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by Paul Hollrah, ©2013

Why has Obama been allowed to occupy the Oval Office after he lied to America on so many things?

(Nov. 10, 2013) — It is sad that it has taken more than five years for a great many people to recognize who and what Barack Obama is and to have the courage to describe him exactly as he is. In an interview on the Fox News morning show, Fox & Friends, on Wednesday, October 16, psychiatrist Keith Ablow delivered a brief, biting, and to-the-point psychoanalysis of Barack Obama. 

Co-host Steve Doocy prefaced his interview with Dr. Ablow by showing video clips of Obama referring to congressional Republicans in very unflattering and un-presidential terms… at one point referring to them as “hostage-takers.” Doocy inquired whether or not, from a psychiatric standpoint, Obama’s language revealed anything about his personality. Doocy asked, “So, the average person might hear partisan rhetoric, but what do you hear in the words the president’s using?”

Ablow replied, “Well, in the words ‘hostage-taking… being held for ransom,’ he said that the Republicans are threatening to ‘blow the whole thing up.’ There’s a real victim mentality here, and it really explains the president’s whole mentality and many of his policies… that if he feels victimized and believes millions and millions of us have been victimized by America, well then that explains why he wouldn’t negotiate with hostage-takers and victimizers who have kidnapped him and threatened to destroy him.”

Doocy wondered whether Ablow felt that Obama is concerned that he’s been victimized by the Tea Party.” Ablow replied that Obama’s feelings of victimization started very early in his life. He said, “I think the president, going back to when his dad abandoned him, when his mother left him with his grandparents, when he describes his grandmother as intimating that she didn’t trust men of color, that all of those things led him to feel victimized, hurt and injured.”

Ablow continued, “And he has extended it to this country. So, he comes to the corner office to right wrongs and to offer the mantle of victimization to as many people who will share it with him as possible.”

Describing the message that Obama and other Democrats convey to the poor and the middle class, he said, “More food stamps, don’t learn to feed yourself. Don’t find it within yourself to pull yourself up. Simply say, ‘I’ve been victimized, hence, I need more unemployment, more food stamps, more free health care. And you know why? Because those other people (the non-poor) are bad.’ And that’s what we’ve been hearing from him.”

Ablow went on to explain that Obama has taken his victim mentality “globally” on an “apology tour” to the world as the “victim-in-chief, the dis-empowerment president.”

Ablow concluded by stressing the vast difference between Republicans and Democrats, saying, “The Republican Party is all about autonomy… what can you make of yourself? That’s not the president or his party.”

But it was blogger Matt Walsh who, in an October 3, 2013 open letter to Obama, sliced and diced the occupant of the Oval Office over the fact that he and his stooge in the Senate, majority leader Harry Reid, decided it would be good politics… good for Democrats… to shut down the federal government and blame it on Republicans.  Walsh wrote:

“Every president has a moment that encapsulates their time in office; your moment, Mr. President, happened this week.  Sure, future generations will look at you with mockery and scorn because of bigger scandals – Benghazi, the IRS targeting conservatives, Obamacare, the birth control mandate and your attacks on religious liberty, spying on journalists, arming terrorists overseas, Fast and Furious, the green energy scams, the bailouts, your support for infanticide, the billions you’ve given to the abortion industry, your cowardice in refusing to address the Gosnell murders, your reckless exploitation of the Zimmerman trial, the out-of-control deficit spending, your refusal to enforce immigration laws, the massive expansion of the welfare state, the lies, the broken promises, etc. – but I think, in an understated way, what you’ve done this week is a better microcosm of your entire reign.

“I’m not just referring to the fact that you are peddling the lie that Republicans have shut down the government, when, in fact, they have attempted to pass several bills that would fund the government. Mr. President, you tell these fables to the trained seals in the media and your voting base, but you know darn well that any American with a capacity for critical thought will roundly reject this absurd narrative. YOU have chosen to shut down the government because you have made Obamacare the ultimate priority.  You have said, ‘Obamacare or nothing,’ and then accused Republicans of being the ‘hostage takers.’ They are holding the government hostage by trying to fund it?  What a silly idea.  But then, you are a silly, ridiculous president.  Speaking of which, this takes us right to your defining moment: barricading memorials and monuments in a ploy to win an argument.

