Common Law Grand Jury Movement Now Active in 48 States pb


by Sharon Rondeau

Is the United States about to be “reset” to 1789 and the Declaration of Independence?

(Oct. 20, 2013) —[Editor’s Note:  The following is a continuation of our interview with an organizer of the New York State Common Law Grand Jury, who explained how people in virtually all of the states are prepared to go into the courts and oversee the administration of justice as they believe the Founders had intended it, as evidenced by the creation of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Our two previous installments of the interview are here and here.  Here, the organizer continues to educate readers on how constitutional justice can return to America’s courtrooms.]

Once you have that kind of control and you find a problem, you give them a written prescription, and they have 48 hours to fix it.  Now you’ve taken back the whole system, and the New World Order crumbles.  If we can do this in 26+ states, the whole New World Order crumbles.  It’s a very simple thing.  People look at this through complexity and are trained to fight every battle when all you have to do is win the courts to take the entire country back.

We have been studying law for about four years, looking at common law and trying to figure it out.  Over time, we did figure it out and found some great people to learn from.  We heard about the grand jury about two years ago, and we knew it was something we wanted to get involved in.  We needed to learn common law and processes of the court procedures, and we were working on all of those things.  At the beginning of June of this year, someone sent me a copy of United States v. Williams, which I had seen but never read.  They said, “John, you have to read this.” So I looked at it and read it, and I called a few people up and they read it, and we decided we needed to change gears from “committeemen” to “grand jury.”  By July 18, the first grand jury was elected here in New York in my county, and now we have 17 grand juries elected in New York, and hopefully within the next 60 days, maybe 90 at the most, we’ll have a grand jury in every county here in New York.

We have 47 states that have come on board with us.  We are doing our meetings online, and some people had come in and were interested, and they wanted to copy what we were doing.  So we were sharing information, and we ended up going national.  We went from to in July, and we kept building state after state until we had 47 states on board.  Some states will probably beat New York as far as getting their counties involved throughout the entire state.  We have Florida, Utah, California, Ohio, Pennsylvania – just a lot of states across the board – and Washington is starting to move now.

We had the prerequisitional requirements of understanding how things worked before we found United States v. Williams.  If we had found it two years ago, we probably would be making the same mistakes everybody else has made.  So we were blessed to have the knowledge so that we would have the right tools to use.  We have other people around us with good knowledge.  We did all of this without a plan; it’s just something that happened.

Even though we’ve accomplished a lot, our accomplishments were speedy and unplanned.  Every time we’d try to make a plan, we’d find ourselves going in different directions.  We’re finding the right thing at the right time.  Numerous times, we tried to get word out to the media, and we realized, “Well, we didn’t want you anyway.”  We did interviews on radio; we talked with small groups, networking, but we didn’t want to talk to the major news networks.

Now we’re at a point where we have a major story.  We’re at the point where the shot heard around the world has just happened.  What we are about to do is going to bring this country back to 1789.  The repercussions of what is happening here are just as great as the Declarations of Independence was, which was the birth of our country.  We’re going through what I would call a rebirthing.  That’s where we’re headed, and as Jefferson said, “Those who expect to be both ignorant and free, expect what never was and never will be.”  So we teach people that they have to become re-educated.  They have to come to the realization that their heritage is the law.  They thought they had to give it to the New World Order or a lawyer, but no…you can’t give your life force to an individual who is controlled by other individuals, anyway.  This is your heritage; your heritage is common law.  If you get rid of common law, you’ve gotten rid of the heart of America.

We all have to become “lawyers,”  lawyers of true law, which is natural law.  And it’s really pretty simple because it’s so logical.  Natural law runs off of maxims, and maxims of truth cannot be denied.  For example, water doesn’t run uphill.  Nobody can argue that point.  That’s how true law is built; it’s built upon maxims and principles.  It’s all about the facts.  The whole focus is to find the injured party and repair it, and that’s what it’s all about.  It doesn’t get any more difficult than that.  Anything that may appear complex is made of complexities.


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3 Responses to "Common Law Grand Jury Movement Now Active in 48 States pb"

  1. gigclick   Monday, October 21, 2013 at 11:23 PM

    I have also been studying for about 5 years now and since 1946 with the amendments made to “Law Under God” we now live under “Corporate Trust Law” which is a whole different animal. We are now “straw men” and “straw women” under Corporate Trust Law and also considered “trustees” which is not a good position to be in the Corporate Trust Law System. Actually, since the original “Laws” were not re-written, we are at an assumed position that is not really “lawful” under the current court system. We are “Free men, under God” and in 100% liability and “Administrators” of ourselves. Whereas, anyone in the Corporate Trust Law System is a “trustee” not the reverse. We are the “Administrators” under the original written law in a twisted money making sham of a system where the cards are already stacked against us, unless you have studied the difference and “The Straw Man Redemption” and you understand what is going on here you are not in reality. Under our system, without “Discovery” there will be no trials or court cases especially since our “Judicial” has been threatened for several years now and is the reason no judge has stamped Discovery to make any case happen. We have mountains of “Presentments” but no judges with enough guts to take on anyone in the “system. Hillary, Michelle, Biden, Pelosi, Reid were some of the people involved in the orders to keep any Criminal Presentment against this criminal machine in power from prosecution. NO ONE in this Obama sham/usurpation has been blamed for anything even though Murder, High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Identity Fraud, Fast & Furious/Benghazi roll on, nothing has or probably will never be done to bring these felons to justice as they are protected inside the system at our expense. Walt Fitzpatrick and American Grand Jury Online tried for 5 years to get any Presentments through to Discovery and they were all crushed along with a dozen top attorneys that were shamed and spit at by the judicial that was also being threatened by these despots and money grabbers. All the tit-a-tat won’t help us now. It looks like we will be seeing Obama in his $35 million Hawaiian Retirement Mansion, that the press hasn’t mentioned, waving to us all as we continue to pay for his cover ups and money theft while he continues to hide his papers at DNC Law Firm Perkins Coie in Seattle at a cost to us of over $4 million in tax dollars. For the last 5 years I have been in awe watching all the lawyers, Military Veterans and Citizens trying to expose the corruption while the people that are benefiting from this usurpation are reaping record profits in theft and damage to the U.S. and it’s Military. Having 98% of the news hidden or screened out by pro Democratic media outlets, this paper and a few others have been steadfast in fighting all the Obamite Hackers, Programmers and others that work for the DNC to counter any efforts against their corruption and theft. I am also stunned at the progress they have made in criminal gains as the RNC and other Conservative Agents are bulldozed of the platform. Many of the RNC “Candidates” are not Art.2 Sect.1 legal for POTUS and the lineup looks pretty bad other than a few from Texas and few other states. DC needs cleaning, complete clean out and replacement of the present corruptors and thieves. Term Limits, Reduction Of All Benefits, No Security Protection after leaving office, Fast Reaction Oversight Groups must be formed to immediately take action against corruption especially at higher levels and to reach prosecution.

  2. Robert Laity   Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8:54 AM

    My point? Arguing the “facts” is what a Lawyer does.

  3. Robert Laity   Monday, October 21, 2013 at 8:52 AM

    On the Water issue. In arguendo, Water travels in different directions North and South of the Equator. Water in toilets South of the equator flush in a counter-clockwise direction as compared to water in toilets North of the Equator which flush clockwise. Water flows by gravity towards the Earth but it also evaporates upwards away from the Earth.

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