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(Nov. 11, 2013) — First, a big Thank You to South Seneca Sportsmen’s Club and United Gun Owners of New York. The club’s facilities are excellent – including a great fireplace, a full kitchen and bar. They hosted a very productive gathering. Thanks to ALL 400 members. Note; their December meeting will host Bill Nojay.

I think the best part of the event was a coming together of both gun owners and non gun owner concerned citizens. I think the non gun owners learned a lot. The mingling of different backgrounds shows WE are increasing our coalition and doing more than preaching to the choir. Our “Sea of Visual Protest” is now driving OUR message into the community at large. Folks – we ARE making great strides toward FULL Repeal of the Safe Act – Keep Fighting. Fear not – Voice your opinion – proudly display YOUR signs of protest.

2 District Attorneys spoke and gave us insight and knowledge from their inside point of view. The judicial system believes we are right and both D.A.s urged us to keep doing what WE are doing. They told us important information like if stopped or questioned by law enforcement – just zip it. You are not required to tell them if you have a gun and they can’t search for one. It is also illegal for them to look at how many bullets are in a magazine. They said – if you are charged under the Safe Act, demand a jury trial; they are confident no jury will convict (Jury Nullification). There is a 28-page manual for state police procedure on Safe Act enforcement. This manual can now be found on SCOPE’s website.

Steve Aldstadt from SCOPE gave a legal presentation – it was as good as any legal scholar. Steve recited many clause of the 84 page Safe Act and pointed out more flaws and confusion. What may be the most important point is that the state database will not be ready for the January registration and the registration date will have to be delayed. There were many more points and facts made by Steve. IMO – every citizen should hear – and take notes – a presentation by SCOPE and Steve Aldstadt.

Denver Jones of TEAM NY gave an inspiring report on the vast amount of protesting that WE have done across the entire state. He brought to light OUR great progress – it’s more than many think.  He detailed the importance of OUR “SEA of Visual Protest” campaign and significance of OUR demand petition post card effort (more). He described OUR great progress and then detailed a set of plans for the future. It would take 4 pages of writing to detail the plan of continuing efforts – let me just tell you this – the plans are evolving into a massive campaign. It is only the beginning in the fight for FULL Repeal of the Safe Act – stay tuned – We’re gonna win this fight. Spread the word – OUR – battle is one that has significance for the entire society.

Visual Protest Connections:

  • The “Gun Trader”  (5812 Big Tree Road, US Route 15, Lakeville, NY 14480)
  • Hoffman’s Guns & Ammo, 169 Hoffman Road, Pine Plains, NY 12567
  • RT Smoke N Gun Shop, 4 South Sixth Avenue, Mount Vernon, NY 10550 
  • Syracuse call (or text) Marija at 315-663-8866
  • Candor / Tioga County  – Warner’s Stoker Stoves & Coal Rt 96 Candor, NY 13743 607 659-4332
  • Statewide – Denver Jones denver@bsuinc.com
  • Statewide – albel1 – albel1@aol.com

We are finally managing to make people realize that “We the People” do have the POWER and we will be able to change the insane governance that is sinking us into the abyss. With hard work and dedication WE CAN get FULL Repeal of the Safe Act….and that will be a new beginning for the people of New York.

We are Grassroots – nothing fancy – not even a Website or face-book. Our sole way to communicate is through personal email and phone. We urge ALL plain folks to spread the word and join us.

UPDATES: Get Connected to the Email List albel1@aol.com …“sign me up” – it’s FREE

Repeal – FULL Repeal of the Safe Act is now more than a possibility.

The harder WE work, the greater the possibility.

Keep Fighting


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