by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 2, 2013) — Radio host Drake Bailey has conducted an in-depth interview John Darash, an organizer and spokesman for the Common Law Grand Jury movement.

The Post & Email has interviewed Mr. Darash on several occasions, on which he has described how the people are organizing to reclaim the power which the Fifth Amendment gave to grand juries.

Over the years, and particularly since 1946, common law grand juries have been eviscerated of their former power and relegated to a tool of prosecutors and judges, some of whom are corrupt.  In 1946, Congress amended the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and declared common law grand jury presentments “obsolete” in an apparent attempt to undermine citizen involvement and oversight of their government servants.

“If the people do not want to save this country, it’s going to go down the drain,” Darash said at the 4:00 mark.  He explained that 19 common law grand juries have been elected in New York State thus far, beginning in Dutchess County.

Darash said that the only two states in which common law grand juries are not yet active are North Dakota and Vermont.  The movement has taken shape through the National Liberty Alliance website, which began as the New York Committeemen before it went national.  The home page contains a video called “Power of the Grand Jury,” which Darash recommends anyone who is seeking a solution to America’s current problems view in its entirety.

“We call the juries that we’re constructing ‘common law grand juries'” because we’re bringing it back to natural law,” Darash explained at 7:15.  He believes that a strong relationship with God, as the Founders had, will help to restore justice, mercy and honor to America’s courtrooms.  In his interview with The Post & Email, Darash invoked the Declaration of Independence and contended that instilling common law grand juries in every county in America will initiate a “reset to 1789” and the true justice and freedom which the Founders intended Americans to experience.

Darash believes that the grand jury and trial jury are the vehicles by which the People consent to their government as set forth in the Fifth Amendment.

CDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has stated that “Grand juries are what makes us a Republic.”  Fitzpatrick has exposed corrupt grand juries and the lack of access to federal grand juries currently imposed by judges and prosecutors on average citizens across the country.

Darash said that the current New York State common law grand juries are “unified,” meaning that any juror can sit on a committee in another county if necessary.  At 12:50, Darash said that “The power of the grand jury is that…we would have access to the judge, and we would tell him that he’s got a problem and that what he’s doing is a wrongdoing…The duty of a grand jury is to fix and repair or stop and prevent all wrongdoing.”

Darash believes that the first order of business is to “save the Republic.”

Bailey’s full interview with Darash is one hour, 42 minutes.


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