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(Nov. 21, 2013) — Over the last year, Defend the Vote has been researching the election systems in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. We have uncovered startling evidence that proves the voting systems used in both jurisdictions are not legally certified in Illinois. The Illinois State Board of Elections’ refusal to acknowledge our claims was in full evidence during the October Board meeting, when none of the officials had a word to say after our testimony; but silence can be as telling as words. If we had no grounds to be challenging the election systems, wouldn’t they have told Defend the Vote to stop wasting their time?

The State Board of Election’s total disregard for the security of the voting systems under its jurisdiction has only made us more determined. If they won’t do their job by protecting our elections from fraud, then we’ll happily do it for them! The vulnerability assessment and our related investigations continue, and Defend the Vote will not stop until we get results. The letter below represents the next step in the process to hold the Illinois State Board of Elections accountable for failing to keep the voting systems in Illinois secure and legally certified. In fact, they’re guilty of manipulating policy so they can use election machines that have never passed the 2002 voting standards, as required by Illinois Law!

This letter will be discussed at the December 17th Illinois State Board of Elections’ Board meeting which will be held in Chicago and Springfield simultaneously. We have given the Board a month to reply. Our next step will be to file a motion in court to compel them to follow Illinois election code. If you can help to raise money to support this legal effort, please make a donation to Defend the Vote. As a grassroots organization, we rely on contributions to accomplish our mission to clean up corrupt election in Illinois.

This is important work where even a small amount of money can make a huge difference. The integrity of our government depends on accurate election results, and Defend the Vote has made great strides in cleaning up elections in Chicago and Suburban Cook County. Imagine what other illegal and insecure election practices we could uncover with better funding!

Speaking of investigations, we recently uncovered new evidence of the total lack of election security for Chicago and Cook County voters. We are preparing the report now, so stay tuned for the article!

Defend the Vote will be testifying in Chicago on December 17th, 2013, so come and join us if you can! You’ll see for yourself how flippantly our state treats election security, and with your help we can show them that stopping voter fraud is important to the People. Email Sharon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For more information, or go to the Board link to find out where the next Illinois State Board of Elections meeting will be held.

Read the letter by clicking here.

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  1. How about Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and too many states where election fraud was allowed to stand. Maybe we should ask Joe “Shotgun” Biden and Nancy “Princess” Pelosi how “Voter Fraud” works! If they could do it with Bark Malik Shabazz they can do it with ANYONE! How about Col. Alan West and the voter fraud that Democrats pulled against him in Florida? How is that law suit coming down there? Things are awful quiet all of a sudden, maybe Hillary hit her head again!