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by Sharon Rondeau

U.S. RICO (racketeering) laws were enacted in October 1970

(Dec. 13, 2013) — Agenda 21 expert John Anthony and Nicholas Purpura produced a video on the Affordable Care Act in which they state that “falsehoods” and “blatant deceit” were utilized to mislead the American people.  Purpura is seeking support for a lawsuit charging judges who he believes acted unconstitutionally on his lawsuit challenging the Affordable Care Act with racketeering.

On Wednesday, The Post & Email interviewed Purpura about the video’s production, his future plans, and what he believes can still be done to neutralize the health care law known as “Obamacare.” which has caused more than 5,000,000 people to lose their health plans and thrown the health care industry into chaos, including providers of medical services.

This is what is called a wheel conspiracy, with Obama at the hub.  Even though there are people pulling his strings, Obama is the hub of this particular conspiracy because he was the one who worked with Congress on this, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.  He told the people lies right through it, so it adds to the fraud.  What he really did here is, “OK, I’m going to give you all this,” a lie, and then he turns around and tells his bureaucratic agencies to find fault with it, as John brought out, and to regulate it.  What he’s doing is violating the legislative intent of this bill, which is still corrupt, and he’s violating what is called “statutory code” on how it’s written.  He’s using regulatory agencies in order to accomplish his goal, which is single-payer health care.

There are RICO laws, and I’m going to try to get this to the (name of organization).

The Post & Email commented, “Obama said in 2008 that he wanted a single-payer system in this country.”

He’s very duplicitous about it, even up to now, when it’s being implemented.  This reprobate – and I have other names for him – was telling them, “What you have to do is wipe out everything…As my bureaucratic agencies, I’m going to tell you to find fault with what Congress did and regulate it out.”  But that’s only part one.  You need two players in a RICO action, and I didn’t name all of the players.  There are a lot of players, and some of them are going to be running for office.

All of that weekend, when Scott Brown was about to be sworn in on that Monday, there was no time for them to rewrite the bill.  So behind closed doors, the Senate ripped out every page of the Servicemembers‘ Home Ownership Tax Act and inserted the Senate bill.  They put that Senate bill in there, but they couldn’t say, “Let’s vote on the Servicemembers’ Home Ownership Tax Act of 2009 because it was a health care bill.  So they changed the name.  So now you have two acts of fraud. First, you insert a bill, then you take off the name of the bill and get the House designation number.  This is what wasn’t in the video.

When they did this, they knew they were committing fraud:  to have a vote taken on this bill before Scott Brown was sworn in, because if they had waited, it would have been filibustered.  It would have been nowhere.  That was what Brown ran on.

There was no time to rewrite the bill.

Let’s look at how bad it is.

Thirty days prior, the Senate wrote a food bill, S510, which had “revenue” in it. It was sent to the House of Representatives, and the Democrats screamed, “The Senate can’t put a revenue bill in.”  So they had to rewrite that bill and give it a new number, then they voted on it, and it passed.  But in this particular case, they never rewrote it. There were guys screaming, “I wrote the bill,” but it was already written by the Baucus committee.  Let me put it this way:  there’s not a word changed, so how could they have written the bill?  What they did was committed a fraud on the American people and they violated the Constitution, because under Article I, Section 7, paragraph 1, the Senate cannot write a revenue-raising bill.

Max Baucus wrote the bill but said it was ‘a train wreck‘ this past summer.”  And he’s not running for re-election.”

Max Baucus said, “I wrote the bill.”  Those in Congress are being blackmailed.

This particular bill has so many constitutional violations.  Every one of these violations was brought before the U.S. Supreme Court not by anyone else but me.  Don [Laster] and I put this in – Don knows the Constitution even much better than I do – and the Supreme Court violated their fiduciary duty.  How could they not address the 19 constitutional violations?

I cannot bring a case now with these same arguments because I am res judicataYou know what that means, right?

“That it’s already been decided.”

Yes, although in reality, it hasn’t been decided…

“Because they refused to hear it.”

Yes, so they’re going on the Third Circuit‘s decision, which was illegal because it was ruled upon by two judges who were ordered to recuse themselves by law.  They had a financial interest in it, because Obama appointed both of them.  This would have opened up Pandora’s box.  They didn’t want all of these violations to be made public and all of those judges, including Freda Wolfson, to go up online.  This is a scam upon the American people.  This is ripe for a RICO action because you have judges who violated the law.

