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by OPOVV, ©2013

Has the Obama residency been just a “show?”

(Oct. 30, 2013) — ACT ONE

The Oval Office. The stage lights are dim. There’s a stool in the center that’s lit by an overhead spotlight that brightens as the curtain rises.

An old man of indiscriminate age and race shuffles to the stool with the help of a walker. The walker is made out to be a 1950’s hot rod.

The old man reaches the stool, removes his helmet (that’s adorned with wild flames), takes off his racing gloves and sits on the stool, facing the audience.

“This used to be YOUR home, or, as the blog writer “OPOVV” would say, “Public Housing Unit #1”. It’s not yours anymore because you were all too busy doing other stuff, like raising a family and making money, but while you were minding to your own business, you neglected the ownership of this house, your White House. I’ve heard people say, ‘But “life” got in the way,’ but I’m not buying into that excuse.”

“No, no, you don’t just get up and walk out just because what you think is right can’t possibly be wrong. You’ve paid the money; now you’ve got to listen to The Piper, which would be me, so just sit back and enjoy the show that we’re going to put on tonight.”

The spotlight dims as the curtain is lowered to the halfway mark, then rises again.


As the curtain rises, the spotlight is out, and the old man is still sitting on the stool in the middle of the stage. The rest of the stage is now lit with groups of people of different races, sexes, ages and height, yet all dressed as the banker in a Monopoly game.

As the curtain reaches its zenith, all of the people on the stage line up on either side of the stool and, in classic Rockette fashion, kicking their legs in the air, they break out in song:

You call us the Rats,

fleeing the ship

But you’re the Little Mice,

that are easy to forget.

You were all looking out,

on the other side of the sea

While we got all your children,

To bow down to us on their knees.

And not even facts, Truth and logic

Can save you now: We won, you lost

So why fight it?

Welcome to the Holocaust.

The lights dim as the curtain is lowered to the halfway mark as the actors exit down the stairs on either side of the auditorium, line up, and march, Nazi style, up the aisles and out the doors in silence, the only sound the cadence of their footsteps.


The spotlight’s intensity increases as the curtain rises. Lighting is as in Act I.  The old man springs off the stool, to skip to stage left, then to stage right, then back to stage-center-front.

“See, it wasn’t so bad, was it? Kind-of painless, too, wouldn’t you have to say? The ‘Death of a Country’ in one short generation, just as the Nazis did to the Germans in the 1930’s. So too the Socialists are, once again, doing it to us, right now, right this minute as you’re watching (or reading) this play. History is repeating itself right before your very eyes.”

“And, yes, Virginia, there is a downside, after all, nobody ever got something for nothing, which is why Socialism has never worked and never will.  You see, what they forgot about, what they missed, was the human nature element of their takeover but, you know what?”

THEY DON’T CARE. Yep, that’s right, you heard it ‘Kristal Klear,’ right here on this stage. ‘Take the money and run!’ the battle-cry of traitors and turncoats since Judas. And so what if people suffer, or are herded as cattle, as sheep, to the detention centers, camps, pens and showers?”

“The difference is this: what of our race, us humans? Here we are, on this giant rock hurtling though space, at thousands of miles an hour, and we’re messing up our cage, polluting the very air that we breathe, and having babies as if we’re nothing but a bunch of field mice. One would think we’d have more sense, but no, obviously we don’t.”

“Mexican women welcoming The Pill, and God Bless them for even thinking about responsibility, because their men sure aren’t. Same goes for any other group that breeds as Gerbils or Tribbles.”

“Hey, that’s it. What did you expect? As I said, you can’t expect to get something for nothing, and that’s what’s been happening. You got rid of the Draft; that was your first mistake. You see, our enemies know the score and don’t deny it, don’t hide their head in the sand. You, you people don’t want to get your hands dirty, so you let others do it for you. Well, it just doesn’t work that way, now does it?”

“You expected laughs because you thought the title was cute. Sorry to disappoint you. It’s one thing to be taken, but to be taken and just sit back?”

“Those of you who want your money back, I wouldn’t want your money. Blood money: I don’t want any piece of it. Keep it.”

“Keep your government jobs and the pay raises and your Federal Reserve. You deserve what you get.”

“As for you others out there who understand that we’re at the end game here, thanks for showing up (or reading this to its conclusion).”


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