme Court.  They said that there are no appealable issues, but there are the same appealable issues which they appealed to this point, which is that there is no jurisdiction and there’s no evidence of any potential for abuse at all.  The judge in her ruling said she ‘feels that if she sends the children back home with me, they will be abused.’  There is no evidence.”

Mr. Henderson told The Post & Email that DCFS’s main complaint against his wife and him was that they allowed their daughter to drink a small amount of wine every Friday evening to celebrate Shabbat, as the family is orthodox Jewish.  He stated that Judge Marguerite Downing adjudged him as “not having learned his lesson not to allow his daughter to drink wine” after taking mandatory parenting classes, counseling, and attending all scheduled visits, many of which were canceled at the last minute without notification to him or his wife, Erica.

[Editor’s Note:  At least 68 children whose cases had been brought to the attention of the Los Angeles DCFS lost their lives between 2007 and 201o, as researched and reported by The Los Angeles Times.  Some foster parents are themselves abusers or continue to cash foster care checks while providing no care at all.]

Henderson further explained of the appeal:

They put our appeal and our writ together.  The writ said that whatever abuse the court said existed there is no evidence to substantiate.  The appeal was for the baby, at the time, and there was no due process, hearing, or evidence of abuse for him, either.  I haven’t read the ruling on the court, but it says that it was denied.

I suspect – and this is my opinion – I was denied my right to handle the appeal myself, just as I was denied my right to handle the case myself. It is my opinion that I was denied so that I am not able to appeal to the Supreme Court of California; because I wasn’t able to argue the issues that should have been argued originally, that we were destined to fail at the appeals court level since we didn’t argue the correct issues; because we lost at the appeals court level, the weakest argument that we can’t go back and argue again.  I believe that is something that is done every day with parents, and our cases were designed to fail.  The only reason we’re forced to have these attorneys is to make sure that our children are adopted out en masse.

It’s coast-to-coast; it’s a concerted effort; it’s a socialist/communist push, a Marxist/Nazi-like push toward the state taking control over the raising of children.  From the moment the mother gives birth; it has to be in a hospital; only a certain number of children are allowed to be born.  This was something that was stated in one of the last court hearing that I attended about a month and a half ago.  The prosecution argued that “the Hendersons keep having more children and over-populating the planet.”  It was a sustainability, environmentalist argument that she used in the court, and the court ruled with that argument, saying,  “I don’t like the way these Hendersons keep having children.”  They bring in this whole pseudo-science idea that the world is over-populated and we’re not allowed as the peons to have as many children as God blesses us with.

This whole idea of taking control over families and taking away parental rights is one aspect of the full-spectrum dominance that is put on us.  They’re putting the fathers in prison, whether they say it’s for drugs or whatever, and it’s the whole oppressive taxation…Obamacare…a concerted effort, and not just the agencies known as “child protective services.”  Each state has its own department.  The family is just one part of the “hit them where they breathe, with what they eat, with the GMOs, what they’re taught in the state schools…separate the families.”

The only thing we have to fight back with, once you get right down to it, is your family.  Your neighbors might leave you; your congressman may not help you, but we’re always able to fall back to our families.  But if they take that bond away – where children are taken away to day care and school, and the cat’s in the cradle and they don’t have a connection – then they’ve defeated us.  Then we’re chattel.

Mr. Henderson left California approximately a month ago to attend law school on the East Coast beginning in January.  The Post & Email will continue its interview on the status of the Henderson children in a subsequent article.

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