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by OPOVV, ©2013

Is Barack Hussein Obama’s purpose to destroy America as we knew it?

(Nov. 21, 2013) — So here’s the question: if you plan for something to fail, and it does, is it a failure or did things go according to plan? What if the Obamacare website was set up to fail, to take the heat off of what Obamcare is really all about, and it fails (which it did, but did it really, or was it, really, a complete success)?  All the press is about the “failure.” Congress calls hearings; website pundits come out of the woodwork; we’re awash in costs, in fixes, in everything under the sun except what is really happening:  the death of middle class America, thanks to an extra large dose of Socialism down our throats.  It’s no coincidence that the IRS is in charge, the Snoop Squad, the Goons who make up what we all fear: an out-of-control government agency that has no oversight, a rogue secret society that has the power to destroy your life without a second thought, or, truth be told, even a first thought.

You will be “required.” You “must.” You “will.” No, not me, I’m not into the destroying of my freedoms, and none of you need be, either. It’s a question of morals, of what is right and wrong.  Obamacare wouldn’t have gone this far if it weren’t for our low-information politicians and news reporters who never got past the part about defending the Constitution.

It isn’t just the military who are tasked with protecting and defending the Constitution. It is the duty and the requirement of every citizen to zealously do his or her part, on a daily basis, to insure that the Constitution is not, in any way, harmed, circumvented, ignored, or trashed, as so many have done in the past five years.

If there ever were an animal that was the poster child for “Planned Obsolescence,” Socialism is it. Under a Socialist government, the checks and balances that we enjoy are not present.  There is no safety net for repairing government corruption. A case in point was the so-called “Stimulus” money, a loan taken from a Communist country in order to handsomely pay off those who turned their backs on the Constitution by looking the other way while an illegal immigrant, a felon, a Muslim, was ushered into the presidency. Obama doesn’t give a hoot about the Constitution: it’s not his job.

Obama’s job is the takeover and destruction of our country, and this noise about some government website causing all sorts of air time being taken away from what’s really going down in our country plays into our enemy’s hands.

Our military is worthless. The members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, every one a traitor.

Our State Department is giving billions of dollars to Muslims so they can procure weapons with which to kill our allies and us.

The Rules of Engagement for our troops insure that we’re to have the short end of the stick.

The Federal Reserve Bank continues to dump 35 billion a month to keep our Chinese friends happy.

Millions of Muslims are immigrating to America.

We’re taking our eye off the ball; we’re being diverted from Obama’s and Hillary’s responsibility for Benghazi; we’re being taken for a ride.

No doubt Congress will schedule yet another hearing on the broken Obamacare website and about Benghazi, but let’s leave Hillary and Obama out of the equation as the Ship of State is sinking, and like rats, we’ve no place to go but down.

A Plan to Fail:  this is it.

[A while ago someone questioned me on, okay, we know the score, but what to do? “Buy guns and practice” is my answer.]


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