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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

Can Obama’s destruction of the country, including its health care system, be halted?

(Oct. 31, 2013) — If you are alive and breathe in and out you must know that Obama is destroying America in every possible way. Many have laid out all the impeachable actions at the feet of Obama.  Try 200 of them and counting.  Obama is an evil, UN-American, progressive, New World Order, Islamic poser — literally from hell. 

Now the Terminator health legacy

Obamacare has demonstrated beyond belief its evil, mile-high cost and failure.  The Obamacare release (early for Halloween) was a diabolical red line at the box office. Think about it.  Does it pass the laugh test that over a half a billion dollars was spent on the Obamacare computer system and was never BETA-tested in three years?  No, it does not.  Then, we get the usual arrogant and waste-of-time script from Obama and his minions.  Kathleen Sebelius (HHS Secretary) and Marilyn Tavenner (Head of Centers for Medicare) operated from the same playlist —  “I’m sorry but everything is fine and the website isn’t broken” script.  It was precious to notice that during the testimony of Sebelius, the Obamacare computer had crashed and burned beyond recognition.  Sebelius made sure we all knew that by the end of November everything would be running.  All fines and requirements would not be delayed.

What!  The stupid and criminal arrogance in her statements makes  ‘Mayberry RFD reruns’ look like the horror hit ‘Nightmare on Elm Street.”  What are the masses to be fined for???  — For not signing up on the system that is broken and can’t process their application and give them healthcare? 

As a national radio talk show host and commentator I hear every angle there is regarding the rollout of Obamacare.  I could care less whether Obama says he knew something or not. Obama’s actions, the Obamacare law itself and the non-working exchanges are UN-Constitutional and boldly illegal.  Obamacare is a violent attack on Americans, our economy, rights, freedoms and health care.  Millions are being dropped from their policies as health insurance companies are being destroyed.   Arrogant Obama is even on record saying he knew millions would be dropped from their policies.  Obama also knew health insurance companies couldn’t survive with his imposed Communist-style regulations, demands and rules stuck down their throats. 

Obama knew millions would be dropped and thrown onto his exchanges now raw and exposed with health needs.  These people would then be tortured some more and find that the exchanges didn’t work. Never mind…at least these signups could be put on lists, sold and all their personal info found on an unsecured site. Testimonies before Congress have shown that there was not enough security in place to protect any of the application info in the first place.

There are 7 things that will keep us alive if we act

  1. Win the 2014 elections – This time we must make sure real Constitutional conservatives win in the 2014 elections – We must fortify the HOUSE and take back the SENATE.  This would allow us to impeach Obama and prevail in this.  In the last Presidential election, according to Pro-Life Corner and Dr. James Dobson, 19 million Christians didn’t even vote.  Christians made up 26% of the eligible voters. That is a huge 52 million people.  Of these, only 33 million even bothered to vote.  As a fellow Christian and media person, I am ASHAMED of any who refused to show up and vote.  Last time Christians GAVE Obama the election because many stayed home in their ‘Holy huddles of apathy and despair.’  If Christians want to run even faster to their ruin and death, they should continue not voting.  Christians in America can turn this all around in a SECOND if they shut up and ALL vote this time.
  2. Military must act and DEPOSE Obama if the House and Senate won’t protect America.  We must contact and persuade our Military Generals and leaders left (that Obama hasn’t fired or destroyed) to get clear about how criminal and dangerous this President is, organize and DEPOSE him.  Manuel Zelaya was ousted by his military over four years ago without firing a bullet.  He was thrown out for far less then Obama has done.  Where are our military Generals and why have they not organized and had Obama arrested by now if the HOUSE and the SENATE won’t act?  Let us start putting this in the minds of our military high-ups.  It is quickly becoming time for them to wake up and smell the CUE and CRIMES against Americans.
  3. Everyone continue to stand against the Exchanges.  Don’t sign up for any of them…period.  Do not give out your personal information, either.
  4. Put away emergency supplies — food, weapons, ammo, medicine and money of some sort.  Plan on things getting way worse before they get better.
  5. Keep massive pressure on the House and Senate. Demand that they use ALL their power against Obamacare and the exchanges!
  6. Get in touch with and join your local militia, (google “militia” and state info will come up) buy a gun and join them.  Plan ahead, observe the law and practice a strategy of defense for your community and state.  What if foreign troops who have been practicing military drills all over America swoop in under Obama’s lead to impose Martial law where you live?  What will you do then?  Have a bold and Constitutional plan in place…a ‘well-armed’ plan.
  7. PRAY, PRAY and PRAY.  Pray Psalm 91 protection over your life, family, state and country.  Read 2 Chronicles 7:14 and do what it says. I didn’t say it…GOD DID.  ‘If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.’

Americans must refuse to be the frog that slowly boils to death in Obama’s progressive/Communistic water.  Jump out and live.

Join me each night on my national radio show at:  www.therothshow.com.  7-10pm PAC.

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