“Only the People Can Save America” pb


by Sharon Rondeau

The Common Law Grand Jury movement seeks to establish a justice system in every county wherein the people are the ultimate judges

(Oct. 22, 2013) — The Post & Email continued its interview of a member of the Common Law Grand Jury grassroots movement, who explained previously that groups of people throughout the country have formed common law grand juries in 48 out of 50 states in order to re-establish the principles of justice, honor and mercy in America’s courtrooms.

We asked him if, given all of the problems in the courts, America can be saved, to which he responded:

If people step up, we can still save America.  But we’re at the end.  I think America is pretty-much gone, but we’ve found some hope and hopefully people will see that hope and will latch onto it.

Once we establish this throughout the country and people understand what really took place – they need to be educated, though and that’s where you come in – they will realize that there is a place they can go to get justice.  We are establishing one phone number for every county with a direct line to the grand jury.  Four individuals will answer that phone; it’s an open line from the people to the highest form of power in our society.  They can call up and say, “I have a problem down here with the Board of Elections or this or that…they’re going to get them on the phone and straighten it right out.  A lot of these problems are straightened out with a phone call or visit and prescription.  It’s that simple.  If they’re not going to obey, we indict them.

Hopefully it will become your job to get the message out and try to keep it as pure as possible.  I am hoping that going through a small group of people to smaller group of people getting the exclusive stories and then flowing from there to the major media, that’s a better way to control this so that the truth will flow and not the lie.

All of our problems will eventually be fixed.  If we build a nice, strong foundation, then everything above it will be fixed.  We have a lot of reconstruction to do, but we don’t need to plan for it.  It’s a very simple thing; it’s just making little decisions at the moment, the right ones, and going forward.  That’s all there is to this.  We don’t need to plan, because the problems will fix themselves if you understand the principles of what we just laid out about the judicial process and how it fixes the political process.

We just have to live in the light.  We are working through the National Liberty Alliance website.

Right now we’re getting one representative for each state, and usually that one individual is working with the other people in other counties.  They’re leaders.  We look for a leader in every county.  As soon you get one or two or three leaders in certain counties within any state, you tell them to look for someone who is going to take the state leadership.  A lot of states are starting to step up and develop their own state leadership.  Once we know who that state leader is, we’re then giving them access to the website.  So we’ll have 50 people who will represent other people.  In the case of New York, for instance, one person is representing 62 other leaders who are really organizers, and ultimately, four times that, because there are four in every county. So those four in every county, and in New York it’s 62 counties, so it’s 250 people who say, “OK, you’re the state leader or organizer, do what you have to do, share it with others; make sure the communications are going; make sure that the website stays pure, that it’s not controlled by an individual, and all 50 states will eventually have one person.  We’re working on that now.

It’s all about the principles of justice, and bringing people to decide things for people and people really taking control of their government.  “We the People…ordained and established this Constitution for the United States of America.”  The legislators are under the Constitution; the people are above the Constitution; legislators do not legislate our behavior.  That’s what people miss.  Once they have their Helen Keller moment with that, then we have liberty.

Liberty is a gift from the Creator; that’s called “natural law.”  He sets it out in the first five books of the Bible, in Exodus, Deuteronomy and Leviticus.  If a man robs an ox and gets caught, he must pay it back with seven oxes.  That’s a biblical principle.  There’s a penalty for breaking the law.  To try to put the guy in jail when he owes an ox… That’s what common law is about.  It’s not about punishment; it’s about remedy.

Common law is all about reinstating people into society, to bring them back in and make them whole.  I know people who have done things in their childhood who are in their 60s and 70s who can’t who can’t get a weapon because of something they did decades ago.  They shouldn’t even have to ask anyone permission for a weapon.  In the Old West, if you did go to jail, when you got out, you’d get your weapons back.

I studied the common law to look for its roots, and common law goes right to the Bible.  Justinian law, which is what we’re pretty-much under, which I call civil law, traces right to Babylonia.  It’s very interesting to see the battle in history of common law against civil law and its climax in England between 300 AD and until America came to be.  That’s when the real battle took place.  If you go look at that and study it, it’s just amazing.  It was the church that was bringing in the Justinian law.  You would think it would come from a different source, but it actually came from the church, which is revealing in and of itself.

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