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by OPOVV, ©2013

Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery, and his faux regime has overseen increased poverty, attacks on Christians worldwide, support for radical Islam, and forced health care on Americans

(Dec. 5, 2013) — If one had sent a letter of inquiry to either chamber of Congress questioning the eligibility of Obama in 2008 or 2012, one would have received identical form letters stating that, yes, they looked into the matter and are satisfied that Obama was born in Hawaii, case closed; however,  we are always here to assist you, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff didn’t lift a finger to help one of their own being railroaded in a kangaroo military court-martial, the greatest travesty of justice that this country has ever known. And to top it off, not one person in Congress came to LTC Terry Lakin’s defense, surely a sign that the fix was in, that we had been taken over by a force that was anti-American, meaning anti-Constitution.

Citizens went to the courts to inquire how the vetting of Obama was completed, only to be turned away with the excuse that they “had no standing,” which is a very impolite way of saying that the courts are no longer the guardians of the Constitution, that we’re on our own.

The killing of the four Americans in Benghazi is just a drop in the bucket, but telling, nonetheless, of our future. The worldwide incidents of Muslims killing Christians increase daily, a portent of things to come here at home. From Philippine Christian schoolgirls to little boys in India, whole families and communities have been targeted worldwide. We are seeing a wholesale slaughter of the innocent, of people just trying to get through life by doing Good Deeds, but to no avail, for kindness begets vulnerability, compassion death in today’s upside-down world, where the murder of people for the sake of murder is applauded.

Once upon a time the rules were understood: you help me and at least I’m grateful. Nowadays, when we attempt to reason with savages, we shouldn’t be surprised to get our hand bitten, or cut off, as seems to be the case. They’ll take our food, material goods, money, but don’t give anything in return. The Pact has been broken. Even Lost Tribes in the Amazon understand basic humanity: the Muslims haven’t a clue on how to behave in the Civilized World. And for proof, just look at the current Administration, a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals who think that progress is measured in the amount of suffering inflicted.

The Administration’s undereducated morons act as if they deserve our respect, when, in fact, they need to go out and get a real job, not a government job, but a real one where if you mess up, you get fired.

The point is that our government isn’t our government. It may still be our country, but only for a time. The end-game is to make the USA a Sharia-   compliant country, which means that the killing of Christians, Jews, and Atheists, are condoned and encouraged, just as in the rest of the world.

Advocating the overthrow of the current government isn’t Anti-American: it’s what any Patriotic American is all about. It’s still our country; our job is to make the government ours also. You are either with me, or you’re already dead and don’t even know it yet.


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  1. “WE, the People” have been driven into the “ABYSS of DARKNESS” by the “Devil Incarnant” described by Nostradamus in his Quatrains!!
    The outcome will NOT be in Darkness, WE are LOSING this BATTLE because of IGNORANCE and FEAR~
    “Dirnum Wood, comes unto Dunsanaine!!”