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by OPOVV, 

All elected officials take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution but many do not abide by it

(Nov. 19, 2013) — A very real and very damning part of warfare is propaganda. The perception is that spreading rumors, innuendo and lies among the enemy works, and work it does. Throughout history using outlandish and obviously not true statements has accomplished the mission for which they were designed, for they introduce doubt and uncertainty, for one, and for another, gIve those who were not participating directly on the front lines to believe they were somehow involved in the fighting action, as if carrying a poster were synonymous with lugging the ammo for a .30 caliber machine gun, manure- saturated mud and swarms of voracious blood-sucking insects.

Sticking to script, if you “can’t attack the message, attack the messenger” is yet another ploy used by the enemy that cannot defend an indefensible position: either Obamacare is good for America or it’s the main catalyst that will destroy America. Do we embrace Socialism and eliminate private enterprise from the playing field, so all we’re left with is government programs that, by their very nature, are wasteful and ineffective, or, to be blunt, just don’t work? Every country that has experimented with Socialism has failed because the system is unsustainable: taking from the cookie jar forever is not a long-term solution.

But solutions abound for our country’s very real problems that don’t trample on the Constitution, that don’t eliminate free enterprise, that don’t discredit our men and women in uniform. The only impediment to implementing the course of action that will save our country isn’t lack of knowledge or a lack of willpower; no, the only barrier is that of the correct definition of meaningless phrases and words. “Yes we can!” and “Fundamentally change America!” are cases in point.

“Constructive criticism” and “debate” have disappeared from our land, replaced with calls of “racist” and “Birther,” as if that, and that alone, will atone for stupid policies which lead to wasteful spending.

Politicians have been acting as if the money spigot will be magically full-on forever, a never-ending flow of money, money, money stuffing their pockets that they will never have to pay back, never have to answer for unacceptable accounting practices, and never face the music.

Guess what? WE can make them face the music. WE can put them out to pasture or in jail. Justify “stimulus.” Justify the current Rules of Engagement. Justify the Federal Reserve Bank.

Justify the Board of Education. Justify the Department of Homeland Security. Justify illegal immigrants and justify Muslims within our borders.

Justify the Department of Justice, for that matter.

Justify not abiding by the Oath.

Justify America’s philosophy of “Foreign Aid.”

Justify why our people are lied to nightly by the White House.

Justify Obama not in a cage in Gitmo.

And, last but not least, justify the USA turning her back on her allies.

Slur me? I don’t think so. How about slurring Obama and his policies that bring the Constitution closer and closer, day by day, to the garbage heap of broken hearts and broken promises.

[Iran is in the process of building nuclear weapons. What percentage of the Muslim scientists who are working on Iranian’s nuclear program have been educated in the United States?]


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