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by OPOVV, ©2013

Many times the size of Israel, Iran has threatened to destroy the tiny Middle Eastern democracy located among unfriendly Islamic nations

(Nov. 30, 2013) — Long ago in a land far away, well, actually on the water far away, a couple of Chinese fighters were flying straight toward Yours Truly with bad intent. Sometimes when things go wrong, they just hit the fan at the wrong time, and that’s exactly what happened in this case. The fighter should’ve known that we were wise to them after they crossed into our protection zone but, as I said, things went haywire and I suppose that the Chinese were thinking that killing me would be a slice of cake.  I remember thinking that they don’t even know me, never met me, didn’t know one darn thing about me but were about to rain down death and destruction upon me unless I could remedy my defenses.

So I did exactly that. I risked life and limb, literally, and fixed the problem, and as soon as the missiles reached the launcher and a positive lock was obtained on the fighters, the fighters turned tail and scooted back where they came from. From the After-Action Reports, it was determined that they were on full afterburners getting out of Dodge.

There’s a moral to the story, I believe: stand up to bullies. There are a couple of islands that Japan has laid claim to for a very long time; why, even the fish speak Japanese, but China seem to want them for themselves, not because of any real worth or logistic advantage, but just because they think that they can get away with it. So sorry, Mr. Chinaman, I like the islands as Japanese: China is locked out.

You have to stand up to bullies. Look at Big Iran vs. Little Israel. Personally, I support the bombing of Iran’s nuclear facilities, but I’d take it a step farther: no more American education for Muslims. No more teaching Muslims to be nuclear electricians, scientists, physicists and chemists. No more Muslim anything. No more giving American dollars to Muslims for oil or “Foreign Aid.” No more giving Muslims tanks, jets and every other weapon just so they can end up killing our allies and/or us.

Afghanistan was the joke of the century. Let’s see if I understand the whole shebang correctly. There were schools (camps) in Afghanistan where the curriculum was “Obtaining a Ticket to Paradise by Killing Innocent People.” After 9-11, these camps were disbanded and moved to America, where they continue to instruct the same lesson plan. Meanwhile, Americans bomb the empty Afghan tents of higher learning and then send over thousands of troops to make sure new tents aren’t erected on the same sorry patch of sand.  Are you with me so far?

We decide to introduce “Democracy” where we allow women the vote, little caring that if any woman does cast a ballot she risks a beating and/or death. We build schools so Afghan girls can learn how to read and write little caring that, when we leave, every Muslim girl who attended school will be beaten and/or killed. Our Rules of Engagement are so convoluted that even if we see an IED being planted in a roadway we aren’t allowed to retaliate, to shoot the perp then and there. Crazy. The whole Afghan fiasco is even worse than Vietnam. At least the South Vietnamese wanted democracy; all the Afghans want to do is take our money, weapons, and our lives.

Muslims are acting like bullies, hiding behind the definition that Islam is a “religion” when all it is, in fact, is a sorry excuse for psychopaths to go on murderous worldwide rampages. In order to win against bullies, first you have to stand up to them, something the West has yet to do. Israel, on the other hand, is showing us the way to behave: Muslim throws a rock, they send in an F-16 with a 500-lb. bomb. Works for me.


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