In my case, Purpura vs. Sebelius, the judges created a chain conspiracy.  It began in the District Court in collusion with the Justice Department and then carried through to the Third Circuit and up to the Supreme Court.  It was incontrovertible that there was an obvious chain conspiracy.  Had they ruled properly in the district court, all those judges who were appointed by Obama and ruled on this case illegally would be out of a job.  They violated Section 455 of the U.S. Code:  you cannot rule on a case where you have a personal interest.  In reality, they forfeited on Obama’s legitimacy even to be the president, because they refused to answer.  By law, if you don’t answer, you are conceding that the plaintiff is correct.  All of this is in the Supreme Court case, and all of the illegalities showed the Supreme Court the violations of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  This was a district court case with constitutional challenges, and Sotomayor and Kagan refused to recuse themselves.  If they had recused themselves, there would have been only seven judges to rule, and all we would have needed were three to win the case.  So you see what they did?  They disregarded 19 violations of the Constitution of the United States and statutory law.

From a nation of brave people, it seems that all the quislings are in power.

We have to get a legal foundation, a group of men who have no skeletons in their closet and bring a RICO action. It can be brought as a RICO conspiracy.  There’s just no way they can get out of it because there’s too much evidence against them.  Even Sotomayor and Kagan were asked to recuse themselves because they had a financial interest. Neither replied, and then both denied the request.

So where we could have ended Obamacare, it was hidden.  My real gripe is that we informed the district attorney in the multi-state lawsuit of these violations in writing, and each of them knew there was fraud here.  Not one of them brought it out.  They contacted certain Republican congressmen, who said, “I can’t get involved in this because I’ve done a lot of things…” But it was all a scam, because they wanted this to go through!

We don’t have a government anymore.  We have a bunch of renegades, rogues.

Look at this Congress.  If we ever traded on inside information, we’d go to jail.  They’re allowed to; they’re exempt.  Why spoil that perfect club…the good old Boys & Girls club?  This is nuts.  They’re exempt from everything.

Think about this. How could you write a law, exempt certain people, and then tell me that this is equal treatment?

How could you have a law where you have no recourse in court?

We have a political establishment.  We do not have two parties; it’s become a one-party establishment.  Judges are put into place as political patronage, and they have to obey the establishment.  Obama just put a bunch of judges in.

“And has that occurred just under Obama?”

No, it didn’t happen just under Obama.  They’ve become a law unto themselves.

The only people who can change this is the American people saying, “I am not going to vote for you.”  We have to vote for Americans and no longer Democrats and Republicans.  There are good Democrats and there are good Republicans.

Look back in our history and study why Zell Miller left the Democrat Party and resigned.  What did he say?  “This is not my party.”  Because it’s been infiltrated by the Communist Party.  If you read the 45 goals of the Communist Party…it’s a fiasco.

We have to say “no.”  But what we have to do is take them to court on RICO because they’re conspiring, and they’re violating the Constitution and they have no authority.  They should be brought up on high crimes and misdemeanors, and any judge who ruled on this case cannot rule any more on anything to do with this case.  If they’ve already ruled, then they cannot rule by law.

Do you think you can find a court which will adjudicate this according to the Constitution?

They have no choice. Don’t forget:  Any judge who refuses to hear it should immediately be brought up on charges because these are constitutional challenges.  If we cannot have a constitutional challenge adjudicated, then we have no constitutional republic any more.

This is up to the public.  I’ve been working on this even before the health care law was passed.

Are you seeking an attorney for the RICO lawsuit?

If a legal foundation stood up…and if they don’t know the law, stand up and call me, and I’ll write it out for them.  I can’t file it because I am res judicata, but I can be a plaintiff.  We’re looking for a legal foundation to protect the American people and expose these frauds in a court of law and put an end to a runaway, rogue Congress and president.  I’d like any legal foundation willing to do it to call me and try to prove me wrong.  I don’t want to tell the government everything, because they’re listening to us right now.

Of course.  When will your next video be out?

I don’t know; I have to write it up and see when John wants to put it out.

How long did it take to make the first video?

Not long at all.

Who is John Anthony?

He runs the Sustainable Freedom Lab.  He is by far the most knowledgeable man on Agenda 21; he’s been all over the country.


This story was updated on December 14, 2013 at 10:22 a.m. EST.

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