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(Nov. 20, 2013) — Anti-NDAA Activists:

I am proud to announce the first-ever national #takeback call (and an awesome tidbit near the end of this email).

This call, and if you can’t make it the first week, the alternate call, will give you an update on the raging success of the #takeback campaign in just the past month, a chance to meet your State Campaign co-ordinator, and let us hear from you, so we can give you the assistance you need to take back your town, city, or county.

Over 150 people have signed up to #takeback, in over 125 cities across the country. On this call, we’ll talk about the impact of the #takeback campaign, and make sure we connect you to all the support you need. If you have signed up, be sure to RSVP below so we can get you the help you need to stop the detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA permanently in your city.

Dates and Times
Primary Call
Monday, November 25th
8PM Eastern Time/5PM Pacific
Phone: 559-726-1200
Code:   #270082

Secondary Call
Monday, December 2nd
8PM Eastern Time/5PM Pacific
Phone: 559-726-1200
Code:   #270082

PLEASE RSVP for the call HERE:

As a note, only people who have decided to #takeback can join this call. If you haven’t signed up to take back your town yet, it’s time to get started. Go to and sign up now. Then, you can join one of the fastest growing liberty campaigns in America, and RSVP for the call below:

RSVP for the #takeback call NOW:

If you can’t make it to the first call, you can RVSP for call #2 on December 2nd, HERE:

Finally, some excellent news. Oxford, MA, the second town in America to defeat NDAA, just got a letter of support from Congressman, and Democratic Majority Whip, Jim McGovern. Little by little, we are forcing Congress to respond, and this letter proves that much. Enjoy below, and keep up the fight.

Dan Johnson
Founder, PANDA
People Against the NDAA

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