by Dan Johnson, Founder, PANDAunite.org

(Nov. 18, 2013) — Freedom Fighters, Anti-NDAA Activists:

If you are receiving this email, thank you! Whether you donated your time, resources, money, or effort to PANDA (People Against the NDAA), or are currently taking back your town, you have made this revolution possible.

Since it may have been awhile since many of us have spoken, let me give you a little bit of history.
Since we last talked…
On January 1st, 2013, we launched Operation Homeland Liberty, to stop the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in all 50 states by December 31st, 2013. We introduced, passed, and pushed through committee and the floor over 18 pieces of legislation against the NDAA, one of which nearly made it through the Colorado House, and failed by only one vote, 32-33.
As we progressed from state to state, from Alaska to Maryland, from Arizona to Massachusetts, and from Tennessee to California and Nevada, we ran into fierce opposition. In Nevada, we sent over three thousand phone calls to a stubborn senator, in Texas, Missouri, and Indiana, we testified in favor of the legislation and sent hundreds of phone calls to each state.
In the words of Wyoming State Representative Kendell Kroeker…:”PANDA and the Patriot Coalition were a huge help to me, both in providing resources and information about the NDAA and in getting people mobilized to contact Representatives and Senators to gather support for the bill.“…and Colorado State Representative Jared Wright:
Organizations determined to protect you and your family came out in support of our bill. None provided help as much PANDA, the People Against the NDAA. With a long list of successful campaigns against the NDAA, PANDA is one of the strongest supporters of our Constitutional rights.”
As an organization only a year old, we fought forces I would never have imagined. Though we had some small victories, we realized this was not the best use of our time, and went back to the drawing board. This is how the Take Back the Town Campaign began. 
When I first designed PANDA, though I didn’t want a centralized organization, I saw no way around it. How could you have a functioning machine without the proper gears in place, or a proper structure without the bureaucracy and beams to hold it together?
We started thinking. We started brainstorming. How can we make this work? Is it possible to decentralize this movement?
And then, we found it. It was.

We started to put together a packet. Something anyone, anywhere, anytime, could download and stop the NDAA in their city, their town, or their county. With, or without, our help. We included a sample resolution, a “mythbuster” manual cracking down on common myths about the NDAA’s detention provisions, and a step-by-step process to stop the actions behind NDAA anytime, anywhere. We put this together into a campaign, a packet, and called it “take back.”
Then, on October 7th, we achieved our first victory. Albany, NY, said NO to NDAA indefinite detention. On October 9th, the second city in America stopped NDAA. On October 21st, we clinched a third. 
To date, over 150 people have decided to take back nearly 125 cities across America. There hasn’t been this much local activity against a national law since the civil war.
Town after town, city after city, county after county is saying “We are NOT a battlefield” “we are NOT subject to the laws of war” and we WILL interpose against any person violating our citizens’ rights.
The revolution has just begun, and with your support, donations, and ACTION, together we are leading the charge. Over 150 people have decided to take back their town, are you next?
Recent News
The Take Back the Town Campaign didn’t stop with those three cities.  I taught 5 high-school classes, spoke to over 10 groups in Northern California about stopping the NDAA, and the Siskiyou Daily covered our action:
Two Commissioners, a Democrat and a Republican, have agreed to take action on the NDAA in Oregon:http://www.eugeneweekly.com/20131114/news-briefs/county-action-coming-ndaa-detention
The Anti-NDAA movement is sweeping Massachusetts:
and more. All with your support. Whether you have chosen to #takeback your town, donate, or stop the NDAA in another way, thank you.
The Anti-NDAA movement is sweeping America. It’s time to Take Back. Keep up the fight.

Dan Johnson

Founder, PANDA
People Against the NDAA

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