by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 18, 2013) — The following is the second part of our interview with a person involved in the Common Law Grand Jury movement in New York State and across the nation.  In the first part, he described the intended Fifth Amendment function of the grand jury and how a grassroots effort on the part of the people to reclaim them can convert courts from condemnatory tools to those of restitution and righting injustices.

The Fifth Amendment states, in relevant part, “”No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury,…”

The movement is coordinated through the National Liberty Alliance, which asks, “Only the people can save America.  Will you?”

The organizer with whom we spoke said that there are literally “hundreds” of people participating in the effort to form common law grand juries in all counties in the Republic which can become active in their local, state and supreme courts to administer “honor, justice and mercy.”   He said that currently, judges and prosecutors protect one another in a closed system, with the prosecutor controlling the grand jury.

The Post & Email has reported at length on dysfunctional and illegally-operating grand juries in the state of Tennessee and other states. Witnesses have described prosecutors manipulating grand juries to either indict an individual or withhold indictment.  Prosecutors and judges also act as gatekeepers for federal grand juries, rendering them off-limits to citizens wishing to present criminal or exculpatory evidence in a case.  Judges have also been observed fixing the results of prosecutions by disallowing the defendant to present a defense, while a helpless jury looks on.

The purpose of the common law grand jury movement is to return the tenets of the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights to America’s courthouses and courtrooms.

The New York State common law grand jury visited five county courthouses last Friday, the outcome of which will be the subject of a future report.

In a continuation of part 1, the organizer told us:

The tentacles run so deep and are so powerful and so controlling, it’s overwhelming.  If you step back and look at what’s going on, there’s no hope.  There’s only one hope, and that hope, of course, is in God, and He has a tool that is called “justice.”  If you look through Black’s Law Dictionary, you’ll find that the meaning of “justice” is synonymous with “virtue.”  Virtue takes you right into the Bible.  Judges are not supposed to “judges,” but rather, justices.  But our system has been turned upside-down when they went to what’s called Justinian law, and we’re trying to get back to common law.

There’s only one hope, and that’s to step up on principles:  justice, honor and mercy.  If we as people uphold those principles, then God will bless us for that.  If He does bless us for that, we can save the nation.  He’s done it many times in the Bible, going all the way back to Exodus and before, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It was Adams who said that the system set up for us, a Republic, can work for no other than a moral and religious people.  If we’re not morally-minded and religious, it won’t work.  It was Franklin who said, “We will be ruled over by tyrants or God.”  There is no other choice if you really sit back and think about this:  You’re either ruled by man or God:  natural law or civil law.  If you’re ruled by civil law, the rulers will want more and more control, and you’re going to have tyrants.

Once you take control and realize that doing the right thing is no more difficult than that, you take it back to the justice system, which is the foundation of our entire society.  We are as good as our courts. We are as just as our courts.  We are as obedient to control as our courts are.  If our courts are corrupt and the whole process is corrupt, people become corrupt, then everyone is corrupt.   It’s demoralizing.  But if you can get justice into the courts, then the whole system changes. Justice flows up; there is no choice because of a fear of the people.  When the government fears the people, it will work. So the fear of the people will control.

The Declaration of Independence ultimately spoke of consent of the people, and of course, our Constitution and Bill of Rights are built on that principle.  So the question becomes, “How do the people consent?”  It turns out that the jury can give consent to the government.  The grand jury has the power to indict, and nobody has the power to take that indictment out once it is issued; it must go through.  The grand jury has control of the administration of the grand jury, which is the people; it has control of the educating and orientation of the trial jurors.  Once you get to that point and you understand the principles and maxims in common law, one of which is if you want to pursue a crime, there must be a victim, or injured party; the state cannot be an injured party.  The second principle is that for every injury, there must be a remedy, so the focus of the court is to restore the injured party, not to put someone in jail, not to give a fine, but to restore the injured party.  Violent people need to go to jail, but not everybody else.  They need to be out there restoring the injured parties.

