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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Authentic signature of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III from April 1990, with fraudulent signature placed in his court-martial file below it

(Nov. 11, 2013) — I’m the guy who brought the treason complaint against Obama.  Why?  Because of what I learned from John Bitoff.  I have six more treason complaints behind it. I could be filing a treason complaint against him every day if I were still financially capable of doing it.  It’s still out there.  Nothing that I’ve said has been responded to credibly.

These documents speak for themselves.  What has the court-martial produced?  Well, it produced a guy who was able to see Mr. Obama and his treason for what it was before he took office.  I knew what John Bitoff was up to back in the day.  I knew what he was doing.  I went to the office of the Naval Inspector General in February 1990 about Bitoff, saying, “This man needs to be paid attention to; the OIG needs to get involved in this case.”  That was February 1990, and the forgery came out in July.  And there are all of the things that happened in between and since then.  The document record is unimpeachable.

The forgery is now filed in two separate records.  I didn’t put that forgery into the record; I didn’t create the forgery.  We’ve talked about all of the things people should be doing with regard to the forgery.  Anderson lied when he was approached back in 1998; Bitoff lied when he was approached in 1999.  Zeller, of course, had been lying all along.

They’ve never been caught like this, ever.  They never expected to be caught like this.  Now it just won’t go away.  It’s just the thing that keeps coming back, and it gets worse with each passing Judge Advocate General.  One steps down, and another one steps in, and then, “Well, it’s your ball.”

This is what led to the first treason complaint against Obama in the country.  It’s because of what the military did, and the corruption which was viewed and seen and recognized in the military world. Now it goes up to the commander-in-chief.  This guy is supposed to be in my chain of command, and I don’t recognize him as being in my chain of command.  I’ve named him as an imposter.

And then, of course, there is all the information about the grand jury, which has been taken down and taken away.  Look at what we’ve discovered about how the grand jury has been operating in Tennessee and the rest of the corruption we’ve found here.  And then the Madisonville Hoax

Fitzpatrick first accused Obama of treason on March 17, 2009, more than two years before the above fraudulent image was released on the White House website

We should always have the avenue of taking information to a grand jury unobstructed.  The 1946 changes to the Rules of Criminal Procedure should not be recognized as being valid.  It was an attempt to amend the Constitution of the United States without amending the Constitution of the United States.

This court-martial has been the progenitor of very, very much more.

The awakening has happened, and we hope it will take hold within sufficient time.  We may be beyond the point of no return, but we’ll just keep fighting until there’s no fight left.


Editor’s Note:  On October 18, a citizen of Washington State filed two affidavits with a request for a federal judge to convene a special grand jury to examine the evidence of fraud, forgery and conspiracy relating to Barack Hussein Obama.  The judge responded that a citizen did not have the ability to enforce the criminal laws of the United States and that his court did not have “subject matter jurisdiction.”




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