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by Sharon Rondeau

What is Obama’s purpose in the White House?

(Nov. 23, 2013) — During his five years in office, the man known as Barack Hussein Obama has increased the national debt by 57% to more than $17 trillion.

He has advocated, obfuscated for and defended a law passed only by members of the Democrat Party in 2010 which has resulted in the cancellation of health insurance for a seven-year-old Texas boy who is the victim of a rare form of cancer.  The boy may now have to go without his customary chemotherapy treatments.

Both healthy individuals and those with cancer and various serious illnesses have been notified that their health plans will end on December 31 of this year as a result of the new Obamacare standards.  On November 17, The Washington Times reported that “Obamacare’s latest scam — long concealed” has resulted in the elimination of thousands of physicians from United Health Care’s network, affecting senior citizens around the nation.  In Connecticut, a lawsuit has been filed against United Health Care for its decision on the grounds that “both providers and patients will be irrevocably harmed.”

After Obama promised that people could keep insurance plans they liked but are now canceled, some maintain that Obama did not lie.

While Obama says he wants Americans to have “good-paying jobs,” thousands of people have lost full-time employment because of the Affordable Care Act.  Evidence persists that there is no economic “recovery” despite the “Recovery” Act which Obama advocated early in his first term.

Obama had said in September during fiscal appropriations discussions that he would not negotiate on any aspect of his health care law but is now dismantling it piece-by-piece as its unworkability becomes more apparent each day.

Included in the bill was $375,000,000 for “personal responsibility” education for children beginning at age five.

Many suspect that U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts was coerced into effectively restating the Act to uphold a portion of it in June of last year.  In an unusual written statement, Roberts had said, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

CBS News had reported that Roberts had planned to vote against the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act but inexplicably changed his mind within 30 days of the announcement of the final decision.

A poll released on Friday revealed that 23% of those who voted for Obama in 2012 would not have done so had they known that they would lose their health insurance.

The question of election fraud has arisen since The New York Post reported that a U.S. Census Bureau report of reduced unemployment in October of last year might have been falsified.

Several of the largest U.S. health insurance companies received waivers from participating in Obamacare after the law was passed.  State insurance commissioners are reported to now be in a state of “mass confusion” following Obama’s proposal to allow canceled plans to be reinstated if the companies agree.

Small businesses have been adversely affected by Obamacare.

Under Obama, Millions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled to “green” energy companies, the CEOs of which were Obama bundlers in some cases.  The companies filed for bankruptcy shortly after receiving the money.

Obama has said that America is “not a Christian nation” while claiming to be a Christian himself.  The church he attended in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ, teaches Black Liberation Theology, which is reportedly rooted “in Marxism, racism and anti-American sentiment.”

The regime has changed the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan so that more than four times the number of casualties under George W. Bush in seven years of war has occurred in the last five under Obama.  It has been observed that Obama appears to be “purging” military generals at an alarming rate, with “a veteran Army intelligence official” having stated that Obama is in the process of “building a compliant officer class.”

Military platoon leaders who showed outstanding promise have been court-martialed and imprisoned for years for allegedly committing murder while carrying out what they believed were their duties in defense of their men and country.

A flight surgeon with 18 years of service was imprisoned for five months for asking if Obama was constitutionally qualified to serve as commander-in-chief.  During Lt. Col. Terry Lakin’s incarceration, the White House released what it said was Obama’s long-form birth certificate, but the image was quickly denounced as a forgery.

Christians and those opposed to “gay” marriage in the military have been made pariahs by the regime.  Obama claims that the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has had a “smooth transition” and “strengthened national security,” although senior military commanders had recommended against it.

The AP reported that Air Force members responsible for the nuclear missile force are experiencing “burnout” and “heightened levels of misconduct.”  Sequester budget cuts imposed on the military will reportedly adversely affected military readiness.

Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has used fake email accounts to conduct business with the ostensible purpose of hiding its conduct from FOIA requests and other scrutiny.  The agency has effectively closed coal-fired plants as a result of “air pollution” regulations, laying off hundreds of people.

Obama requested that the NSA begin spying on Americans in 2011 following a ban on the practice.  Despite public protestations, Obama was aware that the cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel was being monitored.

There is no question that the phones of this writer and her associates have been tapped and monitored for years.

Obama has appointed open supporters of The Muslim Brotherhood to high posts within the Department of Homeland Security and elevated Islam while calling Christians “potential domestic terrorists,” “seditionists,” “sovereign citizens,” and “anarchists.”  Obama’s connections with The Brotherhood have been reported since he first took office in 2009.  He has recently been accused of “crimes against humanity” at the International Criminal Court by Egyptian officials in connection with protests which took place after Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood member, was removed from office on July 3.

