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by OPOVV, ©2013

Elected officials no longer adhere to the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights

(Nov. 13, 2013) — Picture yourself in a downward spiraling vortex with no possible way out: you’re trapped and, as you look down below you, you see the Fate that awaits you. But you remain calm and collected. You’ve done the best that you could do. You traveled thousands of miles as a modern-day Paul Revere, warning people of the future outcome unless they got with the program of supporting our Constitution, but you were ignored and scoffed at along the way. People labeled you a “Nut case” and a “Birther.”

Savings depleted. One vehicle has 300,000 miles on it, while the newer one only 200,000 miles. You’ve learned some pretty neat tricks along the way to improve the economy of a gallon of gas, additional miles for the lifespan of your tires and the value of a dollar spent “on the road” (don’t).

But no one cares about energy independence, of being free from foreign oil (and foreign investments). You saw the hypocrisy of “borrowing” money from China while affording them “Favored Nation” Status, at the same time allowing China to reverse-engineer everything that used to be made in the U.S.A., from baby cribs to commercial jet aircraft. Really, now, who actually in America benefited from this “stimulus” sleight-of-hand Machiavellian accounting practice besides the coffers of the Democratic National Committee and a few Obama supporters here and there? It reminds one of Hitler getting the industrialists on board during the 1930’s in Germany, does it not?

A great damage has been done to our Constitution. It has been ripped and torn asunder by selfish greedy little people who can only see to their immediate gratification and ignore the long-term effects of their larcenous behavior. Those young men storming the beaches of Normandy and Saipan did so for the CONTINUING belief that freedom is worth dying for, number one, and, at the very least, to make sacrifices in personal education and business opportunities.

Rising Hollywood stars marched to the beat of the drum, as did the overwhelming majority of Americans, for they could look to Europe and see the war raged against civilians, of English towns and cities bombed nightly, and to the Far East and see how the Japanese conducted themselves in Nanking. And even today, we Americans can look to the Middle East and see the atrocities that the Muslim savages wreak upon their “enemies:” the Jews, Christians and all other “non-believers.”

We’ve let the camel’s nose under the tent flap, but just because the Muslims are in our country now doesn’t mean the war is over. We have the means to extract the insidious infection from our society: the question is, do we have the will to do what must be done?  What is the right thing to do to save our country and our children’s children, for are we not the fathers and grandfathers of tomorrow’s generation? Are we not the ones holding the reins now? Aren’t we in charge, or have we given the reins of our Republic over to the likes of Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama and Holder, not to mention the Judiciary, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Are we the boss? Don’t we have the right, the duty, to fire them and, if determined, put them in jail where they belong, or are we to placidly watch while our beloved country continues its downward spiral into the sea of oblivion, where horrible acts are commonplace, where mothers and fathers commit infanticide in the name of religion, but in actuality publicly demonstrating that even insanity can be condoned if everyone else is just as insane?

Ever wonder what it’s like to be trapped, with nowhere to go, with 1,200 men, and each of them has gone completely bonkers, and you’re the only sane one of them all? I know what’s it’s like. We were supporting our troops in the midst of battle with artillery, only to stop when our troops needed the support the most, because the quota for shells expended reached the maximum allowable in a 24-hour period. I was there, and I was the only one to question the orders to stop firing, even while we could plainly see our troops being cut down by the enemy. We could’ve saved our guys, had we the means (and we did), but we just sat back and watched them being cut to pieces.

Well, guess what, folks?  I see it now, all over again. But I’m not the only one, because I know you see it, too, but it doesn’t do anyone any good if you keep it to yourself. Tell people that there’s a real and present danger out there and we best deal with it. There is no Democratic Party, for it became a look into hell when Obama arrived on the scene, no thanks to the crooked politics of Chicago.

There is a vortex and you’re in it: “We the people…”.


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  1. I was a Marine in VietNam – I know you had to follow orders. Every time we were close to “taking a hill” some jerk back home would demand a 3-day cease fire – that meant the bad guys could regroup and fire all they wanted while we had to sit and watch.
    Am I bitter? Just because I had to bury 21 of my high school buddies? And now I have to “sit and watch” as the country they thought they died for is going down the drain?
    C’mon Homeland “Security” – come knocking on my door.