Exclusive Interview with Obama Eligibility Challenger Cody Robert Judy


by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 17, 2013) — Earlier on Sunday, The Post & Email published a blog post from former and current presidential candidate Cody Robert Judy indicating that the crucial issues of the Benghazi attack, the Obamacare fiasco, new negotiations on the debt ceiling, and the question of Obama’s constitutional eligibility are converging as Congress begins to prepare for the 2014 elections.

Previously, Judy claimed that a hearing on the possible impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama may be held sometime in January in the House of Representatives.

We asked Judy if he could provide more information on his latest blog post, to which he responded:

There is no question that American anger is rising. Literally millions are feeling this Obamacare pinch. The problem is one of the American people connecting the dots Sharon. How do people find a positive way or solution in a way that can make a difference?

I think the request for people to FAX this to their U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators is one that shows support for what their Legislatures already have on their tables. This is why I have released it. The People need to know what their elected officials know so there can be responsibility and hell to pay for not acting when they know.

This is the reason The People’s FAX’s are so very important as a wave of support. Literally this could prevent another Government shutdown! Do all of the Federal Employees really want to go through that again? Why aren’t they the first ones in line faxing their electives? They really should be! They need to realize that in part the Government shutdown was due to the American People feeling the pain of Obamacare rather then blaming any one or particular party.

Yes, 9 million people got laid off or furloughed in the Government shutdown, but how many have lost their health coverage and how much is that costing 300 million people?

You could look at this as the prevention or job security for 9 million Federal Workers who may very well be caught in the middle. The Government knows the shut-down hurt on both sides of the isle but we can’t let Obama use that to his advantage or he will. Here in Utah our State Government had to pick up the pieces on 5 National Parks that our State Budget was strained to keep open after facing disastrous business consequences as a result and feeling intervention was worth it wither the State got paid back or not. That’ tells you something.

Of course that’s not a laughing matter when you have a house-payment or whatever, however, the Government cannot be blackmailed into passing on Obama’s ineligibility just because Federal Workers are crying about their jobs and the Republicans don’t have the leverage in a Debt Ceiling debate. This eligibility hearing can change that drastically.

Its a 9 million to 300 million ratio as far as the Government layoffs and the rest of Americans outrage..so if I had good advice for those who were furloughed on the Government side, it would be to FAX their Representatives a demand to OPEN HEARINGS ON OBAMA’S ELIGIBILITY with my complaint as a testimony they know that the Representatives and Senators know, long before January.

I mean we have got to make the Fax Machines start smoking with a tangible and viable solution. We The People have that power..we have to use it. People can not sit back do nothing on this unless they want it to their detriment. Why even complain on Facebook or Twitter if you do not have a solution?

The rising tide of American discontent is ripe and the American people need to respond in the affirmative if they will. The timing of this release is definitely corresponding with the time period just a little ahead of the Holiday both Congress and the Public will take home.  I hope it is circulated in dinner conversations of the Holidays because of the Debt Ceiling arguments also in January are shortly afterwards.

We then asked him the following questions, the answers to which he provided below each one:

1.  To your knowledge, is there a scheduled hearing on Obama’s eligibility or to discuss the forgery of his long-form birth certificate which is still posted on the White House website?

Cant Comment.

2.  Do you know if the alleged criminality is being investigated by anyone in Congress?

Yes., can not elaborate.

3.  Has any member of Congress acknowledged the Cold Case Posse’s investigation findings to you personally (without naming names, of course)?

My U.S. Supreme Court Case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 contains the Cold Case Posse’s Investigation findings and that is on the desks and being considered by Congress, so I can say in my case the answer is “yes”. I cannot confirm any separate issue the Sheriff or Detectives have going as I am only a representative of what has been released as it fit into my complaint. I can tell you the findings, witnesses, and information are viable and can be used in the hearing process and I expect them to be.

4.  Do you think Congress understands what was in your latest blog post and letter, namely that if Obama has never been constitutionally eligible, everything he has signed, ordered, appointed or agreed to could be null and void?

I do think Congress is well aware of the chess board and what they can/could do. The bigger question is how those moves actually will be put into play in the wide scope of the political football field as it concerns the debt crisis, obamacare, and the public outrage at large, the last generally being the spur to move Congress in very short notice. We know how fast Congress can move when the put their minds to it, we saw it in action with TARP I and TARP II. (Troubled Asset Relief Program).

5.  Have the recent Obamacare revelations convinced any of them that Obama could also be lying about his birthplace and background, to your knowledge?

There is no question the discrepancies of birthplace, background, and eligibility are alleged in Congress. Without a hearing however, dileberations and decisions that can lead to an ACT of Congress, they can stand on ignorance just as the United States Supreme Court did without a hearing. Its akin to being a police officer,  witnessing an accident take place or a shooting, and watching the officer slink away thus far. That’s why we have gone public with what we have at this time. People are going to know and we have an election year in 2014.

The problem with Congress I think we can all understand frankly, is it has always been the ‘race’ card the mainstream media threatened Congress with that had legs without any actionable defense against McCain. That goes away when someone like me steps in front of Congress to take the bullet for going forward showing its about principle not about race, its about our Constitution regardless of race, color, or previous condition of servitude as out Constitution outlines in Amendment 15, and the fact that the biggest fraud upon the American People that’s ever taken place in history occurred in the 2012 Election.

Now, Justice is not instantaneous, it has her slow and perfect way, but when our law makers get a hold of the facts from an injured person/campaign such as mine that has shown and demonstrated ‘principle’ first then justice can stand tall and shine as it stands over nobly our United States Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.

Mr. Judy then made some final comments:

Another thing we need the Birthers Movement to concentrate on or remember maybe, even if their was a “Grand Jury” indictment on Obama you would still need an active Federal Attorney General to press charges and that is very unlikely with A.G. Eric Holder still at the helm and protecting Obama.

This was tried already if you recall with American Grand Jury – and Bob Campbell did a heck of a job pushing that, but ultimately Federal and State Crimes come under the prosecution of a Attorney General and its their call wither to pick up what a Grand Jury tells them to with many different and political variables involved.



This is why “the House of Represenatives” having an OPEN HEARING in spite of the the U.S. Senate having being controlled by Democrats is a very viable solution. If the hearing is held open to the public, and it gets the transparency report that makes journalism respectable, The House of Representatives could send to the U.S. Senate something so solid that to raise a brow against it would be suicide, political harry-carry, and everyone would know it.


This post was updated on November 18, 2013.

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  1. Loggia   Monday, November 18, 2013 at 9:26 AM

    The notion of nullification will make history if it proves to be true.
    Stretching our minds, what would we then call this era since 2008?

    The Era of American Hibernation?

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