So those are the two major maxims of common law.  The principles, as I mentioned, are honor, justice and mercy.  As long as we can get a court acting on those five points, we now restore justice.  Once you take back that judge and you bring him back into the wing of common law and require that he obey or be indicted, he or she has three choices:  he can obey, resign, or be indicted. If he doesn’t make one of those choices, we will make it for him, and he will be indicted.  You let him or her know that we’re moving to common law on which the country was founded, and he can no longer use those puppeteers; you can’t use a puppet grand jury or puppet trial jury.  He has to use a jury of the people.  If you have an indictment to present, present it to us and we’ll consider it and either indict or ignore.  And we’ll set it out straight:  don’t bring people in for having weapons without a license or a permit, because you can’t license the rights in that.  Don’t find people guilty for driving without a license because you can’t make permits for people’s right to travel.  So don’t bring that one in.  We’ll just go through the way it’s going to be.  And you call for a grand jury that’s a public grand jury, which has the duty to repair or correct all wrongdoing, and if the judge doesn’t do that, we’ll indict him, and we’ll do it.

So now you’ve taken control of the technical systems and brought it back to justice.  We will use justice people in the grand juries.  If you control the justice system in one county, then two counties, you’ve taken the entire judicial system and the political system in the process and brought it back under the authority of the people and to justice for the people, which is who this government works for.  Then the Federal Reserve, New World Order, all the craziness and insanity that our presidents have tried to bring us under – they’re all dictators – becomes totally irrelevant.  Without the control of the judges, they have no control of the people.  They’re depending on law enforcement for most of the control, and they keep the people busy with all of these statutes, and that’s how they control the people and their behavior.

When you do this in one state, you’ve just taken a state and returned it to the Republic.

The sheriff is a no-brainer, because he takes his orders from the court.  A lot of these jurists and people who have created these systems seem to think they have to control the sheriff to get the sheriff on their side.  They don’t need the sheriff on their side; we don’t need to control him, but we’re going to require that he obey the law.  So we call him in and let him know, “Your job is to defend the Constitution.  Your job is not to assault the people and allow your investigative buddies…forget about that.  Your job is to protect the people.  Therefore, as long as you’re leading by the Constitution, we’re good.  If you’re violating the Constitution, you’re not good.

I’ve talked with a lot of sheriffs, and they’re just as dumb as we are when it comes to law. They depend on lawyers, and as long as we depend on lawyers, we’re letting the New World Order win.  We’ve had a lot of sheriffs come and talk with us and ask some questions, but I notice they always bring the county attorney, and they always ask certain questions. Even though they want to protect our Second Amendment right, they’re afraid to do that because they’re afraid they’re going to get arrested by a governor, by the president…  So they’re kind-of half in and half out; they’re not really making a good, strong decision, and they defer things to the county attorney, and he’s working for the New World Order, and it’s just a mess.  So we’re going to let the sheriff know that he can continue to ask the county attorney anything he wants, but we suggest you come to us, too, when you have a question and for the real reason that the county attorney doesn’t have the power to indict; he doesn’t have the power to put you in jail.  We have the power to indict; we have the power to put you in jail.  You obey what we have to say, because if you don’t, we’re going to indict you.  So when you go arrest some guy with a gun because he doesn’t have a license and you bring him in and you think we’re going to get on his case; no, we’re going to be getting on your case for getting that guy.

It’s a whole new mindset, and you control the sheriff in that way.  The chief thing is that he’s controlled by the courts anyway; he gets his orders from the courts, and we just make sure that he doesn’t obey any unlawful orders, and we’ll tell him what that is.  Now you’ve taken the entire judicial system back.  The grand jury has the authority and power to walk into any government office at will, walk right behind their counters and identify themselves and say they want to take a look at some things.  Have people move aside, you can go looking through their computers, looking through their files literally uncontrolled, with no questions asked.  Ask questions, talk to this one and this one and this one…sit in a room, you don’t have to tell them why you’re there…you’re doing it because “I’m the boss and I want to see that everything is going well.”

This is something that hasn’t been done in a hundred years.

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  1. So, in my view, grand juries that are under the control of the DA’s and judges, are simply rigged juries. If a grand jury is rigged, then those who are indicted by such grand juries are denied true due process and thus, would be eliglible to appeal any convictions or to sue to on the basis of that denial of due process. Until, of course, citizen grand juries get re-established.

    1. The Fifth Amendment allowing for Grand Juries, Presentments and Indictments has never been disestablished. It merely has to be dusted off and used pursuant to what our founders established.