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by Colonel Bob Pappas, USMC, Retired, ©2013, blogging at Gulf1

Is the Republican Party the answer to those who want smaller government, more freedom, and greater accountability in those elected to serve?

(Oct. 13, 2013) — The United States of America is growing weak under the present Administration, but for those who know it has not always been this way. This is not a new revelation for most readers; it became great because it was populated by settlers who had a vision of freedom and opportunity not previously known in the world. For the first 200 years it was awash in freedom, so much so that latter-day liberals who want no part of it began and continue using tools born of freedom itself to undermine and destroy it.

“Liberals” point to, among others, the scourge of slavery that inflicted terrible scars on the nation’s otherwise proud beginning. The reality of that great tragedy continues to suffocate hope among descendants of those who were subjected to the unbearable reality of no freedom, no vision and no hope. But, to the nation’s credit, slavery was eradicated in the 1860s; slaves were redeemed by the will, fortunes, tears, sweat and blood of great men and women. Even at that, much remains to be done, but what remains is not the purview of Government… but of God’s Church… that is, if Church leaders would get off their collective rear ends and take back the mission that the government has usurped.  This present crisis is the opportunity! For pastors, priests and rabbis… get with it!

It is notable that since the Civil Rights Act was enacted in the mid-1960s, more than $13 trillion has been spent on various programs. A flood of federal money and mandates swept poor blacks, whites, Asians and Latinos along on the welfare ride. People who had never regarded themselves as poor were suddenly deemed poor by Congressional Democrats and Lyndon Johnson, and so the “Great Society” was born. However, much, if not most, of the money and programs were poorly administered, spent and shot through with loopholes that resulted in corruption at virtually every level.  Much of that money is now in the hands of people who became wealthy from the welfare industry that exploded over the next five decades. One long-time observer summarized it spot-on: “Bob, there’s a lot of money in poverty.” Has all that money improved the plight of poorer Americans?  Nada, Oxi, Neyt, Nein, ノー, 没有! Hell, No!

Since the ‘50s a viral strain of liberalism has infected education, religion, entertainment and government. It evolved from a kind of mealy-mouthed, “bleeding-heart” liberalism into a vicious, hateful, destructive strain that threatens the very freedom upon which the nation was conceived and born. It has grown so all-encompassing, insidious, pervasive and invasive that many Americans no longer strive to attain the American dream of maximum personal achievement and prosperity. Those tragic souls have no dream but to wallow in government security and largesse (as long as it can borrow the money). And still, immigrants continue beating the doors down to get in, for government largesse as much as anything.

Unfortunately, far and away the majority of the current migration does so through illegal entry and/or illegal overstaying of temporary visas.  Their apologists argue that illegal immigrants (for liberals, “undocumented workers”) take only menial jobs that would otherwise go unfilled. Meanwhile wealthy people draw them like magnets to avoid the drudgery of routine chores.  Employers want them as cheap labor and to perform jobs that ordinary citizens decline, since Democrats have made working for a living passé.  Why work when getting paid by voting for a Democrat is more lucrative?  Illegal immigrants usurp all manner of jobs from citizens…and those citizens turn to unemployment as a way of life. Many receive state and federal support and supplement that with off-the-books income.

The Constitution that made it possible for ordinary citizens to climb out of poverty to economic success is under attack as never before in history.  By taking over the health care industry Obama and Democrats succeeded, in Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s words, in “changing… the relationship of the Federal Government to the individual in the very fundamental way.” That fundamental way is that with implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Car Act, the Government is vested with the authority to direct individuals both act and how to act.  Obama said in 2008, “We’re five days away from the fundamental transformation of the United States.”

Many state that Obama desires to achieve a European, socialist-style economy in the United States… that is flatly untrue. Obama has a well-known disdain for the U.S. Constitution and its inherent free-market economic system; in contrast, his Illinois political internship laid the foundation of a political philosophy that exalts a central government and planned economy over the states and individuals.  Obama envisions a centralized autocratic government with himself as benevolent dictator who works to advance “economic and social justice;” but if he could, forcible suppression of any opposition. Democrats’ manipulative, partisan, unilateral imposition of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in concert with Obama rips the toothy smile away and unmasks a Fascist who is “evolving” in the direction of Totalitarian Communism.

Witness the ongoing Chicago-style, Obama Administration thuggery incident to Sequestration and followed by the federal government shutdown. Those who are paying attention can plainly see Obama’s actions for what they are, a carefully orchestrated, multi-layered-and-faceted operation to inflict inconvenience, if not pain, on ordinary citizens who have no clue as to what is going on. Then, with media shills’ unrelenting support, influence the public to blame Republicans for the pain and thereby gain political advantage. If you like what is currently happening in Washington and other federal locations, you “haven’t seen nothing’” yet if Democrats hold the Senate and win the House in 2014.

Republican politicians with notable exceptions are abysmally ineffective at pushing back. The question then arises, should there be a third party?  The studied answer is: “No!” The rational course is for conservatives of all stripes to unite and take over the Republican Party. That will require getting up from watching TV, playing golf, delay putting a new roof on the house, or any other of dozens of distractions and excuses, and become active.  The first order of business should be to retire political careerists!

Mr. Speaker, now is the time for strength and action, not a time for tea, crumpets and weakness!

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