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by Dr. Alan Bates, MD, blogging at Gulf1

Dr. Alan Bates is a contributing writer to Gulf1

(Oct. 13, 2013) — The treasonous behavior of anti-American revolutionary Obama so far continues unrestrained by Congress (specifically the Senate) and ineffectively challenged by patriots as he and his Leftist minions follow  Alinsky’s rules for radicals to try and achieve their unachievable view of utopia.  Their objectives entail complete destruction of  American freedom and our value system which our nation successfully defended for over 200 years against FOREIGN enemies.  For the first time in American history, we have allowed infiltration by DOMESTIC enemies; Obama, he’s illegally appointed ‘czars’, and a cabal of complicit socialist Senators wave tyranny in America’s face.   At first this was insidious, but now it is obvious for all to see, including many of those who bought into their lies back in 2008. 

Liberals and the Left  began that insidious infiltration of our public education system decades ago, which coupled with the construction of  massive government programs ( beginning with FDR), culminated with a Democrat Party hijacked by the Left.  America’s republic form of government, which was subservient to We the People as intended by our Founders to safeguard our liberty, is now unraveling as we descend ever so quickly down the road of other failed free republics. Ignorant Americans who fall for the Left’s  lies and promises of free stuff (redistribution of wealth) trade their liberty for  enslavement to government.  Former President Ronald Reagan declared:  “Freedom is only a generation away from extinction”.  That extinction is occurring NOW,  as liberal public educators and anti-American groups push their perverse cultural values and anti-capitalist political agenda upon our children while depriving them of  well-known educational necessities. Such is readily demonstrated by American students’ following ranks in math and reading compared to their counterparts in other industrialized nations despite the lavish wasteful spending of taxpayer monies on the Dept. of Education. Many parents (if they have any!)  are either ignorant of this reality or too busy trying to make ends meet to care about what is happening on America’s Mainstage.

Wayne Allyn Root  sums up America’s dilemma in a six minute video clip referenced below (1).  LISTEN AND THINK about how much more YOU, your family and your friends are willing to tolerate from a corrupt Administration and its Leftist minions who continue their methodical transformation ofAmerica into a totalitarian state.  Do YOU care?  Are you ready to trade away YOUR rights embodied in our Constitution for tyranny? If not, you must act now to to unite with other like-minded patriots to become a force to be reckoned with while also educating those who still don’t get it.

1. http://patriotaction.net/video/video/show?id=2600775%3AVideo%3A6434562&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_video

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