The Post & Email broke national news in April 2012 with the exposure of the Tennessee “Sovereign Citizen” training program which contained propaganda about Navy veterans Darren Wesley Huff and Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III.

On October 31, one of Obama’s appointees, Mohamed Elibiary, proclaimed that “America is an Islamic country.”  The goal of The Muslim Brotherhood is to establish an Islamic caliphate throughout the world by infiltrating Western nations “from within” and imposing Sharia law.

Al Qaeda terrorists who have allegedly killed U.S. soldiers have been allowed into the country, where they are suspected of obtaining heavy weapons “to be used against U.S. aircraft.”  According to one congressman, “trained terrorists in the art of bombmaking” have settled in the state of Kentucky after confessing to being “an insurgent” in Iraq.

The Obama regime clandestinely assumed control of public education within 46 states after baiting them with “Race to the Top” money.  His curriculum, known as “Common Core,” promotes racial tensions, standardizes goals so that special-needs children cannot be accommodated, and feature promiscuity and violence in high school reading materials.

Further inflaming racial tensions, Obama sympathized with Trayvon Martin, the deceased teenager who had attacked George Zimmerman in Florida in February 2012 for which Zimmerman was acquitted earlier this year, but has said nothing about the “Knockout” attacks taking place by “black mobs” against primarily whites, some of them elderly, and some of which have resulted in death.

Obama claimed that Trayvon Martin could have been “his son” or “me 35 years ago.”  Following his praise for the Martin family but nothing for Zimmerman after the verdict was announced, Obama’s “Department of Justice” launched a campaign to prosecute Zimmerman at the federal level for “racial bias.”  Although citing that “the facts and the law” would be the basis for such a prosecution, putative Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to uphold the Defense of Marriage Act or a reporter’s First Amendment right to obtain and report information to the public without surveillance of his email account.

After two black teens allegedly robbed and killed an 88-year-old World War II veteran in August, Obama said nothing.  Holder refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation because they were “his people.”

Seasoned White House reporters have noted Obama’s apparent aversion for the United States. A movie made by Dinesh D’Souza last year predicted that if Obama were re-elected, it would “turn America into a Third World country.”

On Thursday, Reid used the “nuclear option” to  “fundamentally alter” the ability to filibuster Obama’s nominees after having stated during the Bush years that  Obama praised the move to counteract his complaint that “Now, at a time when millions of American have desperately searched for work, repeated abuse of these tactics have blocked legislation that might create jobs. They’ve defeated actions that would help women fighting for equal pay. They’ve prevented more progress than we would have liked for striving young immigrants trying to earn their citizenship. Or it’s blocked efforts to end tax breaks for companies that are shipping jobs overseas. They’ve even been used to block common-sense and widely supported steps to protect more Americans from gun violence, even as families of victims sat in the Senate chamber and watched.  And they’ve prevented far too many talented Americans from serving their country at a time when their country needs their talents the most.”

Reid was against a rule change when he was in the minority party.

However, in his radio address on Saturday, Obama said that he will be “working with both parties to keep the economy moving forward.”

In July 2009, The Heritage Foundation argued that the closing of certain Chrysler dealerships under Obama’s bailout plan based on politics was “a serious charge” which was unlikely.  However, in April of that year, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) produced a leaked report which labeled Christians, Bible believers, homeschoolers, returning war veterans, First and Second Amendment advocates, opponents of illegal immigration and abortion and later, members of the Tea Party as “potential domestic terrorists.”  In August, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Tea Party members “anarchists.”

Obama’s IRS has harassed and delayed the applications of Tea Party and other “conservative” groups for tax-exempt status.  Evidence has been presented that someone within the White House had knowledge of the politically-motivated targeting.

Obama’s supporters have harassed, attempted to intimidate, and threatened death against anyone investigating Obama’s background, including the forgery of his birth records, stating that they will do “anything” to keep him in office.

The Obama regime has withheld documents on the Fast & Furious gun-running operation from Congress, prompting a charge of Contempt of Congress against putative Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder’s appeal was recently rejected by a federal judge, and a group of Republicans in the House of Representatives intend to impeach him after drafting Articles of Impeachment in keeping with Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

When Obama ran for president in 2008, he promised that he would “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”


Update, November 23, 1:09 p.m. EST:  White House Dossier has reported that the Obama regime has instructed those involved in the construction of the dysfunctional Healthcare.gov website “keep their work confidential.”


