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by OPOVV, ©2013

The U.S. Constitution was written by the Framers to unify the states for the purpose of national defense

(Oct. 28, 2013) — There’s hope for Democrats after all. There’s always hope, or else there should be. The human spirit is the most imaginative thing in the universe, for when all hope is lost, there’s always a slim chance of success, an outside chance of being saved, even when the odds are so overwhelmingly against one. A good example is when the Chicago Cubs were up three games to none over the Miami Marlins and Miami came back to win four in a row. So there you have it: hope is indeed eternal (except if you’re a Cubs fan).

The basic problem with American politics is that it’s one-dimensional: there’s no wiggle room. Democrat and Republican politicians responded with the same form letter in response to questions regarding Obama’s ineligibility, specifically pertaining to Obama’s fake Birth Certificate and his stolen Social Security number.

Look back on the history of Republican presidential candidates. Neither McCain nor Romney mentioned the fact that Obama is not an American citizen, is an illegal immigrant, and uttered not a word about how the United States has been taken for a financial ride, thanks to the continuing support of the Federal Reserve Bank.

So what do we have? We have both political parties responding exactly the same way to stimulus which, one would think, would generate some kind of different response for the betterment of our country. We do not prosper as a people by having an imposter in the White House; we do not achieve our desired goals by being a member of the United Nations, which continues to stymie us in exporting the concept of Freedom for women as well as men; we don’t shore up our financial future by allowing a private bank to hande our finances. It says in the Constitution that only Congress shall have the power over the county’s monetary policies; so be it: abolish the Fed by not renewing its charter.

There have been reports of possible sightings of Democrats not agreeing with the policies of the Obama Administration. It has even been said that there are a few Democrats who are computer-literate enough to accept that the Birth Certificate the White House released is a fake. If one Democrat can break the mold and realize that the old Democratic Party has been taken over by forces that are contrary to the improvement of America, certainly there must be more out there who are able to decipher the lies that have been shoved down their throats since Obama became a presidential candidate in 2008.

Only the most ignorant of us believe that Socialism is a viable alternative (or substitute) for a plan that allows reward for hard work. The Constitution is a truly remarkable document, and the more one is exposed to history, the more one marvels at the U.S. Constitution’s remarkable opportunity for freedom of expression and the achievement of personal happiness, what it means to be the Captain of one’s destiny; for the Constitution instructs us, expressively without mumbo-jumbo, in clear and precise terms, to keep government intrusion at bay; to keep the wolf on the other side of the door, permanently.

Those who would circumvent the Constitution are the very people who would wish you and your family harm, for is not stealing your Freedoms, your ability to express yourself without fear of reprisals, the backbone of our country? I may not like what you say, but I’ll defend, with my life, you right to say your piece. So goes the Oath. But I’ll not lift a finger to help you if you wish to destroy my Constitution, to destroy my country. Some Democrats are beginning to come around to the fact that, by supporting Obama and his villainous Administration, they have become the enemy of Freedom, and they don’t like it one bit.

Our two-party system has let us down, but just because many have spit on our flag certainly doesn’t mean we have to follow them. The Parties have died.  There is no longer a Democrat or Republican Party; it’s just the Federal Reserve Socialist Party, and because of them, we’re paying for our country to go down the one-way street of Socialism, a dead end if there ever was one.


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  1. Political Hypothesis

    The “establishment” of the Constitution was, in part, an attempt to end the need for “political leaders”, looking otherwise for and to “Constitutional Statesmen” for their representation of the Hopes and Faith the People hold in the Principles and Rules of the Constitution.

    It was an objective political acknowledgement that “political power”, when consolidated into the hands of one, or a few, has historically led to “tyranny”.

    The Constitution was intended to put ALL of the “political power” into the hands of the “people” who “consented” to its Principles, Rules and Laws in a structure by which the Branches would be populated by “Public Servants”, who the ‘electorate’ deemed as being of good character, would “Serve” for a period of time and then return to private life among the People.

    Over the years a number of poorly reasoned Amendments and judicial opinions have diluted the political “power of the people” who adhere to the Constitution’s purposes and intents by the usurpations of corrupt ‘good intentions’ offered by would be “POLITICAL LEADERS”.

    Now the People are RULED by an unconstitutional,(*), “Political Class of Noblemen”, self-anointed and unconstrained by the binding provisions of the Constitution from which they claim to power to Rule under the Color of Laws not present in the black and white of clear light, found only in the “penumbral zones” of smoke and mirrors.

    (*) “ … A1S9C8: No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States: …” Note the semi-colon, which separates THAT provision from that which follows concerning “foreign titles, etc” ……… the nobility : the group of people who are members of the highest social class in some countries [Merriam-Webster] ……… Nobility is a social class that possesses more acknowledged privileges or eminence than most other classes in a society, [Wikipedia]

  2. All, ALL Democrats are complicit in the ‘long march’ to fundamentally transform the United States from a Representative Constitutional Republic into a single party Communist / Socialist Dictatorial Politburo Regime disguised behind the Utopian doctrine of; ” from each according to their ability : to each according to their need “; which is nothing more than a license to steal from the productive and to divide the spoils amongst themselves.

    Whether individually aware or not, ALL Democrats, along with many of the Political Class under differing banners, ARE complicit with the active intent to ‘subjectify’ the Constitution into something suitable to the amoral society they wish to Rule over.

    Black dependency victimization, pornographers, culture of abortion, felonious alien insurgents, atheists, homosexuals, corrupt “union leadership”, of public & private labor, the coalition of diversity that IS the “base” of the Democrat Party that ACKNOWLEDGES the Constitution was intended for a “Moral Peoples of good character”, and that is why they work so hard to destroy it.

    1. Dear slcraig,
      Yes, your assessment of our dire situation is 100% correct.
      The “plantation” that is now the ghetto, shelling-out welfare for absolutely no return would destroy any country.
      Work ethic? Integrity? Honor? How can we expect honesty when we give them no honesty? How can we possibly expect something from nothing?
      We send our kids to public schools and they come home our enemy. They tattletale on their parents for badmouthing the ineligible de fact president.
      You really want to see how bad it REALLY is? Just follow the antics of our nonqualified police force, breaking into homes, shooting and killing people with immunity, all the while turning a blind eye on child prostitution, human bondage, drugs entering and being distributed throughout every nook and cranny around America, refusing to deport illegal immigrants, and ignoring the Muslim threat, the displaced Afghan terrorist terror camps that are to be found all around within our borders.
      You hit the nail on the head, slcraig, Democrats are indeed traitors, blindly supporting their very own destruction (to our detriment, not just their own).
      Cops doing “drug busts” just to rob people.
      Yes, it’s a slide into oblivion.
      Every time anyone supports Obama it’s the same as taking a shot of arsenic.
      Thanks for the comment.