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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2013

The Obama regime has spent more than $1 billion on contractors to launch his health care law known as Obamacare

(Oct. 24, 2013) — After the unprecedented Obamacare demise and usual spin of ‘non failure’ by Obama and his talking heads, playing pretend by Obama is getting much harder to do.  Mount Saint Healthcare – Helens has erupted, bodies are strewn all over, trees are flattened and 3rd degree burns for those left alive go untreated.  Those screaming in pain and being suddenly dropped from their insurance companies (millions) cannot get their application for treatment processed.  Others sit in the hall and realize they won’t get treated at all because they are over 70.  “Sir, I see the 3rd degree burns oozing all over your body but we cannot see you just yet.  Here is some pain medication.”

Obama had two years to build his Exchange and health care system, including its computer brain.  All kinds of expense numbers for this debacle are flying everywhere. Some say the Obamacare computer system has cost over $600 million, while others say it was $394 million and counting.  Regardless, this is a several hundred million dollar failure and theft aimed at the American people.

As Obama allegedly raises his Frankenstein computer from the dead (sorry for the insult, Frankenstein), it will be the heist computer brain that steals hundreds more millions from us. For our additional blood money we will get a pretend fix or delay.  Meanwhile, Obama and his real goal will be on track.  Millions more will be dropped from their insurance plans, hundreds of millions of dollars more taken from us, while Obama pieces together his Government – one-payer healthcare system to swoop in and fix the problem.  Hitler may rise from the dead and sue Obama for plagiarism.

While imparting dramatically more suffering on us, Obama hopes that most of the masses will soon be desperate enough to submit to his ‘single-payer’ takeover plan.  Those of us who will never submit will be targeted, fined, arrested, denied care and destroyed.  What is coming next in Obama’s Halloween health care movie is the continued unfolding of his ‘multi-level’ heist Ponzi scheme that will make Obama and his goons wealthier and you and I more unhealthy and poor.  We will be controlled or eliminated, assuming we let that happen.  What is your plan – Submit, deal with it or fight? 

Search for answers and who is to blame

Now, we see Congress taking testimony from Health Contractors, while Sebelius is under fire over her ‘nicie nice’ — minimalist talk about the historical Obamacare failure. She is looking more and more as if she will end up working on progressive health care under a bus.  We shall see.

Who will they go after next, the endless computer techs and staff?  When you follow the bouncing ball and tentacles from Sebelius to Health Contractors testimonies to computer techs and everyone else involved over the last few years, it all goes back to Obama.

This is such an enormous disaster that even the Democrats are now split, with many saying they will support a delay in the Obamacare mandate.

Just what should go back to Obama – Congress people

There is NO excuse for this kind of incompetence as a President.  Obama had two years, the best techs available in the world and hundreds of millions of dollars, yet it couldn’t have been more botched!  That is because he meant it to fail on his way to his single-payer dictatorship.

There was NO excuse in the first place for anyone in the House and Senate to have voted Obamacare into existence and destroy our freedoms, rights, literal health and the best health care system on earth.  Now it sits on death row and is terminal.  How is the scope of his betrayal and lack of judgment by any President not impeachable or arrestable???

Obama is literally dismantling our country.  Why are we letting him???

Americans expect and demand far more from Congress and the Senate then delays, testimonies and investigations.  Put your wine glasses down, pull your pants up and make Obama accountable.  DESTROY OBAMACARE, NOT AMERICA.

The 2014 elections are quickly on their way.  If members of the House and Senate want to stay employed, they had best clean out their ears and get the job done!

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