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  1. What I was really trying to say earlier is… If you are tired, hurting, weary, hungry and broke, put GOD back into your life as the number one go-to person and the rest will take care of itself. GOD knows how to deal with evil, He has seen it since this experiment began.

  2. Why-Oh-Why?, were the German people so stupid to let Adolf Hitler run his full course and on in to total financial ruin and disaster? and with such a catastrophic loss of life?, the simple answer is that in America, we are doing exactly the same thing with Barry Soetoro, Obama, or whatever; AND WHY??? We really don’t know his legal name, he is probably an illegal alien on account of his hiding everything from his past, we know that he is muslin, communist, lying, gay, druggie, thug; quite unqualified to be running America. This self-inflected depression/recession is because this communist infiltrator guy wants it to be that way. He is doing everything he can to bring America down, while he gets rich. WHY IS THIS PROVEN CRIMINAL NOT NOW RESIDING IN GITMO AS THE FOREIGN COMBATANT THAT HE IS??? What is the matter with us? Why have we allowed this clown to force God out of our schools, our military, and our courts. There is absolutely no reason for us to be in the situation we are now in. A president that would be working FOR the people would have us oil self-sufficient and oil independent by now, a balanced budget, maximum employment and everyone would be making better salaries. If only we would put God first in our lives again and abide by the Constitution, then everything else will sort itself out pretty quickly again.

  3. What exactly is the power machine behind the DNC. Well since every Democratic politician MUST use Perkins Coie as their legal representation, to also include the DNC itself, I would have to say that this international law and finanacial firm is the machine behind the machine. There should be a law on the books that no one law firm can represent EVERY SINGLE politician within a given party. Talk about having power and control.

  4. He doesn’t hate America, he’s just doing what he is told by DNC leaders, it’s paint by numbers. Axelrod, Reed, Pelosi, white and black Muslim/Markist’s are following Alinsky/Ayers/Dr. Newman/Malcolm X/Marx-Lenin-Engels Godless teachings to allow Mr. Obama to puppet/decoy for them which will propel Bark Malik Shabazz for three more years of usurpation as illegal POTUS dual citizen to his DNC purchased $35,000,000 dollar Hawaiian retirement mansion that Pritzker helped him pay for for being such a good boy for the DNC as they pulled off the biggest money heist in American history. Don’t forget Soros’s enjoyment for destroying countries, especially America! We’ve got some real greedy sick folks out there people but by the time the “young vote” may ever come around, we may be using Muslim/Arabic as our main language which will over ride Spanish, Chinese and Ebonics! With no court support support and a remote control Judicial, anything is possible.

  5. Dear Editor,
    Excellent editorial.
    If I were to give a grade to the illegal immigrant Muslim de facto president, I’d give him an A+ on doing the job for which he was hired to do.
    Obama was placed into the Oval Office for one purpose and one purpose only: to destroy America by trashing our Constitution, and I must admit that he’s done one heck of a bang-up job at that, thanks to all of the traitors that he so easily lined-up, from convincing many Americans that the Democratic Party was as before (it’s not), from intimidation to threats, and, of course, waving the Almighty Dollar in the faces of those who have no question about selling their soul (read country) for a measly 30 pieces of silver.
    Nobody gave Obama more than 6 months in office until the fake Birth Certificate was exposed, and when it was, NOBODY CARED!
    Obama should’ve been spending the last 4 ½ in a cage down in Gitmo, and he would’ve been, if it weren’t for people in his Administration like Holder, Napolitano, Hillary and the 100% support of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who, when they allowed LTC Terry Lakin to be railroaded in a kangaroo “military court martial”, was the last nail on the coffin that held our Constitution.
    Goodbye America.
    Can she be resurrected? Don’t know, but certainly not with Obamacare, amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants, Muslims within our borders, the Federal Reserve Bank dictating our monetary policy (borrow, borrow, borrow: the more we borrow, the more the shareholders in the privately owned federally reserve bank makes, and it sure ain’t you or me), and the list goes on and on and on.
    EVERYTHING that Obama has touched has HARMED AMERICA.
    Does Obama hate America?
    Face it, Folks, Muslims HATE everything, after all, it’s what being a Muslim is all about: HATE.

  6. YES …. !!!

    …. and he HOPES he and his fellow travelers with the aid of his useful-idiot followers can CHANGE it into a Third World failing society that he is more comfortable with …….