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by Sharon Rondeau

Screenshot from Rep. Joseph Courtney’s website on November 11, 2013

(Nov. 11, 2013) — The following letter was sent by email to Rep. Joseph Courtney (D-CT2):

How can you pretend that there is not a constitutional crisis with a fraud in the White House?  At this point it is well-known that all of you are aware that the long-form birth certificate posted on the White House website is an abject forgery, yet you do nothing. You tweet about “immigration reform” while Obama continues to dismantle the country and everything it used to stand for, including legal immigration and safe borders.

We who respect what used to be the rule of law do not want illegal aliens to receive amnesty in reward for coming to the country in violation of federal law.  We did not want driver’s licenses for them, either, but, like Congress, the state legislature didn’t care what our views are and passed its unconstitutional “law” anyway.

It is obvious that a criminal conspiracy took place to push Obama into the White House and keep him there.  He is not constitutionally eligible, has provided nothing but forgeries to the public to prove who he is, and has now been formally accused of working with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to murder and maim Coptic Christians:  http://frontpagemag.com/2013/raymond-ibrahim/a-christian-pogrom-in-egypt/

Last week, as a journalist, I contacted your press representative, Liz Donovan, to ask for a few minutes of your time for someone who would like to present evidence compiled from a law enforcement investigation regarding the Obama fraud and forgery on November 18 or 19.  To date, 50 congressmen have been similarly briefed.  I never received a response from Ms. Donovan, although I made it clear that I am also a constituent.

I also contacted your office at the end of August regarding a case of a politically-motivated court-martial involving forgery which has been covered up for 23 years by the Navy and Marine Corps.  I have unassailable proof of the crimes committed and the perpetrators and am asking that a subpoena be issued for the record of trial so that the criminality in which so many officers have taken part can be exposed once and for all.  I never received a response to that request, either.

What are you doing about the cover-up on the Benghazi incident, the criminality of Fast & Furious, the IRS’s targeting of certain tax-exempt applicants, Holder’s targeting of journalists, and the frequent Muslim Brotherhood visitors to the White House?

Government is not about what the people can get for free; it is about how the people can remain free in light of the creeping communism, Sharia law, and open borders which Obama is assiduously looking to effect.

I await your response to these and other questions.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

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  1. Sharon, I like your letter but in my jaded mind, I think you left out a sentence or two in your letter to the Congressman:

    “Congressman, if you believe that this will all blow over while you keep your head buried in the sand, you are delusional. This will not go away until the truth is out there, made known to one and all.”

    Or similar.

  2. I understand the frustration as I, too, within the past nine months have presented my Rep. twice with evidence of Obama’s fraud and forgery. No one from his office will respond to my written communication, take or return my calls or reply to my emails.

  3. “We’ll have a hearing” said the County Commissioner. That means you get to sit quiet and listen to what the Commissioner has to say, and then we all leave.