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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is Affirmative Action constitutional? Has it improved or lowered performance standards in public positions?

(Nov. 27, 2013) — Affirmative Action was the beginning of the end, and, after fifty years, certainly the end of the beginning.  So now we’re in middle age and the world is passing us by, while we turn out and hire unqualified people who can’t seem to get the work done as it used to be.  We see shoddy results from a corps of coddled people who, rather than bringing themselves up to past standards, are satisfied with the diminishing status quo and can’t seem to understand why they fail to grasp concepts that the rest of us comprehend at first exposure.

Take, for instance, employees of the Department of Homeland Security, TSA, and our local police. Granted, there may be a few individuals who understand the Constitution, about what constitutes “unreasonable searches” and the purpose of a lawful warrant, but on the whole you have to admit that all we ended up with is a bunch of people who wouldn’t recognize an illegal order. The violation of the Constitutional rights of others didn’t seem to phase or slow down the law-enforcement types in Boston. Maybe next week they’ll be chasing LGM (Little Green Men) as the excuse of breaking and entering private homes to steal guns.

Our nation used to have the Draft, where we had a military made up of a cross-section of America. Every segment of America was equally represented, from the very well-educated to the average Public School-educated. Every member of the military had to be a high school graduate and also had to pass military and physical fitness tests.

Your local police force required all applicants to have an Honorable Discharge, preferably with some exposure to military police duties. Many communities also had the same requirement for their firefighters. No more. Only 25% of Americans can qualify to be in the military, yet today’s law enforcement hire from the 75% who can’t.

The one big advantage of hiring a Veteran is that you know they have the basic requirements: educated and a proven track record of being at the appointed time at the appointed place; someone who has demonstrated responsibility.  Compared to someone who never served, the better employee would be the Veteran.

Another advantage of hiring a Veteran is that they already took the Oath, and the vast majority are patriotic enough to understand what it’s all about.

But today’s government employees have never served in the military; have never taken the Oath; have no concept of the history of our country; don’t have a clue about the wars fought to preserve our Constitution; are not versed in what’s actually in the Constitution; wouldn’t know an illegal order if it came up and bit them.

Affirmative Action empowers those who are in power to hold sway over the ignorant; over the employed who act as sheep, just following along, not knowing or caring about such ephemeral concepts as honor and just doing what’s right for the sake of doing what’s right. We’re going to pay for lowering the bar rather than bringing the applicants up to the bar.


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