“Comparatively insignificant when stacked up against your war crimes and constitutional infringements, but it is nonetheless an apt illustration. The Lincoln Memorial is just a giant statue. There isn’t any reason why people shouldn’t be able to look at a statue during a government shutdown. In past shutdowns, the memorials were open, with only the information centers closing down. The Lincoln Memorial has never been completely closed off from the public until now. You have decided to spend money to block and guard open-air monuments, when it would be cheaper, require less staff, and be less onerous to simply leave them be. Is this some sort of bizarre punitive measure against the American taxpayer?

“Infamously, you even attempted to stop World War II veterans from visiting the World War II memorial.  That memorial is mostly privately funded, and is open 24 hours a day.  You SPENT MONEY to physically guard the monument from a group of elderly war veterans. This is truly unprecedented.  We have had horrible presidents in the past, but none quite so shallow, cheap and contemptible.  You tried to close down Mt. Vernon, which is privately funded, but had to settle for closing its parking lot – even though the parking lot requires no immediate on-going maintenance or surveillance from any federal workers.  Did you have to shut down the Normandy cemetery and memorial?  Are we saving money that way?  I doubt it.

“It’s the same game you played during the sequester, and it comes as no surprise to those of us who pay attention (which means it came as a surprise to a large number of people). Rather than leading like a statesman, you hide in the shadows; scheming, conniving, exploiting.  You emerge only to make hyper-partisan speeches, with rhetoric best left to Democratic talking heads on afternoon cable news shows. Far from being a ‘new kind of politician’ (as you were advertised), you are the most political politician this country has ever seen. You are political to your core, in your essence, at an atomic level, and so you are unable to offer any direction or clarity when the nation needs it most. Sometimes, Mr. President, the affairs of this nation require a man, not a politician, and it is during those times that you are especially useless. You don’t have any interest in fixing our present crisis because you’re too busy finding ways to keep a busload of 90- year-old war veterans from looking at a memorial.

“Closing down parks, monuments and memorials just to score political points is hardly your most insidious deed, but it’s certainly one of your pettiest. That’s why it stands, ironically, as a monument of its own. If we ever build a statue of you, Mr. President, you won’t be triumphantly holding a flaming torch like Lady Liberty, or standing authoritatively with a look of determination, like the MLK memorial. No, it will be a statue of you pulling the wings off of a fly, or spitting in someone’s orange juice. It will show you in your essence, as monuments are meant to do. It will show you as a petulant, skulking, juvenile bully. It will show you as you are. And we’ll make sure it’s always open, especially during a government shut down.”

So the question arises, how does such an inconsequential individual manage to get elected to the leadership of the free world. For that matter, how does such a “petulant, skulking, juvenile bully” get himself elected to a seat in the Illinois state senate?

Barack Obama was not elected because he had a love for our country. To the contrary, Barack Obama holds nothing but enmity toward our great country. He ran for the presidency not to solve problems or to heal our nation’s wounds. He ran for the presidency because of an unquenchable desire to punish our country, and for no better reason than that it exists.

All things considered, history will show that Obama was not elected because he was exceptionally bright; he’s not. And he was not elected because he has a love for our country and a vision for our future. He holds no great love for our country and wants only to transform it into a leftist enclave we would never recognize. Barack Obama was elected for two very important reasons: he was elected because he was born with a glib tongue… and because he’s black. Now it remains to be seen whether his glib tongue can rescue him from his “if-you-like-your- healthcare-plan, you-can-keep-your-healthcare-plan” series of lies.

Like Dr. Keith Ablow and blogger Matt Walsh, columnist George Will has a complete understanding of Barack Obama. As Will said recently, “I’ve been saying for a while that there is no bottom to Obama. He’s not just ruthless, he’s without scruples and honor… When it comes to his countrymen, Obama always chooses conflict over cooperation. Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter can rest easy. We have a new worst president.”


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  1. I can still hear the words of a 90-yr old black Chicago woman being interviewed after the 2008 election. “For the first time in my life I voted. For a BLACK man!” How proudly she proclaimed it.

    Woo-hoo! Welcome to the plantation, FOOL.