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from DefendtheVote, ©2013

DefendtheVote seeks to force compliance with state law in Illinois, with particular irregularities found in Cook County and Chicago over the last several years

(Oct. 18, 2013) — Today Defend the Vote has filed a formal complaint about the election equipment in use in Chicago and Cook County, asserting with documentation that Federal elections in November 2012, the Special Congressional election (Jesse Jackson’s District), and the Consolidated Primary and the Consolidated General elections in 2013 were all conducted on illegal voting systems in Illinois.

Our objection lists significant issues which prevent further use of any part of the Dominion/Sequoia WinEDS 4.0 voting system for use in any election in Illinois. Defend the Vote also asserts that the Illinois State Board of Elections has knowingly permitted uncertified voting systems to be used in multiple elections in Illinois by Chicago and Suburban Cook County election authorities.

Our findings include:

  • Suburban Cook County held elections using voting systems with substandard code (violating Administrative Code 204.75). Further, they conducted elections on unlawful voting systems during the Federal General election in 2012, the Special Congressional election in 2013, and for the Consolidated Primary and Consolidated General elections in 2013.
  • Chicago’s voting system is not lawfully approved for use. This is true for the voting system used for the Federal General election in 2012 and the Special Congressional election in 2013. Chicago did not hold Consolidated elections in 2013.
  • A Board policy change in March 2009 caused for the Board to approve voting systems that have never been and will never be submitted for 2002 voting system standards or to an outside lab for approval. Defend the Vote asserts the Board exceeded its legal authority as a consequence of this policy change.

The Board has permitted this usage despite this serious warning from the EAC: “As a result of these issues EAC does not have a sufficient level of confidence in the testing and resolution of the discrepancies to accept the test report and recommend initial certification.”

As our protest letter lays out, the EAC demands further testing. Rather than submit their voting system to further testing to assure 2002 voting system standards are met, on February 27, 2013 Dominion withdrew WinEDS 4.0 from the EAC certification program.

As it withdrew, Dominion makes this incredible statement to the Illinois State Board of Elections: “You are receiving this email because your State either has certified WinEDS 4.0 or has expressed interest in doing so once it clears EAC certification. Unfortunately after years of testing, re-testing, and numerous on-site and telephonic meetings, we have been unable to instill an adequate level of confidence in the WinEDS system at the EAC such that the staff there would choose to certify it” (email from Ed Smith to ISBE dated March 7, 2013)

Illinois State Board of Elections did nothing…

Defend the Vote seeks remedy for Illinois voters.

From our letter:

Accordingly, besides a formal protest from any further certification or use of the non-compliant Dominion Voting Systems, Defend the Vote requests the Illinois State Board of Elections fulfill its statutory obligation and assure only legally certified voting equipment is in use in Illinois. We seek the installation of new processes to assure for the public record that hardware, software, and firmware is properly updated in every election jurisdiction in Illinois to match voting systems that were actually tested and approved for use in Illinois.

The intent of laws assuring only lawful voting systems are used assure that Illinois has reliable and accurate voting systems that meet State Laws, Federal Standards, and HAVA. The Illinois State Board of Elections has failed to assure this is the case, and Defend the Vote demands immediate remedy.

Remedy: Defend the Vote seeks to have the Dominion Voting System in use by Chicago and Suburban Cook County removed from any further use in Illinois elections. The voting system we are contesting is the WinEDS 4.0 plus related equipment including the Insight, Edge2Plus, HAAT and the 400c.

1) Through Board motion, affirm that Dominion Voting System, WinEDS 4.0 and the related voting equipment is no longer on the list of approved election equipment.

2) Alert Chicago and Suburban Cook County of 10 ILCS 5/24c-16 forbidding further contracts with Dominion in relation to the WinEDS voting system.

3) By Board motion, remove September 6, 2012 Interim Approval of ImageCast because this system will never be tested for approval of the 2002 (or 2005) voting system standards as required by Illinois law.

4) Install new procedures which publicaly track the certification and use of all voting systems used in Illinois.

5) Authorize a two year trial period with Argonne National Laboratory where all election systems in use in Illinois undergo a security-based Vulnerability Assessment before they are granted Interim Approval.

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